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Jade's test chambers
These are my test chambers and also my very first contribution to Portal 2 community. Hope you will like them!

I made them with PTI and then i have moded them with Hammer, the Source engine game editor.

There is a list of features you will find in theses maps:

- Fully solvable puzzles. Theses maps are not crap and you won't get stuck because a bad level design!
- Customised level: No Cave Jonhnson PTI comments. No creepy "Bendy" guy as player model and non fully clean themed maps.
- Meet the explosive cube! A brand new kind of weighted cube for testing.
- Nice aesthetic dynamic light on portals (just a detail ^_^)
- Can rotate cubes while holding right mouse button!
- New threats awaits! Beware the kamikaze Frankencube and keep an eye on that bouncing combine ball.

I'm planning (and working) on doing more and more chambers featuring new game.

I have played and tested hundreds of times theses maps, and even made a walkthrought video for every single one, so i think there are not major bugs on the loose. However, if you find something strange or buggy, i would be gratefull for reporting it (Yep, you might use the comments section on the Workshop for that)

I want to thank wwww.thinkingwithportals.com for all the stuff they share, as well to give some credit to their forum community, where i got all the required wisdom to achieve this.


- Added Test 05

- Added Test 04

- Added Test 01,02 & 03
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Jade's test chambers (01/??)
Created by Jade Arkadian
There it is! My very first test chamber!
You will probably find this first test chamber quite easy but, have in mind that this is not a regular PTI map.

As well you'll notice that in this map you will play as Chell and not that crappy Bendy guy.

On ...
Jade's test chambers (02/??)
Created by Jade Arkadian
In this second chamber, i'm introducing the a new type of cube: The explosive cube.

Though it's a fairly easy map it takes some time to beat it and it's meant to be played as an introduction to this new kind of cube.

I want to thank Macgta from www.t...
Jade's test chambers (03/??)
Created by Jade Arkadian
Third map. Once again, you will meet the explosive cube, but this time it won't be so easy.
Play with gel, beware the crushers and have some sense of timing!

Change log

- Packed missing textures and materials
- Added a c...
Jade's test chambers (04/??)
Created by Jade Arkadian
Rescue your "friends" and let them help you to unlock your way out!

This map is a bit harder than the others. There are several ways to clear this level, some are faster than others, but in the end you will have to gather your 4 companion cubes.

Jade's test chambers (05/??)
Created by Jade Arkadian
Well..this chamber has taken me too long to make since some elements didn't behave as intended.

Tests are getting harder and more deadlier as you progresss, and in number 05 you will have to understand how the purple fizzler works.

I want to give som...