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Elite Units of Reikland - Lore Friendly Unique Units UPDATED FOR WOOD ELVES PATCH
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Elite Units of Reikland - Lore Friendly Unique Units UPDATED FOR WOOD ELVES PATCH

Elite Units of Reikland

The mod adds 7 new unique units (for now) each capped to 1 to maintain on the campaign, to the main Empire faction (Reikland). They are only recruitable in Reikland. All these units are considered elite as they provide an advantage over their standard counterparts. Most of them are available to recruit from the start, or quite soon, even though they cost more to recruit and maintain than regular units, providing a small advantage to the Empire faction at the very start over the rebels. I made this decision because these units are supposed to be there in the lore: I'll change that once the new "Regiments of Renown" DLC will be out, so that the new units match the new renown recruitment system.

The unit cards artworks are made by me moslty using famous official Games Workshop artworks and tweaked to fit the Vanilla cards' style the best so they blend in well.

New Units

Altdorf Noble Sons Abroad

Unit of Pistoliers, they are better in melee than regular pistoliers and have a better suit of armor, but are quite slower than the light version. Basically, they bear the colors of Altdorf (Blue & Red) and are reskinned like Pappenheimer, or "Schwartze Reiter" historical units. Their melee ability makes them ideal to deal with low quality infantry and skirmishers.

"These gentlemen lived lives of ease in the Gold Quarter of Altdorf, and were sure that life was a great game for their amusement. Their families, eager to be rid of them, sent them into the wider world, where they either toughened up quickly or died. Those Outriders who survived from the original Noble Sons Abroad kept their name and their pistols, but gained perspective and no few battle-scars."

Altdorf Black Bolts

Unit of crossbowmen. Blackbolts have a slighlty better morale, but their main interest is that their bolts have a better armour penetration than regular bolts, without equaling a musket ball's penetration capacity.

"A regiment of crossbowmen who get their name from the jet-black bolts made from the wood of the Imperial Drakwald Oak."

Captain Uberst's Regiment of Foot

Renowned and feared regiment of Swordsmen, these men are in overhaul better than regular swordsmen and can afford a slightly better armour.

"These Swordsmen are more than willing to die in places far off from their beloved home for the glory of the Empire."

Altdorf Company of Honour

Elite unit of Halberdiers, they will prove better than their regular counterpart on most point. They keep the same weaknesses than other halberdier units: keep them away from cheap/fast melee infantry, and rather use them to stop a charge or face bigger opponents.

"Easily recognized with the yellow plum and black steel armor, their reputation precedes them. They have a long established history of glory on the battlefield, traditionally led by the youngest son of one of the city’s noble houses."

Bogenhafen Contingent

These symbolize the troops made available by the locality of Bogenhafen, a wealthy place renowned for its wine (hence their main purple colour) who maintains a well trained and equiped militia. The Bogenhafen units are the only ones in Reikland (expect Altdorf) to be allowed to wear a different livery, and display rich uniforms of better facture than regular State Troops, including purple, which is the most expensive dye available.

The Empire player has now access from the start to the Bogenhafen Swordsmen and the Bogenhafen Handgunners, which will prove a little better on morale, but the main interest of the Contingent is the avaibility of a unit of handgunners (which comes with a high cost though) in the early game.

Carroburg Greatswords

Best Greatsword unit available, they will prove far better than regular Greatswords, mostly in terms of melee defense, in order to reflect their stalwart ability, inherited from the bloody history of the regiment.

"The fame of the Carroburg Greatswords dates back to the Age of Three Emperors. In 1865, the successfully defended the city of Carroburg, then under the control of Reikland, from the count of Middenland. Throughout the course of the battle, their white uniforms were stained red with blood. Since then, they have worn crimson uniforms in remembrance of that day.
Today, they fight in the service of Reikland, despite the fact that Carroburg has been reclaimed by Middenland."


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Hey Manu will u Update this for WH2? Best unit mod for empire!! :)
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[1stEB] Manu_La_Capuche did you make the units cards?
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update please
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is there any way u give the pistoliers fire at 360 degrees?
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