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Tech Advancing
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Jul 31, 2016 @ 2:14pm
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Tech Advancing

This mod advances the Tech-level of the colony once certain conditions are met. Even including rules that can be customized.

When does the Techlevel get improved?

Once one of the two Conditions(either A or B) is fulfilled:
Condition A: If you researched all projects of techlevel X and below , then the techlevel rises to X+1
Condition B: If you researched more than 50% of the projects with the techlevel Y, then the techlevel rises to Y

How to install:

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Rimworld should now download the mod.
Go to the Mods menu, and enable Tech-Advancing.

You can configure the whole mod by accessing the configuration-menu. You can open the menu by clicking on the config button below the research-progress-bar. Alternatively you can access it through the mod-options menu.

If you have any questions, please read the full FaQ on the forum post linked below. (You can find a small FaQ at the bottom of this description)

Version history (changelog), alternative downloads, license, and other things are located in the forum post liked below.

FaQ (the most important questions):

Q: Is this mod compatible with existing saves?
A: Yes it is.

Q: How can I contact you?
A: You can either look for GHXX#9078 on discord, or leave a comment here. Alternatively you could send me a PM on the ludeon forums.

Q: Does this mod work with X and Y?
A: Try it and let me know if it doesn't. I simply cannot try every mod combination, but as far as I know there shouldn't be any incompatibilities.


Link to the forum-post:

Spacial thanks to Andreas Pardeike aka Brrainz for the "Harmony" library
( http://github.com/pardeike/Harmony )

Thanks to the following users for making one or more translations for this mod:
CANALETA : Spanish (both)
kg_ca_pese : French
duduluu, BOX : Chinese (traditional and simplified)
MMAciek : Polish translation
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GHXX  [author] Nov 10 @ 5:06am 
Not sure how rimworld would behave when messing with other faction's techlevels, so that would need testing, and unfortunately i dont have the time for that right now.
If you want you could test it yourself though (the code is on github)
Vlademar Nov 8 @ 8:06pm 
I love the concept of advancing in tech, moving step by step from a trival group all the way to space, But my entire tribe is usually wiped out when a raid involves people with guns.

Is there any way to gradually advance the tech of other factions as well? So it wouldn't be an absolute race to research guns.

Would be interesting to advance stage by stage like in a Civilization game. Stone age, bronze age, Iron/medevil age, industrial age and then modern/space/glitter tech.
GHXX  [author] Oct 30 @ 12:44pm 
glad to hear that! :steamhappy:
Amii Oct 30 @ 12:41pm 
Neat. Thanks for listening.

Love the mod btw.
GHXX  [author] Oct 30 @ 12:19pm 
Well, i think its a good idea, although, i would probably need to add one progressbar/progress-indicator per techlevel that is above yours, And i would probably put that onto a new menu page, and that will take some time.
This is probably something for me to implement in the future, thanks for suggesting it though
Amii Oct 29 @ 7:14pm 
Suggestion if you don't mind.

Would it be at all possible to show a "Progress toward next tech level"?
The_Divided_God Oct 26 @ 7:33pm 
Thanks very much, I'm gonna grab the mod :)
GHXX  [author] Oct 26 @ 4:44pm 
Advancing the techlevel reduces the research penalty for certain research projects.
If a projects techlevel is one level above yours then it takes you 50% more time to research it. If its two levels above then it gets a +100% penalty and so on.

And no, the techlevel does not advance by default.
The reason why i made this mod is because having a +200% penalty on some projects (especially when there is a lot of modded research) is quite annoying in my opinion.
The_Divided_God Oct 26 @ 4:02pm 
So what exactly does advancing the tech level do? What are the consequences for gameplay? it's not quite clear what the effect of the mod is....does the tech level of the colony not advance naturally?
GHXX  [author] Oct 26 @ 4:47am 
Okay, thanks for doing so :steamhappy: