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Stonebound Server
Collection for the Starbound server
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Customizable Shuttlecraft
Created by Boze Hendrik
Build and modify your own custom shuttlecraft. Choose a frame type, customize your paintjob and decals and install special modules. Then weaponize your shuttlecraft with your guns, rocket launchers or other weapons. All shuttlecraft can be operated by a pi...
Extended Songbook
Created by v6
This is a client-side mod.

Extends the Songbook window so you can fit more items at the same time.

If you want to extend more of your GUI then you can find the mod "Extended GUI"

Better Grappling - regular reel in/out speed + reach ver.
Created by Iggysaurus1
Makes the grappling hook work more like a non-consumable version of climbing rope, so you can climb around ledges without wasting plant fiber!

does NOT increase reach or reel speed

Warning: even with lower reach, added physics may cause the grappling...
Weapon Stats
Created by Tripod
Compatible with Starbound 1.4

Displays item level, DPS and damage per energy (DPE) for swords and guns.

Based only on raw damage. Abilities and combo attacks are not factored in.

For additional stats on other weapons (legendaries, bows, fis...
Slow Hunger
Created by Helari👌
A quick edit to make your character become starved in about one hour realtime (It only takes 25~ minutes in vanilla which interrupts gameplay way too often for my taste).

With this mod you still need food to survive but you aren't constantly annoyed by ...
Shadowed Atmospheres
Created by Elentor
Makes the planetary atmospheric halo be affected by directional lighting....
Pay Up - Rent
Created by Vayleos
If you are using "Pay Up - Valuables" Unsubscribe to it before using this one. (ONLY USE ONE)


The tenants of your colony gift you p...
One-Handed Torch
Created by Suphax
This means the torch, not the flashlight.

This mod modifies the normal torch to be one-handed.
Non-Steam version here[]

v 1.1:
* Changed to JSON patch meth...
One Handed Hoe
Created by Yeyy♪
It tilted me that i couldnt use watering can and hoe at the same time, so i made this....
Squidd's Extra Species
Created by squiddy
This mod adds 8 new character slots for mod races into your game!

2021 edit: for the love of god if you would rather use a different extender please just download that one instead I refuse to update a 5 year old mod...
Matter Manipulator Manipulator
Created by v6
I have uploaded a early version of MMM 2.X that requires Quickbar from either Quickbar Mini or StardustLib.

This version allows you to
- Change size & alt size (holding down shift)
- Toggle block & liquid collection.
- Change color of paint to
Larger Lockers
Created by Tripod
Compatible with Starbound 1.1

Modifies the default ship locker and storage locker assets such that they have 256 and 128 slots respectively.
New: Adds generic ship locker and storage locker crafting from the industrial workbench.

To enable th...
Inventory Interface Redone
Created by Tatsu
Fixed for 1.2

Like with any other 1.0 mods, you have to restart the game a few times before the mod decides to work (there should be a message popping up in the opening). This seems to be a problem with starbound itself, and I hope it will be fixed so
Instant Crafting
Created by v6
This is a client-side mod.

Disables the timer on client-side crafting tables so that everything you craft finish instantaneously.

Support mods
If you find any table that isn't instant just reply with mod name & crafting table name in top ...
Improved Food Descriptions
Created by Neo
This mod improves the interface of food and medicine descriptions and make it possible to show additional information. It needs to be installed on both server and client.

The new designed tooltips now showing:
  • Amount of food (the pl
Improved Containers
Created by v6
Improved Containers adds quality of life features to containers in Starbound.
The aim is to keep the mod multiplayer friendly so you will still be able to play with friends that do not have the mod installed.

It is not compatible with other container m...
Frackin' Universe
Created by Sayter
FU Discord:

Disclaimer: Installing FU is a one-way trip. FU will affect your game universe and ALL characters.

Note: Uninstall...
Frackin' Races
Created by Sayter
As of June 3, 2020, FR will no longer be independently updated. FR will instead be merged directly into FU with a toggle switch. All further support requests can go there.

It is NOT compatible with FrackinUniverse now because it is *part* of Fra
Frackin' Music
Created by Sayter
Note: Does NOT require FrackinUniverse, but is recommended since most of the music will play on those biomes.

What is FrackinMusic, and why is it so gigantic?

It adds (does not replace) over 250 new songs to your Starbound experien...
Food Stack
Created by v6
This is a client- & server-side mod.
If it is not installed on server then your stack can & will reduce to 1 when transferred to the server.

Food Stack changes so food can stack up to 1000.

To stack food that have different rotting time you will nee...
Faster Morphballs
Created by tundra
-Updated for 1.3-
Makes the distortion sphere a bit faster, the aqua sphere faster in water, and the sonic sphere boost much faster.

Distortion sphere speed increased 14 -> 24
Aqua sphere speed in water increased 18 -> 36
Jump height for bo...
Extended GUI
Created by v6
This is a client-side mod.

Extends most of the GUI windows so you can fit more items at the same time.

The songbook can be found as a seperate mod by the name of "Extended Songbook"

Efficient Watering
Created by zecra
-Water your crops without a cooldown rate
-Water while walking
-Watering time decreased
-Watering AOE increased...
CrazyFreak's Musical Collection
Created by CrazyFreak
NOTE: I have moved the song list to a Google Spreadsheet for ease of management. Check it out by clicking 'Song List' below!

Hey there, I see you've stumbled across my musical collection! Let me ask you this: Have you ever wanted a particular s...
Container UI Tweak
Created by Lunchghost
When interacting with containers, move the inventory and container windows so they don't obscure the area near the player.

This is a purely client-side mod and should be compatible with all other mods.

*** TL;DR: Starbound v1.1 saves your invent...
Ceiling Mounted Sprinkler
Created by Numenization
This mod adds a ceiling mounted water sprinkler that is meant to match futuristic style builds. It covers 8-10 blocks and constantly waters. It can be turned on/off with wiring and is a great solution to those who don't want to make holes in their crop fie...
Created by Cgeta
Version on the official forums:

An Avian AI that replaces the default AI of all races.
She has custom dialogue and animations, to give her her own personality and flavor. Sadly I wasn't able to...