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Spooky Tweaks

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Spooky Tweaks: Companion Mods
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Spooky Tweaks is a large scale vanilla overhaul mod that serves as an 'unofficial update' to the game. That is to say, it rebalances, fixes, streamlines, implements unused content, and reduces annoyance. While it attempts to be compatible with content mods, it may conflict with other vanilla-altering mods.

This mod adds no save-altering content! You can add and remove it at any time without destroying your saves, but remember to unstack modified items. Always make save backups when using mods.

Steam limits workshop items to 8,000 characters. The description below is abridged.
For faster updates and the full description, visit the GitHub Repository[]

Project Highlights
Moon related things are spooky
Mr Spooks (Erchius Ghost) moves faster, can be knocked back, and dies in lava
Main missions 'clue' hunting can be skipped by scanning the gate
No artificial time padding when beaming
More fuel types, higher fuel values, and higher fuel costs for FTL travel
The sewing machine makes 90% less noise
Vehicles are one-handed, and their costs rebalanced
Grappling hooks use physics just like ropes
Bandages and antidotes can be crafted at any time
Late-storyline outpost shops will indicate if they open later

No more startup animation
Play modes are NORMAL, EXPERT, and HARDCORE
66 new facial emotion triggers for chat
Portable Pixel Printer is back and functional
Radio messages don't provide constant arbitrary praise
EPPs use more scientific names
Hoverbikes use a higher hover strength
Status Pods have new possible effects
Mazebound64 moved to Hylotl arcades
Quest text updated to remove arbitrary praise
Immense overhaul of rarity levels
Five new blessings from Tonauac
All instruments are slightly cheaper and one handed
Teleporters are platforms
Various items moved to materials tab
Glow effects reworked for better ambient lighting
Learn any race's flag by picking it up
Flashlight beams don't cast ambient light

Latest Update
Racial bonuses for Avian, Human, Familiar, Glitch, and Hylotl
Splash screen is back, but silent and won't interrupt loading
Human codexes follow the mod's lore tweaks
Uncensored names for breakable alcohol bottles
Tents block hunger just like beds
New tooltip information to show mining speeds for tools
Jump height increased to between that of release and beta
Teleportation only takes 0.2 seconds, with no fake loading times
No fake loading time for the Bounty Board

New Shop: Chip Tunes - Selling all vanilla musical instruments (replaces Mazebound64)
Teleporter cores are bought with money instead of diamonds
Buy and sell rates are more reasonable
Upgrade parts can be purchased at the Tech Dispenser (Outpost)
Capture pods can be purchased at The Outpost
Penguin Weapon Shop sells rare and otherwise unobtainable weapons

Treasured Trophies sells more rare items
Infinity Express sells new novelty items
Weapon shop sells boss items after beating the respective boss
Minor outpost shops have more unique names
Prize counters sell plushies and toys for tickets (found in loot bags)
Station vending machines sell mech salvage
Mech blueprints can be traded for at Beakeasy
Mech Assembly Station can be purchased from the tech dispenser
Terramart Shipments buys items for their full value and accept mining materials
Peacekeeper shop items moved to places that make more sense
Fake ship licenses are 50% more expensive
Ore values are 4x higher
Ursa Miner sells radioactive ship fuel
Teleporters require cores AND relevant materials
Five new otherwise unobtainable sets in Frogg Furnishings
49 more unused items sold at the outpost

Latest Update
Beakeasy is an actual drinks serving bar
Hyltol prize counter joins the outpost, with 70+ new categorized items
Terramart sells the Relocator
Penguin weapon shop sells Neo weapons
Ancient items move to the Terraforge instead of Treasured Trophies
New safer method to remove shop items
Overhaul to Chip Tunes with tabs and mod support

Tech descriptions are more helpful
Sonic sphere is faster and easier to control
Blink dash recharges as fast as the normal dash
Rocket jumping is almost instant, launches further, and recharges mid-air
Multi-Jump goes higher
Sprinting is faster

Sprinting won't restrict using other tech or items
All distortion spheres negate fall damage
Blink dash can blink further, in mid-air, and without landing
Wall jumping refreshes it's double jump ability
Tech missions require tech cards

