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Jul 26, 2016 @ 11:40am
Aug 29, 2016 @ 8:38pm
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This mod adds some new techs, each being upgrades of the dash and multi jump techs.

Ultra-Dash: A longer dash that has reduced cooldown and keeps your momentum. - Unlock after obtaining the floran artifact
Omni Jump: A multi jump that not only has more height, but provides 8 jumps as well. - Unlock after obtaining the hylotl artifact
Omni Wall Jump: A wall jump that has 5 jumps. - Unlock after obtaining the hylotl artifact
Omega-Dash: A longer, faster dash that has no cooldown and keeps your momentum. - Unlock after obtaining the glitch artifact
Omega Jump: Infinite jumps. - Unlock after obtaining the glitch artifact

Each tech has its own quest that needs to be completed before you can buy it.

If you don't want to bother with the quests just use these commands.
/enabletech Ultra-Dash
/enabletech Omni-Jump
/enabletech Omni-Walljump
/enabletech Omega-Dash
/enabletech Omega-Jump

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nicolasGE Oct 12 @ 8:20am 
it doesn't work
Zed-KillerBROS Sep 10 @ 5:26pm 
theres also a mod that makes you have infinite jumps.
kohtao Aug 6 @ 3:33pm 
pls make it fu compatable
epic from epic dude Jul 23 @ 2:11pm 
**FU adds tech that you can BUY, so it blocks the free techs gave you buy commands / game completion, in FU exist only 2 techs: starter, and purchisable, no more. so its not compatable
No. 90  [author] Jul 23 @ 11:30am 
I've never used FU, so I don't know what all it changes, but my mod doesn't alter any pre-existing files. It should be compatible with any mod. The only thing I can think of not working are the quests, but that shouldn't make the mod unusable.
epic from epic dude Jul 23 @ 7:27am 
please make it compatable witn FU
No. 90  [author] Jun 22 @ 8:27pm 
@linkachu8709: I was thinking of adding an upgraded sprint. As for the dash, I can't really see myself implementing something like that in the near future.

@BloundSmith: It's supposed to unlock new quests from the tech scientist when you clear certain story missions. If those aren't showing up be sure to double check your spelling of the tech names when using commands. I had someone else mess that up as well. If that still doesn't work then the mod probably didn't actually install. You can try the Starbound forums download if it still doesn't work after a while. Otherwise I don't know what to do about it.
BloundSmith Jun 21 @ 10:21am 
I can't seem to get the tech. Does this only work with new characters? I've tried the commands and replayed the missions, but they won't show up in the tech selectors.
linkachu8709 Jun 20 @ 8:29am 
Hey, i know you haven't touched this in awhile, but could you maybe add a better sprint that's faster and/or use less/no energy? the dash is great but i get a more utilitarian functionality (and RP usage at times) than the dash. (also mashing the 'a' and 'd' keys gets annoying as well as i'm gonna break those buttons). if ya really wanna get froggy with it, maybe modify the dash to allow angle directional dashes (up-left/right down-left/right) i'd love to do some of the ninja shit from ICEY. this mod is still pretty badass alone though, keep up the good work! :happy:
No. 90  [author] Jun 13 @ 12:46pm 
Thanks, I was already aware of your mod and was planning on using it. I've been working on other stuff and haven't gotten to it just yet though.