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Pre FTL Players - All FTL
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Pre FTL Players - All FTL

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Start Stellaris in the early days of space travel, when FTL is merely theoretical & a practical drive system has yet to be concieved. All empires except fallen start with no FTL, only 1 of 3 theories. Practical drives must be researched & retrofitted before ships can leave their starting systems. Theory and first drive techs are rare. Exploiting your home system is much more important than in vanilla.

In the meantime, conventional thrusters allow ships to set out on multi-year voyages (similar to warp drive but only ~10% as fast) prior to discovery of FTL. Advanced start AIs already did so many years ago & their colonies are well established.

  • No FTL at start, you must research at least 8 techs & an extremely rare tech to get your first drive.
  • All FTL types are available for research. Researching multiple theories will help you get a drive faster, but your first may not be your starting choice.
  • STL drive for all ships.
  • Colony ship maintenance reduced to 1 energy per month.
  • FTL Mapmode: Based on Birdy's work, shows the highest FTL technology researched in each empire. Psi > Jump > Wormhole 3 > Hyper 3 > Warp 3> Wormhole 2 > ... all the way down to none. They may have lesser drives also. Requires Zraith's Additional Map Modes to appear in the GUI

STL drive
  • Most travel time is spent in windup/winddown rather than moving, due to a Stellaris bug where ships will not leave the galaxy view on arrival at their destination if they're moving too slowly.
  • Set STL ships off of evasive fleet stance, or they'll abandon a year's worth of windup to switch destinations when a hostile arrives.
  • STL ships show as idle the entire duration of the warp winddown. Send them into an orbit so you know to come back when they're ACTUALLY idle.
  • A scientist can & should support multiple STL science ships due to down time traveling (unless you're RPing).
  • STL ships in a wormhole empire will show the range ring as if they were a wormhole station. Graphical bug only.

Gameplay impacts / advice
Setup: Probably want more AIs than you usually prefer, since several of them will likely still be pre FTL by the time you get FTL. AI production bonuses will help them less (less turn advantage), so you might want to increase difficulty as well.

Builds: Science & physics builds will get a head start on average, but science builds aren't great at rushing and everyone gets plenty of time to build an in-system fleet, so that's probably OK. The +1 research alternative government (and tech) is very powerful here.

FTL research: All drives are a tech tier higher than vanilla, meaning you must research 8 techs from the tier below before they unlock. The starting techs are extremely rare as well. Your first practical tech should be your 16th physics tech on average. The boost physics edict is important. 4 alternatives average getting FTL in 13 techs, 5, in 11, for almost a decade advantage. Researching a drive makes the other 2 even rarer. So if your favorite doesn't come up first, you have an interesting strategic tradeoff to make.

AI: AI will mostly stick to its first FTL type unless a higher tier drive of another type becomes available, which should be very rare. AI is not great about upgrading its ships, which hurts it more than usual here when starting ships have no FTL.

Event Ships (Pirates/Cultists/Shipyards/etc): *Should* spawn with the FTL you have. Pirate event should not trigger until after you get FTL. You probably want to avoid triggering shipyards and cultists until after you have FTL. Local defense fleets and spaceports are a good idea until then. The night is dark and full of terrors, etc.

Crises: Their calendar trigger dates are unchanged, so you and the AIs will be less ready for them. Unbidden will still be triggered by jump drives, so they'll come later than vanilla.

Please, add your own thoughts / tips / tricks / warnings here. Y'all play my mod a whole lot more than I get to, help each other out.

Pre-FTL players: Only your starting drive type is researchable. A Pre-FTL start to vanilla.

Future Plans / Hopes
If you want to be part of beta testing, sign up for that mod. Or take an idea from the list & code it

Recommended Mods
I use Echo's Colonizeable Home System. My co-dev @ined77 recommends The Belt for asteroid colonization a la The Expanse. AlphaMod also expands colonization, among many other things.
A colonization mod or rushing droids for expanded colony options is probably almost necessary to really enjoy pre-FTL gameplay.
Arcalane's FTL Scout Probe works fine with STL drives.
AlphaAsh's ShantyTown should fix the sector and empire AI failing to productively employ pops.

Compatibility Issues
Two base game files have been altered, 00_phys_tech and 00_utilities_drives. This mod will not be compatible with other mods that alter these two files. Issues with specific mods are discussed here, please add any you encounter.


Credits / Thanks / Permissions

by Pode and Ined77
Mod version: 1.6
Game version: 1.5.x
Last updated: 2017.04.12
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Pode  [author] Apr 22 @ 11:13am 
Ah, yeah. I wanted to make sure all 3 starting techs talked about theory, and the 3 new practical techs talked about actually being able to build ships that use the FTL method. So the vanilla hyperlane description works in English for a theory tech as long as the practical tech description emphasizes the difference between theory and practice​.
AL|EN Apr 22 @ 9:14am 
@Pode No, those are not different than original game:

Stellaris English files - english\technology_l_english.yml:
tech_hyper_drive_1_desc:0 "Like the strands of a spider web, the extra-dimensional realm of hyperspace runs between the gravity wells of most stars. Faster than light travel is theoretically possible along these hyperlanes."

you mod files:
tech_hyper_drive_1_desc:0 "Like the strands of a spider web, the extra-dimensional realm of hyperspace runs between the gravity wells of most stars. Faster than light travel is theoretically possible along these hyperlanes.\n\n"

tech_warp_drive_1_desc:0 are also the same. For tech_wormhole_generation_1_desc:0, you only added 'theoretically' and 'in theory,'.

Please give me feedback about this so I can update translation.

Pode  [author] Apr 22 @ 8:55am 
Huh? Those should be the descriptions for the theory techs, which are changed from vanilla in my tests. Ined77 did the localisation and description work originally, I still need to learn how it's done before I tackle the multilanguage stuff, even the English multilanguage compromise you asked for. Frankly, I'm learning more fun feature stuff at the moment, but I will eventually get round to language support.
AL|EN Apr 22 @ 8:21am 

One question, you mod use:


but all of those descriptions are not changer compared to original game. Are you gonna change them in the future?

And since the amount of text is not big, please use below for Polish:

I still think that you should use English for all other missing translation.
Pode  [author] Apr 19 @ 8:33pm 
Posted a new discussion / poll. Looking into the lower tech at start idea and it snowballed. I think I can do a LOT but I want to know what you guys want, so I'm not trying to maintain 57 versions of the mod
Pode  [author] Apr 19 @ 7:30pm 
Thanks, glad you like it. I keep messing with it as I get time, slowly learning more modding and ways to make it better.
durundallives Apr 19 @ 6:10pm 
This is such a fantastic concept, thank you for this!
Pode  [author] Apr 18 @ 3:39pm 
I'd really like to get into modding the starting techs and use that to make a more comprehensive early start mod. Eliminating the starting ships and spaceport would be a natural part of that. Unfortunately it's outside my knowledge base at the moment, but I do want to learn sometime.
Soviet Elmo Apr 18 @ 9:21am 
Would it be possible to make a version that starts you off with no spaceport or ships aswell? So it would pretty much be like you just reached your space age?
Pode  [author] Apr 15 @ 12:32pm 
Didn't change anything, I think the AI is just much better at the game in Banks than formerly.