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[A16] Psychology
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[A16] Psychology


This mod is a complete overhaul of Rimworld's psychological and social systems. The stories that emerge from your pawns' quirks are the most fun part of RimWorld, and this mod aims to expand on that emergent storytelling by increasing the extent and complexity of its systems.

Psychology does not require a new save game.

FULL MOD FEATURE LIST: http://pastebin.com/raw/iV5SYYRN

- Everyone is generated with a random personality, summarized by many different attributes. This system is entirely separate from traits. The attributes are influenced not only by each other, but by everything else about that person. Every colonist has a unique and recognizable character archetype, giving them massively increased depth and charm.
- A colonist's personality influences everything about how they interact with others. It's a complete, extensive revamp of the social system from the bottom up. Colonists' relationships with each other are now far more realistic, varied, and driven by their own personality.
- Colonists will change their minds about each other after having conversations on topics relevant to a particular personality attribute. Instead of being arbitrarily assigned a compatibility with each other, they will naturally gravitate towards like-minded people and away from those they have strong disagreements with.

Sexuality & Romance
- Colonists' sexualities are graded on the Kinsey scale, from 0 to 6. The overwhelming colonists will be straight, but their sexual orientations can have much more variety and their romantic interest in each other will be adjusted accordingly. The sexuality curve can also be changed in the mod settings.
- Depending on their personality, colonists may be more likely to have multiple "flings" rather than a single lover, and how they treat breakups is affected accordingly.
- Colonists also have both sexual and romantic drives. If they are exceedingly low, it may affect their desire to do lovin' or commit to a long-term relationship, respectively. They may still take lovers, particularly if someone else romances them, but what they get out of it will be affected by those factors.

- Colonists may invite each other to hang out when their schedule isn't set to Work, though it's more likely during explicit free time, and especially when they're not doing anything else.
- They may hang out with people they're already friendly with, or choose acquaintances they haven't formed a strong opinion on to get to know them better. Empathetic colonists may also choose to hang out with people they don't care for, to give them a second chance.
- Colonists who are hanging out will explore the colony's joy activities together and have long discussions, ensuring a lasting social rapport, even between people who otherwise would not spend enough time in each others' company to have an opinion on them.
- Colonists in relationships may also plan dates for times when they don't have to work, and drop whatever they're doing to spend time with each other and maintain a good relationship. Of course, if they're not meant for each other, they may find out this way as well.

Mayors and Elections
- After a settlement's first year, elections will be held at some point every fall. A slate of colonists will announce their candidacy for mayor, and will present a platform to run on that is chosen based on their personality.
- A few days later, a polling place will be chosen and colonists will go there to cast their votes. They will vote for the candidate whose positions best align with their personality, and their opinion of the candidates may also affect their vote.
- The candidate with the plurality of votes becomes the mayor until the next election. They will receive visits from constituents in their room, particularly by people who are very unhappy or very content. Complaining colonists will get a happy thought from venting to the mayor, and the mayor will get a thought depending on their personality and what the colonist said to them.

New Traits
- See full feature list.

New Thoughts
- See full feature list.

New Illnesses
- Anxiety: Pawns with this illness can have panic attacks, more frequent the worse their anxiety is. Severe anxiety also increases a pawn's mental break threshold, makes it more difficult for them to talk, and causes them to sleep more often.

New Mental Breaks
- See full feature list.

- See full feature list.

- By using this mod with other mods that perform the same functions, you are taking FULL responsibility for any problems that may arise. You are also accepting that even if Psychology is able to work with that mod, you may be limiting your enjoyment of this mod because the other mod will ignore or maybe even disable Psychology's systems. It is not recommended to use this mod with any other social interaction mods.
- Mods which only modify Defs and not any of the game's code are 100% compatible with Psychology, though Psychology may override them with its own values.
- Psychology should be placed as low in your mod order as possible, after Less Arbitrary Surgery, and before Expanded Incidents.
- Psychology adds new properties to pawns. Colonies with Psychology enabled on them may break if the mod is disabled. Colonies without Psychology enabled on them will only receive new functionality on new pawns. Pawns which aren't Psychology-enabled should behave just like before.
- No races using the Humanoid Alien Races libary will be Psychology-enabled, because it uses its own type of pawn, as does Psychology, and a pawn cannot be both. However, such mods are compatible.

MOD AUTHORS: You can use the source code provided with the mod to build compatibility into your mod. Use reflection to access Psychology's traits and thoughts and check if the mod is loaded, then include the mod's functionality in any classes you detour. Then tell your users to load your mod before Psychology, so that it can perform both mods' work (or only yours, if they are not using Psychology). Example:

ThoughtDef kp = DefDatabase<ThoughtDef>.GetNamedSilentFail("KilledPatientBleedingHeart");
if(kp != null)
surgeon.needs.mood.thoughts.memories.TryGainMemoryThought(kp, patient);

This will try to give the pawn Psychology's Bleeding Heart thought, but ONLY if it detects that that thought actually exists (which means Psychology is loaded). Otherwise, it does nothing, because the user isn't using Psychology.
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Officer_donut Apr 23 @ 11:07pm 
this makes sense
"The" SeanMacLeod Mar 4 @ 3:07am 
Follow the link and check the date.
Cloud Mar 4 @ 1:22am 
Will this ever be updated to B18?
MrAlangor Nov 21, 2017 @ 3:33pm 
Update for B18 ?
"The" SeanMacLeod Nov 18, 2017 @ 8:51pm 
This is the a16 version; Steam has it tagged wrong because the reason in my last post.
Etherdreamer Nov 18, 2017 @ 6:07pm 
@"The" SeanMacLeod so the it's totally safe to use with a17? cause the game it's saying is a16
"The" SeanMacLeod Oct 4, 2017 @ 8:57pm 
@Barik Morloc
I've seen that happen once before, after the A16 update. The mod author had set the active RimWorld version to A15 and uploaded an A16-updated mod; Steam tagged the mod as A15 because of the version that was active on the author's system. The author figured it out after around twenty hours, reset the active version to A16, re-uploadad the mod, and everything was fine again.
123 Oct 4, 2017 @ 7:14pm 
Why'd you tag this as a 0.17 mod... for more views?
SirarieTiche Oct 4, 2017 @ 11:24am 
Is the a17 version a standalone or was this just updated?
The Word-Mule  [author] Sep 7, 2017 @ 11:26am 
Politics are controversial. They will engender a strong opinion more quickly. Other topics will not affect pawns' opinions of each other much.