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Pet Res
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Aug 10, 2016 @ 1:28pm
Dec 10, 2016 @ 12:22am
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Pet Res

-- I no longer have the time to maintain my mods. I may come back to them and do an update once the game goes out of Early Access and the code base stablilizes somewhat. The source code for all of my mods can be found at . Any modder who wishes to update one of the mods can fee free to make a branch and deploy a new mod under there name. Credit would be appreciated.--

Keep your favorite pets alive with this mod. The soul and inventory of your pet are bound to a tombstone at the point of death. By crafting a life force crystal you can then use the tombstone to revive your pet back to life.



Installing this mod without setting any configuration will have the following behavior:
  • Crystals are not required to revive pets
  • Tombstones will decay after 5 hours
  • The dino will keep all inventory items


The following properties can be included in the "GameUserSettings.ini" file to adjust the behavior of the tombstone.
Setting must go under a section heading of "[PetRes]".

Available properties:

  • Lifespan: A float value that specifies how many seconds before the tombstone decomposes and the pet is no longer able to be revived. Defaults to 5 hours if not specified. With value of -1 the tombstone will never decompose.

  • LoseInventory: If set to true the pet will be revived without its inventory.

  • KeepEquipped: If set to true equipped items such as a saddle will be kept.

  • ControllerRefresh: Number of seconds between sweeps of the server for new tamed pets. Defaults to 1 second. Increasing my help with performance on server but will expose dino's for up to that number of seconds after first being tamed.

  • RequiresCrystal: By default this is false and will allow players to resurect a dino without crafting a Lifesource Crystal. If set to true a Lifeforce crystal is required and will require 15 Crystal, 10 Stimulants, 5 Rare Flowers and 2 Rare Mushrooms to craft. To change the requirements see the advanced configuration below.


The previous example will have the following behavior:
  • Tombstone decomposes after 1 hour
  • The dino will be revived with no inventory but will keep its equiped items such as saddles
  • The controller will refresh for new tamed dinos once per minute
  • The cost for crafting a life force crystal is 15 Crystal, 10 Stimulants, 5 Rare Flowers and 2 Rare Mushrooms.


This configuration is more complex and will fail if not specified perfectly correctly but it does give complete flexibility to specify any resources in the game as a requirement for crafting a life force crystal and will also behave normally when crafting.

Note: To use this override you must set the RequiresCrystal property in "GameUserSettings.ini" to true.

ConfigOverrideItemCraftingCosts entries must be specified in the "Game.ini" file in your server or games configuration folder under the section [/script/shootergame.shootergamemode]. If the section doesn't exist you must create it.

The format for the configuration entry is as follows:

The RESOURCE_LIST is a list of resource entries where each entry is enclosed in parentheses and separated by a comma.

For example the following will allow you to craft Lifeforce Crystals with 100 crystals, 10 Rare Mushrooms, 15 Rare Flowers, 20 Stimulants and 1 of any Artifact:


Be very carefull to get the correct number of parentheses or this will fail. Syntax errors will usually show up in the console log for your server.

*** VERY IMPORTANT: If you change the resources using the above method you MUST uninstall the mod and start your server or the single player game as appropriate. You can then reactivate the mod and the changes should work. If you do not do this Ark will cache some of the old values and you will end up with the resource description not matching the actual resource requirements.


The cheat code for lifeforce crystal is: "Blueprint'/Game/Mods/PetResurector/Content/Crystals/PrimalItem_LifeForceCrystal.PrimalItem_LifeForceCrystal'"

The resource names for the classes can be found by looking at the spawn commands for items on the web page "" and taking the last part of the string from the last PrimalItem text up to the apostrophe and adding "_C" to the end. For example Fiber has the entry
"Blueprint'/Game/PrimalEarth/CoreBlueprints/Resources/PrimalItemResource_Fibers.PrimalItemResource_Fibers'" which gives a class name of PrimalItemResource_Fibers_C .

It should be possible to use any item as a requirement for crafting including PrimalItems from other mods as long as you are able to determine the PrimalItem's class name.

Further documentation on server configuration can be found at the following web page:
Server Configuration[]

This mod is clean and stackable.

The mod id is: 741338580

Current Mods:
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Salvage Station
Silent Generator

Donations Welcome:


This mod/code/work is protected by the Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International Creative Commons License.[]
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Sweet Briana 💋™
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OfficerEeebYT Jun 23 @ 11:19am 
if it dies will its ragdoll be there
S. Lilley Jun 20 @ 11:54pm 
only works half the time and now my favorite dino is dead.
gamehunter2059 Mar 11 @ 11:51am 
No this one is the one I have installed , it works great for me.
gamehunter2059 Mar 11 @ 11:50am 
Sorry I thought this was revive my dino.So I posted in wrong spot.
gamehunter2059 Mar 11 @ 11:47am 
Great mod, save's my dino's , and they save me because they protect me . lol. Still working great.
Thairoon Jul 4, 2021 @ 4:49am 
Hi, is this still being maintained?
gunzigergunther Jun 6, 2021 @ 11:24am 
hi i had a problem with this mod. He accidentally fires a grenade very close to my Astrodelphis, the mod rescued him, but when I pressed the "E" to revive it, the grave simply disappeared and gave me one of those pet, but when I interact with it it does nothing. what would you do?
ZeeRaider Apr 26, 2021 @ 1:46pm 
Not sure if you managed to fix your problem (sunken dino) - I've just changed mods because of this issue. Using a Cryo on the sunken dino will work, when released it will be back on the correct level!
To anybody thinking of installing this mod, don't. Author is no longer supporting/patching it and it's broken.
Revive My Dino works far better.
Marakai666 Feb 11, 2021 @ 4:52am 
Some recent update apparently broke this: while it still rezzes your tame, at least on Valguero and Crystal Isles they fall through the ground. This seems to be accumulative:when I didn't immediately notice the issue I kept using the tokens to rez the tame, which seems to make it pop back lower and lower underground. I now have a Giga stuck some 300+ meters underground and can't get to it even with ghost and/or fly cheat codes (this is on a dedicated server). Be warned!
LilMissCantBeWrong Jan 28, 2021 @ 10:28am 
@Fluff Revive my Dino works really well, just tested it out. Mod # 1957185915