Echoes of the Fey - The Fox's Trail

Echoes of the Fey - The Fox's Trail

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Echoes of the Fey Walkthrough & Achievement Guide
By Ceaseless Duality
Introduction & Game Controls


This guide was written by a fan of Woodsy Studio. I had absolutely nothing to do with creating the game.
All artwork was borrowed from the game to help illustrate the guide. None of it is my doing.

I would also like to acknowledge that Jenny Gibbons -- artist, writer, & interactive designer at Woodsy Studio -- assisted me while creating this guide. She was a great help and I appreciate helpful, communicative developers.

If you do happen to find any mistakes in the guide, please contact me and I'll do my best to address it.

Game Controls

Sofya can be controlled either using the mouse or the arrow keys on the keyboard.

To run, hold down left-click or hold down the left/right arrow key.

Hold down the CTRL key to initiate Skip Mode.

Press the S key to take a screenshot.
Day 1
For the opening scene choices, select:
- Purr (for a CG image)
- Wait

Go talk to Tiatha.

- I saw you as you left. (upsets Tiatha; doesn't believe you)
- He described you. (flatters Tiatha)

Next, read all options.


Turn down Tiatha's case, and receive ...

On Second Thought ... (Achievement)
Anger Tiatha and impress Heremon by avoiding a troubling case.

Load your file.

Say "Yes" to Tiatha's case.

Go back to Heremon in the P.I. office and Sofya will gain a side quest.

- Do it. (pleases Heremon)
- Stand here and argue. (annoys Heremon)
- Turn into a cat. (annoys Heremon)

Go to Vodotsk South.

Talk to Luka next to the Imperial Inspector office.

Choices: (Not sure if these affect anything)
- I'm doing your a favor.
- I'll cut you in on the profit. (Luka interprets it as a bribe)

Accept to deliver the writ for Luka.

Go to Krovakyn Church.

Choices: (Not sure if these affect anything)
- I think she's hiding something.
- Don't worry about it.

Read all options, and receive ...

Inquisitive (Achievement)
Ask a full set of questions during an interview

If you go into Skybound Books, the clerk doesn't know anything about Ivan. Ask about gossip. Books can also be bought, but early in the game like this, one should probably be more frugal.

Go to Vodotsk Central.

If you go into the Odds & Ends Shop, the shopkeeper tells you about Ivan (Dmitri). Also, ask about gossip.

Keep this shop in mind for later. This is where Sofya can buy Heremon's Kadani Root. It is also where items can be bought to alter Sofya's appearance (which there is an achievement for).

Go to the right of the Odds & Ends Shop to find City Hall.
After entering City Hall, Ivan/Dmitri gets served. After the dialogue ends, Sofya will automatically be outside the building again. Go back into City Hall, and ask about gossip.

Go left past Odds & Ends to find the Galkin building. Eduard can be found standing next to it.

Go through all the options with Eduard.


The second choice only upsets him further, so go with "That's good to hear."

After finishing up with Eduard, go to the left toward a lavender building, which on the map is labeled K.Z. Low Magic. If Sofya goes inside, she'll be turned away. Just keep this building in mind for later.

Return to Luka at the Imperial Inspector office to report that the writ was served to Ivan. (If you're ever uncertain where a building is, refer to the map by clicking on the book icon in the upper-left corner on the game's screen.)

With 20 new gold in your inventory, Sofya can return to the Odds & Ends Shop and buy some of those appearance changing items, but there's also Heremon's Kadani Root to purchase. If you're in a hurry for the achievement, you can save the game, change her appearance, then reload.

Investigating in Style (Achievement)
Purchase and use an optional costume change for Sofya.

At this point, all Sofya can do is go back to Heremon and report her findings at the Rykov P.I. office.

Neither answer seems to please Heremon, but the latter seems to annoy him less.

As a cat, go to the church to investigate.

Sofya will witness Arkady and Emilia having an argument. Say "Yes" to the choice prompt.

After the scene in the catacombs, Sofya will be outside the church in human form. Re-enter the church (as a human).

Accept the job (side quest) from Arkady.

As a cat, go to the Galkin building to investigate.

Select "Transform now to read the letters here."

Then, take the letter with you as evidence.