All staves and wands charge significantly faster
Healing zones from staves heal much faster
Mission rewards gradually increase in magnitude
Erchius Facility always gives 20 Erchius Crystals (1000 Total Fuel)
Challenge doors stay around twice as long (Reduced in Update 2)
Teleporters are not destroyed when broken
Tech consoles are not destroyed when broken
Money loss removed for casual and reduced for survival
Value, speed, and power of unique weapons raised to be more worthwhile
Creatures can be attacked while frozen in time
Racial storage lockers hold 64 items instead of 48

Rocket Spear ability rebalanced to into a mobility tool
Final mission reward bag provides incredible loot
Protector's Broadsword buffed to compete with unique weapons
Dual wielding chainsaws for extreme lumbering
EPPs emit a small amount of light
Some back items provide special buffs
Mech battery pickups heal twice as much energy
High tech mech parts balanced out to create aesthetic choice
Solarium tier mech arms buffed to match endgame weapon strength
Shield drone can deploy up to five orbiting shields
All mech drones last longer (2-5 minutes) and have reduced cooldowns
Simple mech parts improved to be worth using
Outpost mech missions actually give rewards
Avian god wings hold a mysterious ancient power
Foods that claimed to be spooky are actually spooky
Ship lights are harder to accidentally break
Drill Spear mobility buffed for maximum heavens piercing potential
Mech arm attachments reworked for usability
Higher tier mech bodies are more energy efficient
Ship lockers make food rot 80% slower

Latest Update
No dropping items on death in Survival mode, but money drop restored to 30%
Mining tools don't use durability, and drills mine in a 3x3 area
Adaptable crossbow requires less energy to fire
Broken Broadsword attacks faster and provides a defensive ability

Augments can be crafted at the Research Station, and specify their exact functions
Restored crafting for disabled items such as Perfect Armor, Tall Chair, and Valentines Heart Forge
Ancient themed items and vending machines can be 3D printed

Energy pickaxe is craftable and slightly improved
Mech Part Crafting Table is craftable like any workstation
Player station transponders cost the same as any other device
Player stations require exponentially less resources to upgrade
Restored crafting for Toymaker's Table and glow grenades
More Protectorate items at the Industrial Workbench
Boss doors are printable for all your one-way needs
The orange stimpack returns
Mining tools can be made at an Agricultural Station
62 more unused items made craftable
Stimpacks moved from the Medical Station to the Apothecary

Latest Update
Water coolers dispense water into empty bottles
Pickaxes must be crafted, rather than found as loot or purchased
All Campfire crafting is accessible from the Kitchen Counter
Components are craftable in the tier two furnace, including RAM
Many improvements to learn on pickup
Soda is craftable
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Ejcreeper Jul 19 @ 3:03pm 
OH SHET I shet my self upon noticing the spook's dps
oinkoinkmooo May 21 @ 5:03am 
I guess pickaxes are not mining tool? because they are loosing durability as The Squire also mentioned. Although I haven't tried the Drills yet maybe they are the ones with infinite durability.
Dragon Ace May 14 @ 10:40am 
Can we get a version of this without all the dialogue changes, or at the very least, removing the SAIL lines?
Amnesia May 12 @ 7:27pm 
The pickaxes still lose durability
Spess Carp Mar 27 @ 7:05pm 
Makes starbound playable.
The Pizza is Aggressive Feb 22 @ 9:20am 
why did you disable drops for survival mode? that was one of the main features of survival mode
Friunt Dec 16, 2021 @ 12:05am 
I wish this was a bit modular, tho if it is made whole I understand and I know it will be hard to really divide this into parts.

I just liked some of it's features but man this mod really gives out satisfying QOL.
Chillest Mar 27, 2021 @ 7:22am 
One of my favorite mods. VERY expansive and cool. Some of the more hard-core elements are less to my taste, and the manner and degree with which some old features were re-implemented seems a /tiny/ bit lacking. However, for myself, as well as many of my friends, this mod is much appreciated for the satire, as well as the throw-back factor. Makes the game feel so much more free, and a furry made this so you know it has to be good. Would recommend, and so thankful to the creator for the undertaking this must have been to develop ;w;
Rat Exterminator Kaj Mar 11, 2021 @ 1:29pm 

What is your 900+ mod collection?
Raiizy Jan 23, 2021 @ 2:49am 
Nothing breaks for me, and my enormous 900+ mod collection, dunno what yall guys on about