This Is the Police

This Is the Police

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[WIP] Case closed - All your detective's cases solved
By Rhonda and 1 collaborators
[Work in progress] In Freeburg's war on crime, the worst criminal offenders are pursued by the detectives of the Major Case Squad. These are their stories. *DUN DUN*

...instead read the witness reports and testemonies carefuly. Usualy there is a hint that leads to the solution. Some of the hints are quite obvious others are hidden and others are even red herrings.
Day 4 - Homicide - Ronnie Moore
Day 5 - Robbery - City Center

Kuan-Yiu Li will provide information against The Red Masks gang. After the press gets scent of the gang, the mayor gives an ultimatum to you, to take down the gang within four days. Fortunately the related cases are quite easy to solve.
Day 9 - Arson - The Last Picture Show Theater
Day 13 - Hit and Run - City Center
Day 16 - Theft - Museum of Feelings and fine Art
Day 21 - Theft - St. John's Hospital
Day 23 - Homicide - Fiona Kaylis
Day 59 - Drug Sales - King Lewis Night Club

Bruno Savini can be turned into an informant against the Atala Funeral House drug ring.
Day 62 - Double Homicide - Every Day Mall
Day 66 - Arson - Freeburg Birth Control Union
Day 73 - Homicide - Edgar Sanchez
Day 84 - Abduction - Desire Park
Day 90 - Attempted Carjacking - FurFur Store

After arresting Tanner Scott, you can interrogate him and he will confess about his connections to Nina Ware, which opens up investigations against the Keylesses gang.
Day 94 - Missing Person - Suburb

You have to arrest both suspects: Eric Morrow who feigned his death and is hiding at the motel as well as Luca Bergmann the fishy moneylender.
Day 100 - Child Molestation - St. John's Cathedral

If you turn Aaron Huber into an informant you can start investigations against the Bishop and his drug ring.
Day 157 - Assault - The Beach

After arresting Bob Farber he will reveal the presence of a violant racist gang called The Snow Warriors.
Day 167 - R.a.p.e - Suburbs
Organized Crime
If you turn an arrested culprit into an informant, you can start investigations against gangs and organized crime. Arresting the mastermind will take down the whole organization or gang and yields a significant reward to bolster your pension.
Day 7 - The Red Masks - Receiving stolen property
Day 7-9 - The Red Masks - Sale of stolen goods
Day 60-62 - Atala - Drug Posession
Day 62-67 - Atala - Drug Trafficking

Arresting Frederica Laterza and taking down the Atala Drug Cartell will reward you with $35.000.
Day 24 - The Sands - Hit and Run
Day 59-62 - The Sands - Theft
Day 66-71 - The Sands - Extortion and Assault
Day 73-75 - The Sands - Abduction
Day 75-78 - The Sands - Homicide

Arresting George Sands and taking down the Mafia will grant you $200.000 - a huge leap towards your goal. However, you will not have access to the actions provided by the Sand's Ranch anymore and also loose the option to sell evidence and contraband to the Mafia.
Day 93-94 - Keylesses - Carjacking
Day 94-96 - Keylesses - Receiving Stolen Property
Day 97-99 - Keylesses - Smuggling

Arresting Juan Camilo Sanas and taking down the Keylesses gang rewards you with $35.000.
Day 103-105 - The Church - Drug Possession
Day 156-158 - The Church - Drug Manufacturing

Arresting the Bishop and smashing his drug ring will reward you with $75.000, you will however loose access to the options provided by the cathedral, so touch that relic one last time.
Day 161-163 - The Snow Warriors - Homicide
Day 164-166 - The Snow Warriors - Abduction
You have to arrest both culprits - Peter Murphy and Jim Collins - to close this case.
Day 166-168 - The Snow Warriors - Terrorism

Arresting Garrett Hall and smashing his fascist gang rewards $60.000.
New and unsolved cases / Casos para resolver
Since the release of TitP Weappy Studios have introduced a variety of new cases and with each language pack (Japanese, Chinese, Espanol, Portuguese and French) new language-exclusive cases have been added. Please help us completing this guide by providing solutions for the language-exclusive cases (if you also know on what Day a certain case pops up for the first time, please add this info as well).

Olhá pessoal eu presiso de ajuda para resolver uns casos incompletos se vocé sober alguma coisa me avisem.

to do:
- adding all the remaining cases of course
- adding some general hints (you're welcome to add to these)
Final Notes
I hope this guide was helpful to you, if so please click on the like button above. Feel free to leave any comments (in EN or DE) or further hints and tricks which I might add to this guide.

Rhonda, 14. August 2016
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LetsPlayThisBro Oct 18 @ 9:34am 
I only use this guide for when I do a restart, I'm usually trying to fly through the story making different choices to see how the narrative changes.
amarisemien Oct 15 @ 12:37am 
you forgot destruction of property

French_Slav Aug 28 @ 10:52am 
One of your insolved cases can be found here:
SyNC Jul 1 @ 5:53pm 
@Rhonda The portuguese translation unsolved case (Roubo de Carro) leads to an organized gang. I'm trying to solve it all and imma post all sequences here in an imgur album.
Idolator Jun 29 @ 10:00pm 
No problem Rhonda.
This is the 3rd, and last, of the 'Wheels of Empire' gang. The suspect is called Simon Gorodnichev. Started right after I completed the previous one, on day 22.

Another one not on the list. Got this one on day 25, it's called 'Homicide' and the suspect is Timothy Foster.
Rhonda  [author] Jun 29 @ 4:21am 
@Idolator: great work, thanks!
Idolator Jun 29 @ 12:14am 
2nd Part of the 'Wheels of Empire' gang. This is an 'Armed Robbery' that I got right after finishing the previous one (started this one on day 18). The suspect's name is Anton Tretyakov.
Idolator Jun 28 @ 11:59pm 
I got the answer for the last one on your list. It is a 'Robbery', I got this on day 20, the suspect's name is James Duff.
Idolator Jun 28 @ 10:25pm 
I decided to do a 2nd playthrough and I found a case that is not on the list.
It popped up on day 15, the name is 'Destruction of Property' and the criminal is Gregory Polzin, and he is part of a gang called 'Wheels of Empire'.
LeoTehEpic 2.2 Jun 24 @ 9:29pm 
For the drug store, it's pharmacist taking drugs, lock door, break window, give money to homeless man.