Atlantic Fleet

Atlantic Fleet

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Submarine hunting!
By Mufen-z
This giude is made for those who cant quite seem to kill those little tin cans. I am going ot teach you how to get the can opener and tear that can apart!
Protect what matters
You are protecting a fleet. Say a battleship, carrier, and a cruiser. You have 2 destroyers. You are being attacked by 1 Submarine. The submarine goes first. He is almsot always going to fire at your BB, CV, or CA / CL. He is always going to fire 4 torpedoes in a spread. Turn all of your ships away from the sub. As the target of the torpedoes you should try and dodge by turning away. If you have to turn into the attack (twords the U boat) you should keep heading twords the U boat. Dont head strait for him. Go at him at a slight angle. like this : submarine ---> l

You are the diangle line. This sentance should be ingnored....... /

this way when he fires his next torp at you, he will have to aim ahead of you. Then you just turn your rudder a slight bit and it will miss. In the picture above you would turn to port. Keep doing this until you are about to ram the submarine. While doing this move everything else away from the sub (- DD's)

If you can turn away to dodge the torps the previous does not apply.

If there is 2 subs or more just focus on dodging all the topredoes first then hunt them.

Dodging correctly:
Dodging incorrectly:
Hunting the Submarine
As a Destroyer you should head twords the Submarine. As mentioned in the last section do not head strait twords it. Head in at a slight angle. When you dodge a topedo using this method, turn enough so you are in a slant in the other direction. You are switching from / to \. This way you are in postion to dodge the second torpedo. After you dodge the second torpedo you should go strait at him for one turn. In the next turn turn as hard as you can to port or starboard. You should be broadsiding the submarine at this point. *note, you are close to the sub at this point* You have to options from here. You can fire a torpedo at the sub. Aim just at the nose, this is almsot a guranteed kill. On the other hand if you are trying to conserve torpedoes... Don't do anything. The german submarine will have reloaded by now. He will fire way ahead of your bow because you are broadside. Now you will turn strait twords him (full rudder turn). His torpedo will miss and you will be super close to him. he will stay at periscope depth and do nothing. In your turn should should head strait towrds him. If you are lucky you might ram him, but usually you dont go far enough and land 1 or 2 feet short. The submarine is going to dive. You might be wondering why he wouldnt fire a torpedo. You are right on top of him so it would not have time to arm. Back to topic. He willn ow be a green circle on the surface. If done corrcectly he should be right infront of you.

If you have a carrier equip the planes with depth charges and they can sink the submarine very quickly

You should always check if you get airstrikes in the beginning too.
Killing the submarine
This part of the battle starts off where the last one ended. The submarine has dived and is right infront of you. Before you move, put your throttle on back. I will tell you why later. You will move forward and the green circle will be right behind you. Select your depth charges. They should kill him. However if they don't, the submarine will dive even further down. But you have your throttle on back. You will still go forward a little bit. He will still be in depth charge range. Depth charge him again. This has a small chance of killing him. If it doesn't die he will dive even deeper. In your turn you will still go further ahead. He will be too far behind you to depth charge him. He will msot likely just move, but from here on out he has a small chance of leaving combat. In your turn you will start reversing. He is in Depth charge range again. Keep backing up and Depth charging him. He will die sooner or later!

optimal depth charging position

A job well done!

Oh dear
I have found that this method of killing submariens works very well. It works about 18/20 times. Sometimes when you broadside him near the end you are jsut a little but to clsoe and he can hit you with his torpedo in the same turn as he fires it. If this happens your are screwed and will most certainly die. You can usaully tell when you are to close. And if you think so jsut torpedo him. because if he can hit you with his topr, you can do the same to him.

I hope this guide helps. If there are 2 submarines just dodge all the torpedoes in the start and go after 1 using the same method.

This method works against type 7 and type 9 submarines. It probably works against the british subs too. However agaisnt type 21 subs... They reload a topredo every turn so when you go to broadside them you have to torpedo them, if you turn in they will have reloaded.
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Mufen-z  [author] Dec 19, 2016 @ 2:30pm 
Yes I know, but I was kind of using an anology, assuming you where reffering to the opening paragraph.
Curious142 Dec 6, 2016 @ 12:26am 
Submarines aren't tin cans. Destroyers are tin cans.
Mufen-z  [author] Sep 12, 2016 @ 6:34pm 
Yeah it doesnt hurt anything to do them when your really close. But when you are far away, you shound't if your trying to sink it. If you do get a lucky hit it will 9/10 dive and disengage.
Overkill Sep 9, 2016 @ 11:38am 
As clpfox stated, use your main guns on the subs while they're still at periscope depth. The AI will dive soon after a hit or two is scored. At close range I've even been able to sink a U-boat with a close range salvo.
Mufen-z  [author] Aug 19, 2016 @ 8:54am 
I know that you can use torpedoes, I use those when I realize I am way to close in the final broadside. I prefer to use depthchrages as torpedoes are a waste agaisnt subs imho. And only fire 1 torpedo at subs if you do, they ont turn to dodge. just aim right for their bow. Also dont fire guns at the periscope, because if you hit the sub will just keep diving and then disingage, where as if you didnt fire you could sink it.
[1CIB]clpfox Aug 18, 2016 @ 2:11pm 
as ze germans, ive found that since a good number of thier ships have torps just use those as an anti submarine weapon. also you can use your main guns even if said sub is underwater, load he on large caliber guns and start firing at the periscope. note the torpedo trick only works if there at periscope dept or surfaced tho and fire a spread of them aswell even tho subs dont move that fast underwater