Sid Meier's Civilization V

Sid Meier's Civilization V

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Legit Civ 5 Venice Guide 100% working
Best Venice guide ever. Everyone who doesn't play Venice like this is a ♥♥♥♥in pleb.
This is how you play Venice fgts. I'm the best Civ 5 player in da world and you should trust me. If you don't believe me 1v1 me on club penguin.
How to settle ur city
You must move away from the coast cause cargo ships are for fgts and you can laugh at those ♥♥♥♥♥ who play England and think they can conquer you with SotLs.

You need lots of desert around ur capital cause anything else would be too unfair for other players in ur game and yu would autowin. jk u are the great nation of venice you always win the other guys are just decoration in ur games.

You also don't need luxuries cause people in venice don't need drugs like incense to be happy. They live healthy.

How 2 use your uniques.
If you have a Merchant of Venice you must place a Customers House cause Trade Missions mean interacting with those plebs and buying cs is not an option at all.

You can't build your galeasses cause u are not settling coast (unless ur bad lel)

You cannot build more than 1 city and you're unable to annex cities. You don't care for that cause you only need the glourious city of Venice to crush everyone.

You can build twice as many trade routes but you also don't care for that, since you only have 1 city so you can't build internal trade routes, but you also don't want to trade with the other plebs in ur game since they aren't worth ur time.
Social Policies
Liberty : This is good cause you can get MOVs for Customs Houses to aquire cash. Also you can build pyramid to tell any Egypt player that his civilization is worthless.

Honor : This is even better cause you get a great general that can steal enemy land. People will think you're poland cause you're stealing their stuff so they will usually surrender at that point (cause some plebs still think poland is op lel Hail Venice)

Piety : This is good cause you get more faith for ur religion. You need a religion cause you want ur people to worship you as the god you are.

Tradition : Completely useless cause it gets bonuses for ur 1st 4 cities but u only have 1 city so it is a waste. Never chose Tradition, if you do so you're a pleb and deserve to lose.

Patronage : This is♥♥♥♥♥♥for venice cause this makes you friends with city states. You don't wanna be friends with those cause they're plebs and u have enough friends irl to not care about plebs lel.

Aesthetics : this is♥♥♥♥♥♥cause it does nothing, since Venice is always aestetically pleasing.

Commerce : You need this for more cash.

Rationalism : You don't need science cause u are smart enough for all ur people

Wat to do at w@r
If ur at war u just buy units with all the monies you earned from the customs houses. Dont bother with ranged units though cause ranged combat is for pu$$ies and you're a man so you just use melee infantry.

Remember that you're a pleb whenever you go to war, so try to avoid war unless you wanna be as♥♥♥♥♥♥as those Tradition Venice guys lel
How 2 win
You don't want a diplo win cause that means you need to be making friends with those socially akward city-states.

You don't want a science win cause that would mean you're leaving venice to settle other planets. You don't wanna go to other planets cause that's why Beyond Earth happened.

You don't want a culture win cause that would mean that tourists come to venice. You don't want tourists there cause they are plebs and Venice is a pleb-free city.

You don't want domination cause that would mean you have to share your greatness with the conqueres nations. You don't want anything that is not Venice cause it's so bad and built by plebs who can't play properly.

That leaves only time victory, which is the only good victory for Venice. That gives ur enemies enough time to think about their mistakes in life, while you laugh at them for being little plebs.
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Instructions unclear - won the game as Brazil on deity 11.205/10
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+rep good trader
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trying too hard to shitpost
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unfunny mlg shit
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sounds like something i would wright
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Best guide I have ever seen!