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Leveling, Transcending, and Beyond
By Dipsy
Tips on how to optimize your build and how to tackle the game indefinitely (Yeah there is no ending to the game)
Read Me (F.A.Q) & Credits


This is a in-depth guide that will cover most of the mechanics from the game. At last this guide has reached it is 1.0 version which can be quite major milestone considering the time I had to spent on this thing. Anyway I hope you guys found this guide useful and enjoyable. I am always welcoming more feedback and information if you guys would like to contribute too.

To make it easier for people to navigate around, I will make FAQ and points out to which section should you read. Okay lets do it!

Q: When should I transcend? What should I do before transcend?
A: See Hero Leveling, Transcend Section

Q: I am stuck, I got Taekwon Daniel for my next Hero but I can't never got it, I never had enough money, what should I do?
A: You should see the Units Section, Hero Leveling Section and Card Section. Read carefully, comment is always open for question

Q: How to get equipment? How to get more Elunium? Which equipment should I use?
A: See Equipment Section

Q: Which card should I upgrade first?
A: The card the I deemed most important subjectively speaking is everything that relates to Zeny. The rest would depends on your type of build. See card section for more insight.

Q: I understand most of the mechanics, is there a way to increase my DPS further?
A: You should see Active Skills Combo to see a combo that is commonly used for higher DPS in a run. You can also maximize your hero transcending, see Hero Transcending/Gilding (Core) for further info.

I will add more along the way.

About Me
I am just a normal player that still in love with original ragnarok online and play the game once in a while. My HZE is currently level 2100+, I have all the card available in game (I spent most of my BM for research), currently have 1mil+ BM, Transcended 100x times, Highest mercenary rarity I got is fabled, Equipment still on rare level. Immortal damage around 1 mil+

Special thanks for all people who gave me some feedback and more information regarding the game.
[x] lainverse

Without them I cannot complete most of it.
Game Mechanics, Glossary, and Units
There are several basic mechanics that you need to understand before hand. Hope this will help you and please do comment if you think there are more that I need to cover. There will be more detailed section for several mechanics (If I got the time to write more). Would be great if you could help filling up the requirement to unlock several mechanics

Basic Mechanics
  • DPS
    Damage Per Second or DPS is the damage that is being dealt to the enemy every second.
  • Click Damage
    Damage dealt to the enemy everytime you actively clicking on it.
Key Items
  • Battle Manual
    The most important items in this game. Gained by killing MVP that shows up after level 100+. This can be considered 2nd currency besides zeny to upgrade most of other mechanics besides your hero level. More will be covered in separate section.
  • Cards
    Unlock at level ???
    Enable player to trade Battle Manuals with MVP card. Cards just like in original Ragnarok adds up passive attribute to your account. I am not sure how many cards can you hold, but everytime you add a new card the BM Required
  • Equipment
    Unlock at certain level
  • Hero Transcendent
    Gained random hero transcendent for first time passing every 10 level after level 100+ (110,120,130, and forth for the first time only)

Other Mechanic
  • Guild
    Unlock at level ???
    Enable player to create guild for 50 Emperium or join another guild. Guild advantage as of today you can do raid everyday which will gave you Battle Manual.
  • Mercenary
    Unlock at level ???
    Enable player to send up to 5 NPC to search for Emperium, Equipment, Zeny, Random Skill Activation, Battle Manuals.
  • Auto Progression
    Unlock at Level 100
    Enable player to automatically enter the next stage and will automatically farm if it fail to kill the boss.
  • Transcend
    Unlock when Valkryie reach level 150
    Enable player to restart the game to bring in Battle Manual gained from the run.

The units being shown is never as confusing as this game. The dev really should denominate some digits hahaha. Below is the unit tables that I re-edit from CH wikia.