Once outside, Sofya goes back to human form. Go back to the Galkin building and talk to Eduard.

Say, "Pleasure"

Go to the tavern with him.

Answer all his questions truthfully.

Luka still doesn't have a new job for Sofya, so ignore the Imperial Inspector office for now.

Go to Skybound Books. The clerk will exchange a star map for a voucher. Also, ask about gossip.

Next, go to the Odds & Ends Shop (in Vodotsk Central). The shopkeeper will exchange a star map for a voucher. Also, ask about gossip.

Return to the church and give Arkady the star maps.

Agree to "Partake in the Crimson Initiation"

Choose, "Take the drug."

After the event at the church, go to the Odds & Ends Shop and purchase the kadani root for Heremon.

Next, head to City Hall to inquire about a star map. After the scene, go back to the City Hall as a cat and obtain the star map.

Again, as a cat, go to K.Z. Low Magic.

Sneak into the mage's house.

Stolen Appointment (Achievement)
Forge your name in the appointment book of the low mage.

As a human, go back to K.Z. Low Magic and read through all the options.

After the initial scene with the low mage, Sofya will appear outside the building. Re-enter the mage's house for another scene.

Before heading back to Heremon, stop by Skybound Books. Save your game. Buy whichever book interests you, read it, then reload. My favorite was the one about the sexual practices of the Leshin.

Heremon Would Be Proud (Achievement)
Purchase and read one of the books from the bookstore.

Go back to the P.I. office for a scene with Heremon. Afterward, Sofya will be outside. Re-enter the P.I. office to give Heremon the kadani root. Then, select "I'll keep helping you."

Buy the book by Kavanagh on monsters of Oraz. (Pleases Heremon very much.)

Head to the Outskirts. The path is located next to the church.

If you access the map, it can be dragged to see the Outskirts (at the top).
There is an Army Camp, Forest's Edge Brokerage, and a Banquet Hall.

Enter the Forest's Edge Brokerage to speak with Simion.
Ask about Folren and Ciara.

After the initial scene in Forest's Edge Brokerage, Sofya will be outside. Re-enter and ask Simion about star maps. Also, ask about Leshin stories.

Tall Tales (Achievement)
Listen to one of Simion's Leshin fables.

Head to the church to deliver the star maps to Arkady.

Select, "I am a little curious ..." then select, "Admit you saw something strange."

Visions From the Sky (Achievement)
Complete all optional side scenes with Arkady.

Go to the Imperial Inspector office to speak with Luka.
Day 1 (Continued)
Agree to the interview. Luka asks some questions, and the answers are:
- They weren't the ones who caused the Immolation.
- Don't tell him about Heremon.
- Tell him I don't remember.

All the Right Answers (Achievement)
Give Luka the correct answers during your interview.

Luka still doesn't have a job (side quest) for Sofya, so let's head to The Winter Palace.

When speaking with Tiatha, say "No."

Go to the Military Camp in the Outskirts, and speak with Viola.

Read through all the options.

After talking with Viola, go to the right, and enter the Banquet Hall. The theater director gives Sofya a minor clue.

Stop by Skybound Books for more gossip. The clerk says something new.

Next, go to the Imperial Inspector office, as Luka finally has a job (side quest) for Sofya.

Well, go on back to Viola at the Military Camp. Give her the list scroll.

Stop by the Odds & Ends Shop for some new gossip. Do the same with City Hall.

As a cat, go to the Imperial Inspector office.

After the scene, turn Sofya back into a human, and go to the Banquet Hall in the Outskirts.

After talking with the theater director, go back to Viola at the Military Camp. Then, head back to the Banquet Hall.

Dreams of the Stage (Achievement)
Complete all optional side scenes with Luka.

It's finally time to go back to Heremon back at the P.I. office.

Read through all options.

Finish Day One
Complete the first day of your investigation.
Day 2
After the morning scene, Sofya is standing in front of The Winter Palace. There's nothing to do in the town yet, so go back to Heremon at the Rykov P.I. office.

Select, "Tell him about the fight."

After the scene, re-enter the P.I. office. Drink the potion.

Drinking Dangerously (Achievement)
Take a risk with an unknown potion.

