ARK: Survival Evolved

ARK: Survival Evolved

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Aug 18, 2016 @ 4:57pm
Apr 13 @ 1:20pm
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The Oldest World
size map : 5,5 larger then TheIsland
Landscape : 7 Mainlands , 47 Islands
Caves : 12 Artifact caves (3 underwater), 20 lootcaves with building ability's , 36 underwater caves.
The playable area is already bigger then TheIsland.
This map is completely done by hand,

Follow the development LIVE [] *You can always find me on twitch tv

This map is playable , All mat. added. PLZ keep in mind, its not finished there's still a lot of work to be done.
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Because this project will take a while before completed, I started with a new approach // From each continent a separately map/world. If you press on one of the pictures below you will auto. go to those workshoppage // each continent/map that i have created will have custom part that you will not find on this map and idem. otherwise
PS / I WILL NOT ABANDON THIS PROJECT, ppl are asking for making small worlds and big worlds so...

On those maps you will have no Texture failures/delays

There will be 5 main Updates
(between those big updates there can be small fix updates) .


1. Africa ,ocean, bosses arenas (original) , All dino's, 1 Artifact cave(underwater), 11 underwater caves, 5 caves. most of the biomes. (**30% complete**)


2. South America , mid America, ocean, most dino's, 4 Artifact caves (1 underwater) , 11 underwater caves, 8 caves, most of the biomes. (**50 % complete**)
EXTRA for this update
- 11 new landscape materials (rebuild or new meshes)
- 20 new plants (rebuild or new meshes)
- 20 new trees (rebuild or new meshes)
- new rock textures (rebuild or new meshes)

3. North America , Alaska, ocean, All dino's, 3 Artifact caves (1 underwater) , 7 underwater caves, 3 caves, all biomes. (**70% complete**)

4. Europe , ocean, All dino's, 4 Artifact caves, 7 underwater caves, 4 caves, all biomes, lighting fix. (**90% complete**)

5. The most important update, (this will give the map a complete dressover) All terrain-texture fix, adding ruines, add tons of terrain details , VFX. change obelisks mesh . and more... (**100% complete**)

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Video Trails ,
(Trail 1) The oldest world in 4K - ARK Workshop Map Showcase [Cinematic]
Created by, KISHKO Youtube Channel
(Trail 2) ARK: Survival Evolved 'The Oldest World' Biggest Map Ever!!
Created by, CGNetwork Youtube Channel

Teleport Helper ,
Thanks to Tempritscher , Webpage []

For playing this map on your own server
Mod ID : 747162211
Mod Name : TheOldestWorld

Sorry i will not accept friend request , if you have some questions, tips, bugs? The moment When i'm online working at the map, there will be a chatbox here []

This map works with all other MODs
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Schepeler 14 hours ago 
Im currently living at LON50, LAT70 and apparently all the land-dinos have disappeared??? What has happended?
Johmpy Jun 17 @ 9:25am 
can i play this map with annunaki mod with no lag?
神族丶嗡嗡 Jun 12 @ 7:25am 
Subscribe to, can not download, think of all sad
MaikoGise Jun 1 @ 7:49am 
I really liked this map, I'm trying to open a server for this map only. But I need to know one thing, I saw a lot of scattered beaver houses and I did not see beavers. No ecnontrei gigantossaurus on this map. If it is possible to adjust the respaw points of the animals I would be very grateful, all the rest can wait, but if I adjust the respaws I already put rotated servers with this map.
-NRU- Tjoepapke  [author] May 15 @ 1:02am 
hellow, ernall, i will make some better follow ups in the future/open agenda but on this moment its really getting chaotic, so i really need a better agenda :) , also some better map /spawn/cave/minerals location mini-map
Enrell May 14 @ 8:18pm 
@-NRU- Tjoepapke : Hi. Not sure if anyone asked you this but wondering if you have an ETA for the map ? I understand its not a priority, maybe you have a timeline ?
Zeromelp May 14 @ 7:56am 
Okay thank you for the reply :) and yes me and my friends are having lots of fun on your map ^^
-NRU- Tjoepapke  [author] May 14 @ 7:05am 
there will, i have started with a sort of desert/canyon on the south america (1/3 of the main land), saddly enough, i don't really have the time for working on the ark maps. Some day i will restart with this project, and if i have a good month for this only , i may can finish the second arena.

But in the mean time i hope you guys can enjoy the ark gameplay.
Zeromelp May 12 @ 9:34am 
Does the map also have a desert landscape like the one from scorched earth? (i saw some maps which included that just wondering if this map does too)
Have a nice day :)
-NRU- Tjoepapke  [author] May 1 @ 12:59pm 
hellow, ty for the comments, the spawnpoints are from the island, so the most spawn/dino mods will work on this map, ty for asking this,

the next release will come, it all depends how fast i can finish up my other projects. This mod is a passion build and there for not the first priority on my list, (sorry for this problem) but i will keep working weekly on the mod, for sure.

indeed there is still an invisible wall on this mod the doom texture is just out of reach (placed just a bit to far)