Battle Manual = BM
Transcend = Rebirth or restart your game from level 1 with several things you keep and gained
Hero Transcend = Hero got more damage out of it with 50% per 1 hero transcend. DO NOT CONFUSE IT WITH TRANSCEND
HZE = Highest Zone Ever. The highest area level you have ever achieved.
Transcending (Rebirth)
So what is Transcend? It is basically rebirth where you restart your progression from level 1 AGAIN. Yep, you did not read it wrong, you start from the very first level without the zeny you have already accumulated. Basically this is the thing that you will bring and left.

Things gained and keep:
Battle Manual (BM)

Things you lose:
Hero Level
Level Progression

Or in other words you just lost your progression, and zeny. You will keep everything else and you activate the BM you gained from killing MVP.

1st Transcend and Beyond
Many people in discussion thread seems have a hard time figuring when would be the best time to transcend. There are no right or wrong when to transcend, but to transcend when you did not have any Battle Manual is obviously wrong.

So when is the right time?
I recommend you transcend for the 1st time after level 100+ that is for sure. Because when you pass level 100 for the first time you will unlock Auto Progression mechanic which allow you to automatically enter next stage after defeating the enemy. So it will make your progression much more faster and higher Idle time when you Transcend.

But is level 100 is the right time to transcend?

I would say it is quite a waste to transcend at level 100, I could not pinpoint exact level, but I transcend for the first time after 5 battle manuals which I think is an insane boost for 50% more damage after rebirth.

Tips from roboticaust:
It is recommended your first run clear 140 for merc unlock. The extra battle manuals help kickstart a better run 2 and so do the mercs. It's also recommended to get every hero to 200 then let them decay until you hit a stopping point, then power level everything before rebirthing for extra manuals since every 2000 total levels is another manual. Mid to Late game, you can typically ignore this because 20-50 manuals is nothing at that point. But early game it helps to squeeze out every last drop.

What about 2nd, 3rd and xth Transcend ?
This is where the game get more interesting as people got their own method. As for myself, I choose to transcend when I have a hard time killing normal enemy and all of my active skills are on cooldown. Nevertheless, it is always better to transcend when you had gained BM's more than before the last transcend (and it should be) because the more you rebirth with more BM you can progress more far and more BM mean you will get to the same level faster and faster.

Transcend Achievement - Bonus Click Damage
Everytime transcend is committed, it will be counted towards achievement where it will give Bonus Click Damage at several times of transcending. It is important for late game where click damage only get small boost from 1 Hero.
Hero Leveling (CORE)
There are so many heroes to level and so little zeny to gained. Yep, that is parts which makes people keep curious and keep playing this game. I will note several logical rule to which hero you should level.

Rule of Thumb
- Level up your new hero first before leveling up your previous one
- Level up at least the first skill at level 10 for every new hero you gain
- Level up your previous hero only up to the last skill (Except Valkyrie where the last skill is Transcend at level 150)
- Keep doing this cycle unless you cannot afford to get the new hero AT ALL COST (usually people will stuck at Daniel)
- Level up your hero within 25x Multiplication starting from level 200. Because every 25 level after level 200 you got 4x damage of their current dps which is a lot.

I got stuck at Taekwon Boy Daniel?? IT'S FRIGGING MAD ZENY???
Yeah I know the feeling, but it is easy to get there. After you met Daniel, make sure the previous hero got their last skill first and start leveling your first DPS Hero which is Mageanger the Mage until he is Level 1.000 and he will gave you more damage than the last hero you can afford.

Oh right, once you gained enough BM this hero will not really matter that much because your early hero will start to deal more damage

How come??
Every Hero got 10x Damage Multiplier when they reach level 1.000 , Every hero. Yeah, so you start leveling up your old hero for this.

Should I make every single hero level 1000??
No. You should first prioritize hero which have their passive skill contribute more than 400% damage multiplier to their DPS. I will make the list soon but you can figure it out yourself I believe.