Forgive him.

Forgiveness (Achievement)
Forgive a friend for a betrayal of trust.

As Your Doctor... (Achievement)
Complete all optional side scenes with Heremon.

After the scenes with Heremon, go to The Winter Palace and talk to Anya.

Read through all options.

Thorough Detective (Achievement)
Ask all optional character questions.

Look at Anya's face and you should be able to deduce how she'd react if you said, "Yes."
Say, "No." (Unless you want to be unpleasant.)

Speaking of flirting, go see Viola at the Military Camp.

Look at Viola's face. Does she look like she's welcoming some flirting? Yes.

While Sofya's in the Outskirts, go to the right and enter Forest's Edge Brokerage.

Read through all the options.

Stop by the Banquet Hall for another clue from the theater director.

Stop by Skybound Books for new gossip.

Go to Vodotsk Central, and stop by the Odds & Ends Shop and City Hall for new gossip as well.

Go all the way to the left and visit the low mage in his lavender abode.

After a chat with the low mage, go to the Galkin building to see Eduard.

Say, "Yes."

I'm not sure if the answers affect anything significant, but I stuck with answers that seemed to please Eduard, or at least displease him less.

- Do thirty push-ups.
- Dare.
- Why are you hiding in Vodotsk?
- Dare.

After the scene, re-enter the Galkin building, and say "Yes." Then, choose "Ask Eduard to stay."

Getting Involved With the Case (Achievement)
Complete all optional side scenes with Eduard.

Go with, "This could be something more."

All that's left to do is go to the church.

Confront Emilia with the letter.

After the scenes, go back to Heremon at the P.I. office.

Tell Heremon to visit Anya.

Optional stuff appears on the story objectives list. Of course, we'll do optional stuff!!!

Head over to the Outskirts and talk with Viola at the Military Camp.

Say, "It doesn't bother me."

As a cat, go to the church to spy on Heremon inspecting the place.

Purr-veillance (Achievement)
Spy on someone during an optional scene as a cat.

Follow them further into the catacombs. Heh, heh. CAT-acombs. ;)

Head on over to The Winter Palace to talk to Anya.

Saying "Sounds miserable" sounds more sympathetic to Folren.

After talking to Anya, Sofya is outside again. As a cat, re-enter The Winter Palace.

I don't think the choice to knock over the mug has any affect on later outcomes, so you can probably choose whichever one you'd like. However, it's obvious that knocking over the mug will annoy Heremon.

While we're in the neighborhood, go to the Imperial Inspector office and talk with Luka.

Tell him about the truth about the investigation, then agree to come to him first.

Go back to the P.I. office.

You know something is about to go down when you see options like these.

Select the latter. Most places can't be interacted with, but if you want to buy something from one of the shops, you can. There's also the brokerage and Banquet Hall on the Outskirts, but neither Simion or the theater director say anything new.

Go back inside the P.I. office and wait for Heremon.

***SAVE*** (I named my file "Day 2 Confrontation")

Go to Eduard's house.

If you'd like to try to solve the mystery on your own, go for it! It's satisfying to do so for some. Therefore, the answers are under the spoiler tags below only if you need them.

- Form a new theory.
- Folren could polymorph.
- The Sacrament seals Leshin from the Fey.
- Eduard was strictly gay.

Mystery Solved (Achievement)
Uncover Folren's fate by piecing together the clues yourself.

Painful Secret (Achievement)
Find out what happened to Folren from Eduard.

Say, "Promise not to tell."

Go back to Heremon.

Go through all the options.

Finish Day Two (Achievement)
Complete the second day of your investigation.
Day 3
Note: This section doesn't feature as many images in order to minimize spoilers.

After the scenes ...

***SAVE (New file)*** (This will be the split for whether you tell people about Eduard's secret. I named this file "Day 3 Decision")

This time through, we're going with the truth.

Go to the Imperial Inspector office. Tell the truth. The next option probably doesn't affect much, but I went with, "They both wanted peace."
Now, with the last option, say, "Agree that Eduard should be reported" because making someone stay quiet is not going with the truth completely.

Go to the left to the church. Tell the truth. Say, "Agree that Emilia should be punished."

