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The Viera of Ivalice
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The Viera of Ivalice

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"The Viera may begin as part of the Wood, but the Wood is not the only end that we may choose..." -Fran

The Viera come from a land known as Ivalice, where they began their life of seclusion within the forests of the world. Ever-cautious of all outsiders due to major conflicts with the power-hungry Humes, the Viera hide their villages within forests with the aid of a powerful, enchanted powder known as "Vision Dust." With red complexions and consisting almost entirely of females, the Viera genders dwell apart from one another within their race. Possessing superb eyesight, speed, hearing, a vast life span, and a divine connection to the essence of Life in the forests known only to outsiders as "the Wood", the Viera have earned the name "The Children of the Wood." With their reverence for life and the forests as the Mother of their people, the Viera are very philosophical and devout to their path. It is said that the Wood communes with the Viera, that Her voice can be heard only by their ears, however there are those that have chosen to leave the boughs of the Wood, against their own laws. These wanderers were believed for ages past to have lost their ability to commune with the Wood, and once were deemed exiles by the elders. It was however, one day discovered that there are those that always carry Her voice with them...

Viera Hybrids:
There are tales of a mating between a full-blooded Viera and Feolthanos, an ancient leader of a winged race of Humes known as the "Aegyl." The offspring of this line bear shorter ears than the full-blooded Viera, and are fair of skin, with an even longer lifespan than the full-blooded. This line of Viera became known as the "Feol", named for the Aegyl leader. In the past these Viera were viewed as impure abominations by their full-blooded kin, having been tainted by the power-needy Hume blood, and many Feol left the embrace of the Wood. It is said that most of their Warren were decimated in a brutal strike, but they endured, few in numbers even now. Most believe their ears far too harsh and inferior to hear the Green Word of the Mother, but that cannot be true for all.

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- Completely custom ship exterior and layout
- Magitek Mech Mount
- Tiered Job Armors and weaponry to replace current tiered gear
- Settlements Rework (All screenshots above are not of current spawning villages, and were built by me in game to display to you all what you can create with all the building materials provided in this mod)
- Companions/Crew Rework for the Viera
- Chocobo Mount
- Hub City - Central for Viera Questing


- ALWAYS check "change notes" to keep yourself updated with any and all changes/additions to the mod! I *always* add these for players to view.

- This mod does require a character creation extender mod in order to appear in your character creation menu!

**For even MORE information, please go to my official overview section on the Starbound forum:
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WUBA LUBA DUB DUB!!! Oct 21 @ 1:47pm 
magicite does not work - asset
Mercenary @R@ Oct 21 @ 4:11am 
Any Mods that get in the way , so far i cant even spawn into the first planet
Sentient Cookie Oct 14 @ 2:07pm 
WUBA LUBA DUB DUB!!! Oct 14 @ 11:32am 
Is this compatable with FU
freyjasvalkyrie13  [author] Sep 12 @ 7:49pm 
Viera villages *do* spawn, but they currently compete with Vanilla spawn pools and spawn pools of other mods such as FU. The next update will exemplify a major change and improvement to that by utilizing a custom planet, so only Viera structures will spawn upon it.
Hypergried Sep 3 @ 2:19am 
There are actually I've found a few, (as in like 3 lol), but they're there, just a bit rare. I mostly find them on forest planets though, if that helps.
~MermaidsLament~ Sep 2 @ 9:06pm 
i love the mod but to let you know there are no viera villages anywhere sorry but there isnt..
TheCorpor4tion Aug 29 @ 10:57am 
Thank you for your mod, also special props for working on it!
freyjasvalkyrie13  [author] Aug 28 @ 6:45am 
lol No, I wouldn't do that :P Maybe if it were something for the Viera themselves, I'd make it a hunt.
E3.14C Aug 27 @ 9:36pm 
Gotcha, thank goodness I don't need to do some crazy thing to get them besides explore :)