Over and Over again, Vice Versa
At some point, you are AT LAST able to purchase Daniel service and when you do, you make sure Daniel is prioritize first because the damage he gave put him on more than 90% damage contribution. And next hero came is Drake the High Wizard which simply have to be on hold with the same strategy over and over again until the last hero.
Hero Transcending / Gilding (CORE LEVELING GUIDE)
So you have reach this point? means you are pretty much at mid to late game. From here I can guess that you are now worrying when to change the gild or which one that you should focus your gild on.

Can I transfer Transcend Attribute?
Yes you can. There are 2 ways.
1. Using 2 BM you will be able to demote one of the trancended hero into another random transcended hero. This is pretty useful for those in early game as you can make at least aim for hero with dps 450% skills to get their trancend options. Late game this is a waste of time considering the cost to move transcend hero at late game is considered small with the ratio of BM you able to obtain in 1 run.
2. Using 80 BM per 1 transcend card to transfer random transcend hero into the hero you have chosen with. Late game to make game much more easier it is highly recommended that you concentrate all your gild into just 1 hero. However, Mageanger the mage is truly not recommended for this phase as you will and have to move to another hero with higher base damage and potential. Proof of this reasoning can be seen in the last FAQ

Which hero should have transcend?

Summarizing previous discussion, the first hero that you should transcend is between this three, Mageanger, Eden, Lela and Ward for early game. To minimize the BM usage, do not use the 80 BM transcend exchange yet at this stage. Save it for later on. Also leave the gild on Ward the Knight, Drake the High Wizard and more heroes after Drake. Because those here later on will be one that we poured gild in to, so to save BM leave it.

So I gave out this three options basically because those three are at pretty much same range with small differences, so It did not really matter which one you are choosing for the first stage of this long journey.

Next hero after the first 3 heroes?
Do Mageanger first, if you are able to level Mageanger until 2500+ within small time frame or easy enough than you are ready to move directly to Ward the Knight. Same like before, the goal is that you have to be able to level Ward the Knight easily like before and if you do, you are ready for the late game mode.

Lategame Hero
Congratz you got pass one of the annoying wall just to met with higher wall, but well that is point of the game. So after Ward the Knight, we will start gilding Drake the High Wizard. But, the differences is that you only need to reach level 1500. If you are easily obtain this level than you just have to move on to the next hero after Drake consecutively. The next 3 hero after Drake The Wizard are Deidre the ♥♥♥♥♥, Marco the Paladin, and Sable the Stalker. All of them had 450% DPS so get it on them and do your thing !!!!

I see people stick with Mageanger and not moving the gild elsewhere, is this mage really that good?
I won't say its bad, its just not efficient anymore. See below screenshot of comparison.

As you can see very clearly, there is a huge differences between those two. Ignoring the gild (both had same amount of gild because I transfer all of them for this purpose), it can be seen that the damage on Tanya is much higher than mageanger, and to upgrade mageanger in 25x set requires more money than in Tanya.

Maybe you can argue that the mageanger is not in exact 25x set but that is not the point. If you really understand the basic of this game, that means huge 4x damage came from mageanger at level 5250 which is still way below Tanya with a differences of 1 e damage and Tanya cost less to upgrade in 25 set.

In conclusion, yes you should move your gild to better hero. If you have another proof to show me that I am wrong, please do notify me and the screenshot.

There are however some points that you need to remember. At certain point they might have the same cost/damage efficiency or Tanya is lower, but at the point that I showed in that screenshot proof that at later stage early hero have less efficiency compared with late stage hero.

Easily enough to level means two things:
1. You are able to reach those hero without any problem at all.
2. As soon as you met them, you can level it up fast enough.

This is a pretty deep hero which means if you failed to reach there you are screwed out of your Battle Manual. At this level I would say you could lose 20k of BM easily because of the gilding and you failed to do it easily enough. Unlike Mageanger which is obtainable since the start these hero is far okay! hope you guys won't make the same mistake like I did. LOL.

I am currently at this point therefore I am not able to give further info just yet. It will probably take another 2 days before I can write more. Anyway, Goodluck !! Happy hunting!
Active Skills Combo
Active Skills List
  • Two Hand Quicken (2H)
  • Fury (F)
  • Enchant Deadly Poison (EDP)
  • Hindsight (HIND)
  • Mug (MUG)
  • Mammonite (MM)
  • Mystic Amplification (MA)
  • Bowling Bash (BB)
  • Lex Aeterna (LA)


Highest DPS Combo
Bowling Bash -> Mystical Amplication -> Two Hand Quicken -> Fury -> Enchant Deadly Poison
Hotkey : 8-7-1-2-3 (and 4-5 for money)

This is the best rotation as far as I know. Simply do it as usual

Mammonite Combo
Bowling Bash -> Mammonite -> Lex Aeterna

This is a must do rotation everytime you got MM available. After all Mammonite increased your dps by 1.05 or 5% each time you run. By repeating MM, you will achieve quite high dps.
The increase in MM is simply by multiplicate it. Doing 2 times MM will resulted in 1.05*1.05 = 1.1025 multiplier for your DPS. If you use BB on then it will be 1.1*1.1 = 1.21 multiplier. That is high. Imagine you are doing it several times when you are doing a long run. It will be huge and reach 2.x multiplier in just a matter of hour (with Beelzebub card ofc)

If you had maximized your Beelzebub card (75% skill cd reduction) that means you only need to wait for another 100 minutes for another MM or another 40 minutes if you use LA. Which mean in normal run (for level 1k - 1.5k) with average run 2 hours. You can do 3 times MM which is equal to 1.331 damage multiplier or 33% more dps which helps you increase your HZE further.
Cards in Ragnarok Clicker can be considered as a late game mechanism to allow you go further deep into higher level. It Unlocks after you went through 1st transcend. To buy a card you need to use your Battle Manual (BM)

There is not much thing I can say regarding cards except the knowledge I got from reading Clicker Hero. Because gaining and raising a card requires enormous amount of BM makes it hard to dwelve into it at my current pace.

Card List
As of Patch 1.2, there are 24 cards available in game.
  • Angeling (+dps when idle)
  • Archangeling (+gold when idle)
  • Atroce (+dps per click combo)
  • Bacsojin (+seconds to boss fight)
  • Baphomet (+click damage)
  • Beelzebub (-skills cooldown)
  • Dark Lord (+battle manualds DPS)
  • Detale (+zeny from chests)
  • Doppelganger (+critical click damage)
  • Drake (more treasure chests)
  • Eddga (-monsters)
  • Garm (+zeny for everything)
  • Hight Priest Magaleta (+Hindsight time)
  • Hight Wizard Katrinn (+Fury time)
  • Ifrit (+transcendent damage per tr. level)
  • Lord Knight Seyren (+Mystical Amplification time)
  • Lord of Death (+MVP BMs)
  • Master Smith Howard (+Mug time)
  • Maya (+double emperium chance)
  • Mistress (-hero price)
  • Moonlight (+meet MVP boss chance)
  • Phreeoni (+10x zeny chance)
  • Sniper Shecil (+Enchant Deadly Poison time)
  • Thanatos (-boss life)
  • Ygnizem Senia (+Two Hand Quicken time)

Card Mechanics
  • Summon Card
    This is the main mechanism that allows you to summon card. The game will deal 4 cards give to you at each time you accept or reroll for a new one. To choose you can just click on one of it and accept. However, every time you accept a card, the required amount of BM increased exponentially.
  • Reroll
    When you do not like the 4 card being dealt or looking for particular card, you can reroll for another 4 new deal using certain amount of BM which like usual summon it increased exponentially based on how many cards you owned.
  • Respec
    Be careful with this thing. Respec will throw your card all out and return around 70% of BM you have invested into card and reset the count for summon and reroll.

Cards Cost
The cost of acquiring card will increased everytime you add them to your collection. Below is the detail of BM's needed based on CH wikia.

Firstly, I will make a notable cards which I deemed to be above anything else in terms of usefullness and I highly recommend to get it first before others. However, as I mentioned that I am yet exposed to every single card, there might be a card that I am missing.

