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Voidware 2_4_0
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Aug 13, 2016 @ 1:49am
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Voidware 2_4_0

A mod that offers several useful tools, originally built for use in adventure mode - but will work fine in other game modes. All new blocks are under 'Voidware' tab.


Version [2.4.0] (v2)

-- to update to new version, try unsubscribing and then resubscribing to the mod --

Everything is added on top of original components, so you can use what you like from this mod and ignore the rest.
- Antimatter reactors (mostly for capital ships or huge bases)
- Capital Blocks: 3x3x3 size scaled versions of many structural blocks (full 37-piece sets)
- 1x1x1 battery ("void charge") with 20 times normal charge (20,000 per block).
- 1x1x1 storage ("void store [small]") with 100,000 resource capacity
- 3x3x3 storage ("void store [large]") with 5,000,000 resource capacity
- fuel processor ("fuel cube") that produces 1000 fuel from 100 resources (exact same as if you removed empty tank from vehicle and placed a new one)
- hardened AI connector, boxed wireless reciever
- streamlined detectors (glass block, 1m slope and 1m wedge visuals, 0.2 drag in all directions)
- quantum thrusters, a propulsion system that's somewhere between ions and dedicated heliblades
- steam boiler, voidware version
- laser generator, a 3x3x3 block that combines 5 laser cavities and 20 laser pumps
- bulletproof glass (metal stats)
- void glass (heavy armor stats)
- propeller system (water), place one propeller outside ship, hook it to multiple 'turbine' components inside hull
- repair matrix: 2x2x2 block that repairs your own ship same way repair tentacles work on other ships

The storage items are highly durable, and intended to offer a game mode between 'localized' and 'centralized' that are available in FTD. It lets you store nearly unlimited amount of resources like centralized mode, but you still have to manage their distribution, and lose the resources in a ship if ship is destroyed, like in localized mode.

The battery lets you hopefully use electric engine for it's advertized purpose - to actually have an option for backup propulsion. One cube that is fully charged with 20,000 energy (you still need some means to charge it of course, fuel engine or RTG tubes) can output a maximum of 850 power through electric engine, but it starts going down immediately when used. In practice you can draw 100 power out of it for 4 1/2 minutes. If you want to use them as 'RTG engines', connect 2 of them into electric engine per each 3x3x3 RTG block, and set electric engine to 0.55 output. That'll give you an 'engine' that can produce about 800 power.

The main purpose of fuel cube was to give a useful alternative for adventure mode - fuel refinery is not feasible in it, and before steam engines that only really left you RTGs. Now steam engines offer a viable alternative, but I'll leave the cube in anyway - I don't want to break existing designs, besides it's still the only reasonable way I know for using fuel engines in adventure mode, and more options is always good.

Hardened and boxed components are heavy, expensive and durable. Hardened have half the armor and health of heavy armor. Boxed have roughly equal durability to metal block. Importantly they are 'structurally sound', so you can embed them inside armor (they gain armor bonus same way the basic blocks do). AI components were mostly done as solid base for detection equipment (prevent one EMP missile from wiping the whole detection array).

Streamlined detectors have low drag (0.2) and glass block visuals which offers an option of coloring them or making them nearly invisible. They have low radar return, fair resistance to EMP, but get easily melted if hit directly by HEAT damage. Costs are unchanged, durability mostly unchanged as well (armor 10, health 200 on all components, not structurally sound). I included detection connector with glass block visuals which can be used in place of AI connector when wiring detector gear to keep visuals consistent. 360 sensors are blocks, others have both slope and wedge options. Mostly this gives option for less visual, drag and radar impact from detection gear, as if they were covered by glass-like material. Whether it fits better than normal detection gear, depends on vehicle - it's just another alternative.

Quantum thrusters have 4 components - thruster, reverse thruster, matrix and stabilizer. Thruster works alone as a weak thruster. Connecting matrix components will significantly increase it's thrust as well as power consumption. Adding stabilizers will reduce power consumption without affecting the thrust. You can connect one reverse thruster straight behind the thruster to opposing direction (there can be 1 block between them) - reverse thruster will get it's attributes from the main thruster, same matrix and stabilizer components will affect it. Quantum thrusters can be placed inside the hull like dedicated heliblades, their thrust and power consumption is slightly higher than ion thrusters (and can be adjusted at cost of space). Like most other propulsion they will gradually lose their thrust when going up to space, but they will retain 25% of their original thrust, so it's still possible to use them to maneuver in space (although ions are superior in space). Like both ions and dediblades, they do not have a speed cap - other than from drag.

Propeller system is straightforward: place a propeller outside the ship, hook it through hull with drive shaft into turbine blocks inside the ship. You'll get power of all the blocks from single propeller.