Next, head to the Outskirts, and speak with Viola at the Military Camp. Tell the truth.

Go to the right and visit Simion in Forest's Edge Brokerage.

Next, go to the Banquet Hall for new dialogue with the theater director.

Go to Skybound Books, the Odds & Ends Shop, and City Hall for new gossip.

It's time to go see Anya and Tiatha at The Winter Palace. Talk to Anya first. Say "Yes" to Anya's question this time around.

Next, talk to Tiatha. Tell the truth.

Truth Above All Else (Achievement)
Tell your client the truth you have discovered.

There's nothing left to do but go to Heremon at the P.I. office.

I don't know about you, but I personally wanted to say, "No" to Heremon's question. I expect it doesn't matter which you say.

Go to see Eduard at the Galkin house. As a cat, return to Galkin house.

After the scene, head over to the Imperial Inspector office to talk with Luka.
Have everyone gather at the front.

***SAVE (New file)*** (I named my file "Day 3 Church Fire")

Go to the low mage's house in Central Vodotsk.

A Mage's Friend (Achievement)
See all optional scenes with Kazamir.

Go to Viola at the Military Camp. Say, "I'd like your help."

As a cat, go to the church.

Say, "I should talk to Tiatha."

Hell of a Motivation (Achievement)
Get close to Viola right before a crisis.

If you'd like to try talking down Tiatha on your own, I've put the answers under spoiler tags below.

- The Fey caused Folren pain.
- No one influenced him.
- Tell her this was Folren's decision alone.

Peaceful Resolution (Achievement)
Talk the fire mage down at the Krovakyn Church.

Suggest to Tiatha, "You should turn yourself in."

After the church scene, go to Eduard's place.

Next, go to see Heremon.

Choose whoever you want, between Heremon, Viola, and Luka. If you want to see all three, obviously you should save and reload.

Finish Day Three (Achievement)
Complete the third day of your investigation and close the case.

Load the save file that I named "Day 2 Confrontation" in order to see what happens when Sofya confronts Emilia or Arkady. There aren't any achievements involved, but there's a bit more story to be read.

Next, load the save file that I named "Day 3 Decision" in order to keep Eduard's secret from everyone.

The story objectives will help you retrace Sofya's steps.

- Tell Luka the truth, but make him keep it a secret.
- Tell Viola the truth, but make her keep it a secret.
- Tell Arkady the truth, but make him keep it a secret.
- Do NOT see Simion.
- Lie to Anya.
- Lie to Tiatha.

Divided Loyalties (Achievement)
Lie to your client rather than betray another's trust.

As the objectives read, go see Heremon after telling Tiatha the news.

When it's time to ask someone help with the church fire, go to Heremon this time.

Just like last time, as a human, visit Eduard, then as a cat, go to Galkin house again.

Next, go see Luka.

Answers for talking down Tiatha:
- I trust my investigation.
- It's what Folren wanted.
- Folren helped humans for years.

Go tell Eduard what happened.

As a cat, go see Simion in the Forest's Edge Brokerage.

Keeper of Secrets (Achievement)
Uncover a new layer to the case.

Next, see Heremon, and upon entering the P.I. office, you should receive ...

Imperial Conspiracy (Achievement)
Conspire with the Imperial presence in Vodotsk to protect a secret.

For the ending, you can save before talking to anyone and then see everyone's endings by loading your file, as there's slightly different dialogue. Unlike last time, you'll also be able to see Eduard.

Load the "Day 3 Decision" save file again. One more achievement to go!

This time, tell no one the truth. Absolutely no one. Do not see Simion.

At this point, just follow the story objectives. I iterate, do not see Simion. Also, make sure to visit Arkady or he will figure out the truth himself and ruin the ending.

Don't take Eduard to confront Tiatha. It's possible for him to accidentally call her "mother." I'm not sure what variable causes this, so just don't do it.

Follow the same answers to talk down Tiatha as before.

You should receive the last achievement upon walking into the P.I. office to speak with Heremon for the last time (just before the tavern scene).

Keeping Quiet (Achievement)
Manage to keep the secret you discovered entirely under wraps.

Important note: In case you didn't realize it the other times, watch the credits all the way to the end, as there's an extra scene after them.

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