Secondly, there are still lots of bug happening within this card feature and the biggest one would be the amount being shown is different with the amount the game took. Also, I took this chance to properly describe the card functionality by my own perception due to the words used in game is quite confusing at most part.

Lastly, I highly recommend to start take card seriously after you owned a lot of BM, there are of course no correct line of minimum BM. but I started it after I got my first 500+ BM and raising it up one by one

Recommended Card Categorized by Global, Idle and Active Clicking Mode (On Work)
Global Card
  • Detale Card and Drake Card
    Detale Card:
    Zeny gained from killing treasure chest is x% more.
    Drake Card:
    Ancient Mimic appereance increased in x% more.

    Treasure Chest is the monster called Ancient Mimic that you see once in a while when going through the run. By using both card at the same time will allow you to maximize the gold gain throughout the run because Zeny is the most important thing to get your hero up. More money means more DPS you can gained and that is why this is very important that you have both cards throughout the game to ensure you gained zeny easily.

  • Lord of Death
    Increase the BM gained from MVP.

    Nothing much to say you know how important BM are in this game therefore it is a must to gain this one in conjuction with the card that allows you to increased the MVP appearance chance (I forgot the name, it is not on my list currently)

  • Eddga
    Decrease enemy needed to pass through the stage.

    In exception with boss stage, this is a late game card that had to be upgraded to make your run faster every single time you transcend because it will decrease the required enemy to go to next stage. Imagine you are on level 1000 and you need to go transcend from level 1. God knows how long the game will take each run hahaha. Well anyway thats it. You have to go for this card.

  • Garm
    Increase zeny gained from monster.

    Nothing much to say, pretty straightforward. Zeny is important, you gotta go for it.

  • Mistress
    Decrease the price of hero hiring and level up

    Do I need to explain more? I don't think so. This is a truly the ultimate combination with zeny card.

  • Ifrit
    x% more damage to transcended hero

    The game describe it for gilded hero which is clicker hero terms, but truth to be told in RO clicker gild = transcended. They have yet to adjust it for this game. Hope they will soon cause it makes a lot of people confuse. Looking back at the leveling section before, It can be seen that there will be only several heroes that we will continously leveling upon and to make them much more stronger we have to transcend them far away with BM and this card makes them much more powerful.

Card Facts:
* Atroce, Lord of Death
Upgrade Cost = NL*(NL+25)/10
* Bacsojin, Beelzebub, Drake, Eddga, Maya, Mistress, Moonlight, Phreeoni, Thanatos
Upgrade Cost = NL*NL

Also it looks like some cards became more effective at the same level. As for example level 10 Eddga now removes 0.9 monsters per stack. So, now it removes 4 monsters and it's actually possible to rise it further without spending absurd number of BMs.
After the first transcend you will be able to unlock equipment feature which allows you to equip up to 4 equipment. Equipment will allow you to increase your card further which makes equipment a crucial early game mechanism as you have little to no budget to spend your battle manual to upgrade your cards.

Things to know
  • To upgrade your equipment level the only thing that you need is Elunium. Which, afaik, can only be gained from salvaging your other unused equipment.
  • Transcend did not allow you to bring more than 4 equipment that you are using. You have to salvage all the equipment the rest of your equipment before you can transcend.

How to get equipment?
  • Get a mercenary to search for it
  • Kill Equipment Ooze which spawn randomly 1 time every time you transcend

Based on CH there are 9 ranks with the highest at transcendent rarity with 0.02 possibility.

AFAIK equipment rarity level is purely random unaffected with your zone level.

