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Combinable Augments
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Aug 6, 2016 @ 11:50pm
Aug 22, 2018 @ 2:56pm
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Combinable Augments

Combinable Augments
Combinable augments allows you to combine all of your augments, collars and fishing lures into a single piece of mastery.

1 Augment to rule them all, this is the goal of this mod.

Fracking Universe compatibility
To the best of my knowledge and a member of the FU team, Combinable Augments is compatible with every augments in FU. You may disregard the warning on the FU wiki as it is no longer relevant. Having talked to sayter about combinable augments in the past, I am pretty sure the only reason the warning still exists is because of sayter's distaste for this mod. he considers it unbalancing for FU. Personally I find that it makes the mod a lot more bearable.

Confirmation from a member of the FU team:

What can you do?
- Combine epp augments together
- Combine epps together to merge epps or upgrate to a new level of epp (the output epp type corresponds to the epp on the right)
- Combine epps with augments to give them more augments
- NEW Combine collar augments together
- NEW Combine filled capture pod with collars to give them more collars
- NEW Extract augments or collars out of epps, filled capture pods, combined augments or combined collars
- NEW Extract specific augments or collars out of epps, filled capture pods, combined augments or combined collars
- NEW Extract all augments or collars out of epps, filled capture pods, combined augments or combined collars
- NEW Manage augments from armors when using mods that add augment slots to armors

To merge augments
You'll have to craft an augment combiner.
You'll need a fully upgraded inventor table (architect table)

To craft it you'll need:
- 10 durasteel bars
- 5 silver bars
- 2 silicone board
- 10 wire
- 1 battery

Can i combine/extract from augment comaptible armors from mod X

is this compatible with augments from X mod?
the short answer is yes,

the long answer is some mods might have trouble getting their augments recuperated but they will all combine file.
The only issue with recuperating is that there is no way to know which augment item was stored when an augment is applied unless you do some wizzardry like this mod does. It will recuperate augments from undocumented mod, but will create vanilla friendly versions to recuperate unknown augments. So fear not your aguemnts are not in danger.

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Xefaria Nov 26 @ 4:45pm 
Oh, I didn't know that. Thx for the help.
C0bra5  [author] Nov 26 @ 2:17pm 
The merged lures and reels are available via crafting in the forestry/nature crafting bench as they can't be combined the same way as augments.
Xefaria Nov 24 @ 8:21pm 
I can't combine the fishing lures or reels. I can place them in the machine but clicking the "Merge Augments" button does nothing.
C0bra5  [author] Nov 7 @ 8:38am 
Short answer: yes

Long answer: The mod didn't need an update to be compatible for 1.4. I think I made an update around the update's release to add augments to the dictionary I use to identify non-combined augments/collars once they are installed on armors/epps. This is because to properly extract non-combined augments/collars, I need the item id of the augment, which isn't saved when you apply an augment. If the mod doesn't recognise an augments it just creates a "vanilla compatible" version of the augment based on a damage 1 augment. It swaps all the data for the augment that was installed on it, so mechanically the unknown extracted augment is identical to the augment that was installed on the epp.
愛らぶゆ Oct 31 @ 3:07am 
Has this been updated to be compatible with 1.4?
C0bra5  [author] Oct 29 @ 8:04am 
if the augments were combined during the 1.X versions of combinable augment (about 1 or 2 years ago) the augment won't be uncombinable as i wasn't storing the data nessesary for extraction at that time. If an other mod merged it, that too i have no power over as they likely don't use the complex system used by combinable augment.
Fuyuno Oct 29 @ 7:56am 
hmm.. not really sure what happened, but an old combined.. err.. epp card thing suddenly merged all of the abilities into one massive card, and now i can't extract them at all - i think it had to do with another mod that merged them together...? i wanna replace a couple of the more out-dated epp's in it but i can't, since it's acting like it's just one super-epp - any ideas? (the text is also kinda.. hard to read since it's overlapping with other descriptive text)

also, an idea i had: would it be more or less easy to be able to pick the graphic from one of the modules in the "collection"?
Gojira_Tanaka Oct 28 @ 4:48pm 
Can I suggest a mod that combines Mech Modules?
C0bra5  [author] Oct 18 @ 9:23am 
Having received confirmation that the issue that caused world deleting augments is gone; I have updated the mod description and images to reflect this. You may find my brief conversation with Kherae in the mod's images. or at this link:
C0bra5  [author] Oct 17 @ 11:03am 
TLDR; very likely, but i'm gonna go ask around in the FU team.