Steam boiler VW:
- you still have the original 'burn rate' setting
- you can set battery fraction limit, boiler turns on only when battery charge is below limit
- you can set power reserve, boiler turns on when unused engine power is below limit
- you can set up maximum pressure the boiler will hold (it stops burning material while above limit)
- you can set up maximum output pressure boiler delivers to connected pipe
- you can throttle the flow of steam pressure from boiler to pipe between 0% (closed) and 100% (normal flow)
- VW boilers save their current pressure when ship is unspawned

VW boilers do not work with ACB (ACB doesn't recognize them as boilers - however I didn't change the original boilers in any way, VW boilers are separate, added components) The boiler components (large/small boiler VW and small controller VW) are under voidware tab with the rest of the voidware stuff.

Laser generator uses 3x3x3 RTG model. It uses 27 block volume to provide same output into laser system as you would get from 5 cavities and 20 pumps (25 block volume). Main benefit is you need less components, which makes building easier and can improve game performance in very large laser systems. It also lets you build the system in shorter space, on the other hand it doesn't let you stack multiple cavity lines as close together.
1 subscribe to mod on Steam workshop
2 start FTD after subscribing
3 from [Misc.] menu select [Workshop/Editor/Mods]
4 from [Extra Content] menu select [Modding Workshop]
5 from top left [Tabs] menu select [install subscriptions]
6 from [Manage Subscriptons] list select mod you want to install
7 from bottom right [Install Location] menu click [save mod in folder (name)]
8 fully exit from FTD
9 when you restart game, mod should be installed

(if you make mods, feel free to copy these instructions along with this note,
they may help people who are installing a mod for the first time)
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Nogitsune  [author] Mar 10 @ 8:52pm 
There were a few errors in the 2.4.0 update, I fixed those I noticed:
- Antimatter converter was missing a GUI
- Antimatter system wasn't saving the energy and charge values with vehicle
- Camera gimbal tracker had creepy camera sticking out of the block
- tweaked the quantum jet effects to linger for a while so the sound isn't so skippy
- antimatter capacitors can now be connected to reactor as well as converter
it capacitors can only connect to reactors at center of each face - same positions where you can stick injector chains. This can still be useful for setting capacitors f.ex. above or below the reactor.
Nogitsune  [author] Mar 3 @ 3:09pm 
Aaaand, UPDATE!

I got some good pointers on Discord, and updated the mod to 2.4 experimental. No real functional changes, everything should work as it did before.

VW steam boilers will probably lose their settings, if so will have to set their boil rates, smart burn settings etc again, but once set they should save again correctly. Didn't see any other issues, but my testing time was limited.
BaaSheep🐑 Mar 2 @ 11:54am 
It's cool. Eventually we'll get a stable build.
Nogitsune  [author] Mar 2 @ 4:55am 
I'm going to have to put this on hold for now. I've spent the day trying to get block parameters to save under the new system (such as, settings you put into the antimatter converter or steam controller), without getting anywhere. I'll have to see if I get some light into this on the forums - until then there isn't much I can do.
Nogitsune  [author] Mar 1 @ 8:43pm 
Unfortunately changes under the hood were more massive than I'd thought. I got most of the things sort of working again, but states do not save (like, settings to the reactor won't change with the ship), I need to rewrite them differently. And the steam boiler/controller don't work at all, not sure if I can fix them reasonably. AI changes also seem to have broken the LUA scripts on all of my ships, but that's a separate issue.
BaaSheep🐑 Mar 1 @ 6:58pm 
Thanks my dude. Appreciate the dedication. It's a good mod.
Nogitsune  [author] Feb 27 @ 8:31pm 
Lots of good stuff in the new experimental build of FTD, but it also broke the mod again. I'll need to look into that - hopefully I'll get a chance to fix it before the weekend.
Nogitsune  [author] Jan 13 @ 1:41am 
Ah yeah, I've always been using devtest as long as I remember (there was short exception when devtest was just totally unstable), but I think often it has worked on both versions, and I've left some old .dll files in the download too so usually you can just copy one of them over to replace the current one - and make it work with older game version (in practice, the stable branch). Anyway, good it got sorted out ^.^
BaaSheep🐑 Jan 13 @ 1:15am 
Thanks that worked. Been a while since I played FTD and don't think this mod was on the devtest last I played.
Nogitsune  [author] Jan 13 @ 12:41am 
It seems to work for me. I'm on version (devtest branch), started vehicle designer, and just slapped a reactor on the starter craft.. then placed converter at middle of one side, a capacitor right next to converter, and a couple of crystal injectors. I was able to access the menu on the converter, and it produced power as intended.

Make sure the voidware tab on build menu shows version "2.3.1" - and that the game's running the devtest branch, the main menu should show version (as of writing this). If both of those are as should, but it still doesn't work.. well.. something's wrong, and I'll probably need more details - like if you're using any other mods that might conflict (although since I don't alter any vanilla assets, the chance of conflict should be minimal).