On side note:
- Higher rarity doesn't mean better. But it offers you more elunium for upgrade which is very important.
- I (subjectively speaking) prefer to use common equipment with 2+ skills rather than rare equipment with 1 skills.
- Rather than focus on rarity, I prefer to focus on the equipment level which gave your skills more starting level. HIgher zone level means higher equipment level.
Special Thanks to [x] lainverse for adding a lot of knowledge to this section

Okay, I saw some question on discussion thread and I guess I am going to make something regarding Mercenary first. You will unlock mercenary after you transcend for the first time or after going pass through level 139 (Thanks for confirmation roboticaust)

Basically you will get your first mercenary after 8-hour since the mercenary tab unlocked. Mercenaries is helpful on its own way. Maximum number of mercenaries at all time is 5. There are also levels and rarity of the mercenary which increase their output from their journey. To use mercenaries you have to manually choose one out of 4 options being dealt randomly.

They can search for:
  • Zeny
  • Emperium
  • Equipment
  • Skill Activation
  • New Mercenary (Only available when there are less than 5 mercenaries)
Every output is static based on your highest stat except Zeny which is dynamically changed depends on the zone level you currently in.
So if you transcend while you have one of the mercenaries finished their search for zeny, the output given will be lower than what you have seen before. Usually I would save this zeny for new run so I can use it if I am stuck within a run.

Facts about Mercenaries
  • Transcend DOES NOT AFFECT Mercenaries. You can transcend without worrying. They are still running
  • They can die at random point
  • You can revive them (Using Emperium based on Merc Level) or bury them (both have achievement)
  • Higher rarity merc got extra life on them starting from "Rare" level
  • Output is based on their level and rarity
  • There are eight rarity levels just like equipment with the top at Transcendent rarity with 0.05% chance
  • there are 8 different skins: Alice, Wild Rose, Baphomet Jr., archer girl, Mimic, some strange floating creature and two boys one of which is way too high and overlaps with a slot above him
  • Skins have no effect on mercs output
  • Merc's output depends purely on their current level and merc's trait
  • There are 6 different traits in the game, but each merc may have only one: extra zeny, emperium, equipment, random/all skills activation, faster recruitment of new mercs and extra life;
  • Trait power depends on merc's rarity, but I'm not sure will merc gain more extra lives past Rare level (it's a waste of their potential anyway)
  • Power of mercs traits scales from mere +5% for a Common rarity up to +2000% for a Transcendent rarity
  • Merc levels have names, there are at least 8 names for first 8 levels, level 8 called Demigod, levels past level 8 called Demigod+N where N = level - 8.

    Optimizing Mercenaries
    Range of expedition can last from 5-minutes to 2-days (48-hours). Choose wisely based on your playtime. If you have time to play every 30-minutes or every hour, it is better to use the fastest expedition as it gave you more output compared to the long one. But if you play in like every 4-hours then it is best to choose something else that fits your options. But still it also depends on the random option given.

    I highly recommended to spare 1 slot empty and another merc to keep searching for higher rarity of merc. Unconfirmed but I believe higher level and rarity of merc will search for higher rarity of merc. Nevertheless, the point is you have to start from early because this is time consuming. Higher rarity definitely better for late game.
So here we are on others section which will cover several stuff that had small portion or not yet in a stand alone section.

When you reach zone level 50 guild function will become available. You can basically join for free or create your own guild by using 50 Emperiums.
Currently maximum guild numbers is 10 members and I have yet to research if there are any possible way to upgrade it. Also, I am not a guild leader myself. If you have the info please kindly inform me on the comment section below.

Pros Joining Guild
- Daily Raid which gave out Battle Manual.

Cons Joining Guild
- You cannot use your save game to another PC.

There are another important mechanics regarding raid which is called Immortal Damage and it is different from your normal dps and click damage and solemly used only for Raiding. I will cover this another time.

Raiding is the only active and reason of one joining a guild. Raid can be done once per day and needed to be killed before it reset so it can reach higher level of boss. The more higher the boss level is, the more Battle Manual can be gained from killing it. One boss can be attacked by every member of guild if it is not death yet. In Raid, dps and click damage is not being used, instead there is something called Immortal Damage. Immortal Damage is the total of all Battle Manual you have gained. Doesn't matter if you already use BM or not, it is still reflected on Immortal Damage. Quitting your guild does not reset your Immortal Damage as the only thing affect ID is Battle Manual.

