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Aug 11, 2016 @ 9:19am
Apr 24, 2018 @ 12:40pm
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I've always been a fan of the combine helicopter, unfortunately a lot of addons which allow you to fly them don't quite do them justice or have stopped working over the years. The included vehicles aim to mimic the original's behavior as closely as possible, and while it's not always a 100% accurate replica I still feel that I've come quite close more often than not.


Hunter Chopper
  • Comes with two versions, one for a single pilot and one where the main gun is controlled by a second pilot.
  • The hunter chopper's signature gun as a primary weapon and multiple secondary weapons
  • Toggle-able collision lights and search light
  • Animated tail rotor
  • A damage system with configurable health
  • Crashing mechanics (When out of health, fun stuff will happen, effects included)
  • Simulated pilot chatter
Combine Dropship
  • Again, comes with two versions. One for a single pilot and one with a separate gunner.
  • Six passenger seats (For players, not NPC's).
  • A fully animated 'body'.
  • Functional pod door (Reload to toggle, passengers can only enter when it's open)
  • One seated aircraft capable of full-speed flight in all directions
  • Fully animated
  • Damageable with crashing mechanics
  • One seated drone capable of moving through tight corridors and ripping people to shreds
  • A near 1:1 recreation of the NPC, complete with animations, behavior and sounds
  • Damageable
  • The ability to switch colors between combine and rebel aligned
Hunter Killer
  • The one from terminator
  • Animated thrusters
  • Damageable
  • Dual plasma cannons as the primary weapon with an energy cannon as it's secondary fire
  • Toggle-able search lights


  • W, A, S and D - Forwards, backwards and strafing
  • Jump - Ascend
  • Sprint - Descend
  • Walk - Freelook
  • Mouse 1 - Primary cannon

Hunter Chopper
  • Mouse 2 - Use secondary weapon
  • Reload + LMB - Toggle lights
  • Reload + RMB - Switch secondary weapon

Combine Dropship
  • Reload - Toggle exit ramp

  • Mouse 2 - Roar

  • Mouse 1 - Activate/Open blades
  • Mouse 2 - Manual stalling
  • Reload - Change light color

Hunter Killer
  • Mouse 2 - Rear cannon
  • Reload + LMB - Toggle lights

Console Commands
All console commands included are prefixed with aw2_* and have descriptions built in

  • The map used in the screenshots is rp_ineu_valley_2 (v1a to be precise)
  • Dropships will not become destructible. Period.
  • You can find them under entities -> Airwatch 2
  • NPC's do not interact with any of the entities by default, no support is planned

  • Snapshot for helping with the dropship animations, initial bugtesting and feedback
  • Hoplite for helping me get started with the rewrite and providing feedback along the way
  • Valve for making the source SDK available on github
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