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Steambound reloaded - Automation, item transportation and much more!
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Aug 16, 2016 @ 9:20am
Sep 25, 2016 @ 6:50am
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Steambound reloaded - Automation, item transportation and much more!

Routers not saving their Inputs/Outputs has been fixed.

An industrial approach to starbound.
Automation, item transportation and much more!

This mod uses Pipe-Networks as a way of connecting things.
You can easily setup your own Network by placing "Heavy Pipe" blocks in the Background layer of your World.
Any Object/Container that is in front of those Pipes will automatically be connected to your network and will be able to communicate with every other Object attached to the same network.


Easy access to all your items. Request any item from chests that are in the same pipe network as your Terminal.

Pipe Inlet / Transmitter

This little Device that you can attach directly to any Pipe will allow you to send Items through your network to the nearest available Container.


Mines an area if supplied with coal. Once it is placed down it will search for the next wall on its right to define its maximum size.

It WILL break objects and pick up contents of broken chests so be carefull!
It will stop and wait if it`s Inventory is full/overflowing.


A Pump that gathers Liquids from below.
Place it on a wall, supply it with coal and it will suck up all liquids below itself into its internal inventory.


Don't think I have to say alot about this...


Allows for unlimited automation. Configure which item from which container should go where in your system.

All of the Machines can be turned off by applying a Wire Signal.

If you have any Suggestions feel free to post them below :D
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Nov 14, 2017 @ 7:42am
Bug Report: Router resets everytime you leave the planet
Jun 24 @ 1:52pm
How exactly do we use the router?
Hi, I'm not Julia
< >
turner148 Sep 23 @ 11:31pm 
Compatible with Enhanced Storage?
Tidgem Jul 15 @ 1:22am 
I god damn love this mod but please add a sort whole inventory button, it takes ages to go around finding each stack of something, request them all and then put them back in.

Also a filter of some kind, or searching by description would be amazing. If you look at Spawnable items mod the filters are amazing I would love to have it on this mod too!

Thanks for reading I hope these can happen
deathyou Jul 10 @ 12:00pm 
I see its a problem that was supposed to have been fixed, but its still happening for me D:
deathyou Jul 10 @ 11:55am 
the filters keep resetting once I leave the planet
Rebellion Jul 10 @ 4:47am 
Because it's too much far from yours containers, or maybe because you don't have set any router also.
rubbermann Jul 10 @ 2:51am 
the terminal is broken it doesnt show my items
rubbermann Jul 9 @ 12:43pm 
ur a genius
deathyou Jul 4 @ 10:45pm 
we are only missing auto crafting and you have refined storage for starbound ^^
zradack12 Jun 25 @ 1:05pm 
hay so bugg mesa noticed is after a going down le shaft ... the miner line thing that digs..... when it kinda vanishes... i think it due toi chunck loading or whatever were since it isnt a real item but rather an entity it kinda poof and vanishes... though it still mines
snowfox Jun 24 @ 1:36pm 
ARRRGH. TOO HARD. BRAIN HURTS. hot to use this mod