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MarsX v3 - Musky Edition
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Jul 27, 2016 @ 3:51pm
Apr 3, 2017 @ 12:34pm
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MarsX v3 - Musky Edition

This mod is a full conversion of Rimworld into a Mars colony builder

To continue playing this mod you can switch to the A16 branch of Rimworld, to do this you right click rimworld in the games library and go properties > betas then pick A16 from the dropdown, let it redownload the game and then you will have to disable any mods that were updated to A17 or just run MarsX on its own.

I'm currently working on Rimatomics which should be out soon, once thats done and the major bugs are ironed out i can get back to working on updating MarsX to A17 with lots of improvements and focus on adding more over the summer.

Support links!



Forum with previous versions[ludeon.com]

Description of MarsX
You can build and manage a fleet of refuelable ships that can travel between Mars and Earth.

The atmosphere, air and water are all simulated. O2, CO2, Pressure, Humidity, You must balance everything and maintain a constant supply.

There are new weather conditions like dust storms which block the sun and cover solar panels with dust.

Many more things have been changed such as backstories, skills, needs, food, resources, materials and much more.

I am working on a wiki and youtube series to help explain how everything works. But for now the way i start a game goes like this

1:Eject hab, moxie, tools and some food from the crates
2:place the hab and moxie, run power and gas pipes from the ship to the hab, once habs finished place air outlet inside to rapidly fill it with air from the tanks on the ship.
3:build beds and suit stations, make an area inside the hab and set the zones and rest mode on the suit stations and haul some essentials inside the hab like clothes food and wet wipes.
4:make some solar panels a stonecutting table and smelter, make a greenhouse extension to the hab with stone walls and start mining bauxite and iron to make steel and aluminium.
5:double dig a patch of sand to remove the top layer of icy sand and a second layer of dry sand and start making soil at a soil worktable.
6:when the greenhouse is ready place all the soil, then install skylights then irrigation pump, then pipe water to the pump from the ship.
7:build a miwex to produce water from the icy sand, and start working on sewage system before the wet wipes run out.

Then you start getting into managing your fleet, planning your cargo, and starting up fuel production to refuel your ships.
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starboss12 Jul 9 @ 10:39pm 
Hey, Im glad your not only still working on this, but also staying in contact with your fans. Thanks dude!
SioxerNikita  [author] Jul 7 @ 9:27pm 
It is a topic made and locked so you don't get notifications every 5 minutes. When the new release comes out, we'll post in it, and it becomes a notification for everyone.
Tal'Raziid Jul 7 @ 5:49pm 
Did you read it, @Flapjack. The title literally says to subscribe to that discussion to be updated
Flapjack Jul 7 @ 5:48pm 
but there is nothing there
Olivier Morin Jul 7 @ 1:05pm 
When the next update will be release?
Dubwise  [author] Jun 23 @ 2:28pm 
Carson Jun 23 @ 2:07pm 
I think its safe to assume the next update will be a 1.0 release?
SioxerNikita  [author] Jun 21 @ 4:33pm 
Here, subscribe to this thread to be notified of the next release
Dubwise  [author] Jun 21 @ 4:15am 
the moon and titan could be a thing, but the atmosphere would be the easiest part, its harder to do the temperature range and world gen and change all the buildings to fit the different environment