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Avali SpecOp Armor
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Aug 5, 2016 @ 2:19pm
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Avali SpecOp Armor

Adds simple variants of the Avali helmets, a cosmetic wing backpack based off the Floran mission set, and combat armor sleeves to Starbound. All items are recolorable with the ingame dyes. Wings worn in all pics and full combat armor as well.

All gear should be able to be crafted at the Avali Nanolathe

(Yes some of these are very minor changes to the helmets, but it gives a little extra variety for those who may desire them.)

Wings description: "Cosmetic wings used by SpecOps to increase visual intimidation."

Installation Instructions:

1. Subscribe, duh :3

Update 2.2: The Spelunker now works fully! Shines a inset light in the direction you're facing, and has an armor rating matching Durasteel tiered helmet armor inserts.

Update 2.3: Should be ready for the update, inform me if otherwise.

Update 2.31: Added Cracked and Ruptured variants of EVA helmet at request of user Cody Bayliss, thanks for the suggestion. Requires base EVA helmet to craft as you're literally damaging the helmet on purpose to get there. Congrats.


Aesthetic (unicorn~! Made with my mate in mind.)

"A special issue helmet sporting sharp horn on the forehead, not serving much more purpose other than looks and cell reception."

SpecOp Assault
"A heavy durasteel helmet, for when you absolutely positively need to keep your head on. Upgraded with SpecOps packages"

EVA (My personal choice and favorite)
"A large-visored helmet providing a wide area of view for the wearer."

"Featuring wide-spectrum sensor arrays and upgraded radiation shielding for hazardous environments. Upgraded with SpecOps packages."

Rogue (Requested by a friend)
"A heavy durasteel helmet, for when you absolutely positively need to keep your head on. Upgraded with SpecOps stealth and long term mission packages."

"SpecOps helmet with a paintjob to increase visual intimidation and instill fear in the wearer's foes during combat."

"A helmet favored by snipers, featuring numerous sensors and an upgraded comm package."

"A helmet meant to instill fear into those who discovered its wearer's presence."

SpecOps Tactical
"A sleek tactical helmet for stealth operations."

Upset (I'M UPSET!!!!)
"The paintjob both incites a chuckle among comrades and a sense of heavy uneasiness among combatants. You're upset!"

Wolf Recon
"A lightweight headset HUD used by SpecOps recon scouts."

Jolly Bones
"A spooky, scary skele helmet, meant to be silly more than anything. He's so happy!"
(By my best friend's comical request, constructed whilst playing the song its description references)

"This helmet is... Really something special. Something of a zombie is painted across its faceplate."

"Helmet outfitted for deep excavations and exploration, outfitted with a large floodlight and auxiliary nightvision sensors."
(The floodlight works! May add durasteel-rated protection for it later on, as it has to be equipped in the armor slot to work)
(note, until i fix the script, the light does NOT work, i will look into this later)

Armor Sleeves:

"Assault based combat sleeve plates, for when you don't wanna lose a single feather."

Light Assault
"Assault based combat sleeve plates, for when you don't wanna lose a single feather. No shoulder armor variant."

"Scout based combat sleeves, boasting light aerogel covering for your feathers to increase mobility."

Light Scout
"Scout based combat sleeves, boasting light aerogel covering for your feathers to increase mobility and no shoulder pads."

Light versions exclude the shoulder pads (holy crap those were a pain to sync up, pads taken from the Glitch "Doom Lord" armor). I plan on adding tail and skirt armor after a while, probably only in one or two types, as well as looking into making a floodlight helmet for the mining Avali explorers. If anyone experiences issues, please let me know so I can fix it as soon as i can.


I may make more in the future, and I'd like to hear possible ideas for others I could add, but depending on the idea and the number of other requests I'm unsure how many requested helmets can be added to the pack.

unsure at the moment, suggestions appreciated.
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Jun 16, 2017 @ 8:17pm
Modding the mod?
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Cody Bayliss Jul 16 @ 8:04pm 
I wonder if you can make damaged Spec Ops armor and possibly arm variants to? They would be as damaged as the cracked helmet i'd think.
That Orange Bastard  [author] May 20 @ 11:05pm 
I mean, the base armor is already advanced power armor, it should be able to handle most weapons designed for infantry.. though i suppose some support weapons would cause strain. i might look into it, thanks for the suggestion
Eitii May 20 @ 4:41am 
can you add a heavy suit for the ones that carry all the big weapons
DinoNuggets Apr 28 @ 1:19pm 
If you guys want to use this on non-avali characters download this

Then use admin to craft the avali crafting stations, Since the avali crafting stations dont need resources to make
DrPvtSkittles Apr 28 @ 8:01am

I've finally gotten off my ass and completed the humanoid version of this. Needs this mod installed to work.
Cody Bayliss Apr 6 @ 8:34am 
Cool, thanks.
That Orange Bastard  [author] Apr 5 @ 9:38pm 
Added variants. check main post for info near the top.
That Orange Bastard  [author] Apr 5 @ 9:08pm 
No promises but i might look into it. sounds kinda cool.
Cody Bayliss Apr 5 @ 2:30pm 
Small crack details please, though a much more damaged one to whould be cool.
That Orange Bastard  [author] Apr 5 @ 10:15am 
@Cody Bayliss, as in with small crack details or a chip of visor missing?