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Mutant Veggie Arena
Genre: Shooter
Platforms: PC
Languages: English
Players: Single-player
Aug 4, 2016 @ 5:12pm
Aug 4, 2016 @ 5:39pm
Veggies have been exposed to radiation which has caused them to mutate and become angry. In Mutant Veggie Arena, you must stop the mutant veggies from taking over the world! Turn the carrots, corn, tomatoes, and celery into chopped salad!
  • Carrots come directly at you and try to hurt you.
  • Corn is stationary and tries to shoot kernels at you.
  • Tomatoes fly and shoot from above.
  • Celery moves randomly and shoots in eight directions.

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Aug 16, 2016 @ 4:40am
Veggie tales
Lord Of Fapland
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Roran Nov 27, 2016 @ 7:23pm 
Knowing a grown man made this makes me depressed
Epitaph Aug 25, 2016 @ 10:01pm 
They look more like they're being scolded than angry.
LadsHaur Aug 18, 2016 @ 11:43pm 
this made me a vegetable
Jeseipi Aug 17, 2016 @ 3:10pm 
Burczyk1 Aug 11, 2016 @ 8:08am 
looks really cool!
Foster Aug 9, 2016 @ 8:37pm 
First person shooter...without seeing the person holding a gun. Like wow. Brilliant idea.
hambubgrer Aug 8, 2016 @ 5:19am 
Did you make this on Scratch, because it sure looks like it.
SE.Hammarn Aug 8, 2016 @ 3:54am 
Looks like shit, probably took you 1 hour to make this garbage. Downvoted
JibaNyarth Aug 7, 2016 @ 7:43pm 
This is a Ludum Dare game, made within two days.

I didn't remember Superhot being submitted onto Greenlight in its prototype state, or Surgeon Simulator for that matter.

Games made in game jams are usually worked on for years before they are fit for release. Go do that first before submitting this onto Greenlight to not make it look like a complete joke.
PrivateDog Aug 7, 2016 @ 4:56pm 
If there is a God this will not make it on Steam