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Spiele die ich gerne mal im STeamshop hätte ;).
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Created by Subutai Corporation
Neal Stephenson introduces CLANG

In many video games, sword fighting is all-important to the characters, and winning sword fights is how you level up your character and get more stuff. Until now, the details of how real-life sword fighting actually work...
Jaspan Island - By Terrella's Field VR
Created by Terrella's Field VR
Jaspan Island is a next level virtual reality world for the Oculus Rift.

This game includes five modules. Four modules are simulators. There is The Guided Tour, which takes the user on an easy ride through the main area of Jaspan Island. There is the B...
Ethos - It Begins Again
Ethos: It Begins Again is a constantly evolving experience dependent on melee and magic combat revolving around three forms of play: Strategy players engage in strategic empire building; Fighting is intense as ARPG players clear out dungeons and take on le...
Created by Kuupu
Exodemon is a fast paced first person shooter with an old-school feel. You have been possessed by an alien entity - slash and tear your enemies with your monstrous claws, find the last escape pod before you lose what's left of your humanity!

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