If one member is far ahead in terms of level , it is possible for one member to overkill the boss and allow the guild to attack in couple level higher than the day before. For example, if a member managed to kill level 16-17-18 boss in one time raiding (30secs), then the entire guild will start raiding at level 19 the day after tomorrow. The Battle Manual gained is calculated by the first boss, but you start the next day at level 19 which means more battle manual.
Emperium and Cash Shop
Emperium and Cash Shop
Emperium is another currency that is available in this game and are able for purchase using real money. Emperium is useful to get many things even mercenary and battle manual through cash shop, atlthough most important thing that you have to buy is the 50% increased damage from cash shop.

It sounds like this game became a pay2win game, however you can also gained Emperium for free by opening Old Blue Box (used to small poring) that randomly spawn on the window. I never bought any emperium and are not planning to at all because emperium is easily obtainable throughout the game and it did not make you that much stronger at all except if spam a lot buying BM and repeat it zillion times hahaha.

Based on information from roboticaust (thank you !), there is a cap of emperium you can get from Old Blue Box (OBB).
For every transcend world, you can only get 25 times of emperium out of OBB. Times in here mean that at 1 time you may get 1 or 2 for 25 times. So in normal condition without card bonus the maximum amount of emperium you can get for 1 run equals to 50 emperiums and the least amount you can get is 25 emperiums. With card that adds up the chance to gain more emperium from OBB will allow you to get more of it.

What you can get with Emperium:
- 50% more damage. One time purchase for 50 Emperium
- Battle Manual based on your HZE for 50 Emperium
- 3 Random Transcendent Hero for 30 Emperium
- Hire a mercenary instantly for 40 Emperium
- 3 Random Equipment for 40 Emperium
- Reset all active skills Cooldown and gained Zeny based on your current zone for 20 Emperium
- Create a guild for 50 Emperium

Which one is important to spent my abundant Emperium?
- First of all definitely the one time purchase 50% more damage. Aim for it and thats game for ya.
- For the second purchase and so forth it is really based on your preferences. But for me when I pass my last HZE by a miles I spent firstly on BM 1 times. Save it again and repeat but only when I feel it is necessary. Rest would go to hero transcent and equipment.
- Late game purchase would usually focus on Hero transcend card and equipment.
Known Bugs In-Game
I decided to create this section to see known bugs and if they already fixed it or not.

Known Bugs :
  • Cards Upgrade Cost Display
  • Ifrit Card - Displayed correctly on both hero and transcendent hero menu but not reflected on total DPS

Fixed Bugs:
  • BGM

Please comment below as I am not aware much with bug.
Guide Version History
  • Add Comprehensive Hero Transcending Effectiveness
  • Update small stuff
  • Add Card List (Thanks to [x] lainverse)
  • Add Active Skills Combo
  • Add Merc Information
  • Remake Readme Section
  • Add Other Information
  • Add Late Game Leveling Guide
  • Separate Others section individually
  • Add more info to Emperium section and Equipment Section
  • Create In-Game Bugs Section
  • Add Units and Cards table
  • Updating small stuff (Special Thanks to Roboticaust)
  • Add Others Section
  • Updating small stuff
  • Add Card & Mercenary Section
  • Updating small stuff
  • Created the guide
  • Add Transcending and Leveling section
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Fantastic guide. Thank you for taking the time and effort to make it!
Prodigy( NO SMURF ) Jan 9, 2017 @ 4:59am 
hope someone help me with this game, im new player, in hze 59 , what should i do? my plan is to up clare the sage skill at lv 75 which make 40b cost, am i right? or i must level another hero?
Jax Nov 10, 2016 @ 1:01pm 
I kept trying to gilded my "Mageanger the Mage" but it doesn't seem to be working. I have 89 BM and Lvl 369 at the moment. Is there a minimum requirement to transfer the transcendents or is this a bug?