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Structures Plus (S+)
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Jul 25, 2016 @ 7:40pm
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Structures Plus (S+)

The Ultimate Building Mod!


- All items can be picked up(can disable pick up when damaged or prevent pick up after a certain time has elapsed)
- No building height limit
- Foundations are stackable
- Internal pipes and wires allow for exceptionally clean base building
- Triangle foundations, ceilings & roofs
- Full Glass tier (equivalent to metal & gives greenhouse effect)
- Glass foundations, walls, ceilings & hatchframes have 16 variations
- Fully adjustable transparency of the glass(1 way, 2 way, change color and level transparency, can set min transparency as well)
- Feeding Trough with adjustable range config setting and ability to set specific dino types that can use it
- Ceilings snap flush with foundations but are not sunken when snapped to walls
- Crop Plots snap to foundations & ceilings
- All Gates, Doors & Trapdoors can be set to auto open & close, auto close only or manual, you can also set a timer for how long to wait before auto closing
- Sloped Walls can snap to bottom of walls and ceilings
- Water pipes can be placed on rafts
- All noisy structures are silent
- All gas burning structures can run on either electricity or gas
- All items are crafted in the S+ Crafting Station & S+ Tek Replicator
- "Integrated Resource Pulling" (resource pulling directly integrated into the ARK inventory UI so its available in everything! All dinos, structures and yourself. Pull specific resources, pull enough to craft a certain number of the selected blueprint or enough to repair the selected item.
(Note: Resource pulling respects "Tribe Activation Rank" as there is an issue with "Tribe Inventory Access Rank")
(Note: Add an * to a structure or dino name to prevent pulling from it)

- Advanced Transfer Tool allows you to quickly distribute things evenly among structures(ie all bullets in non-turrets to all turrets, evenly)
- Foundations can snap to ceilings if there is ground support (ie other side of bridge)
- All crafting stations and crop plots can be locked & pin coded
- Gateways snap in line with fence foundations instead of on top
- Wires and pipes can be hidden and vertical ones are only 1 wall high
- Includes a set of dynamic, flexible pipes & wires that will connect nearby pipes & wires (for linking up separate grids that wouldn't fit a normal pipe/wire)
- Large & behemoth versions of walls(4 tall & 12 tall respectively)
- Item Collector will collect poop, un-fertilized eggs, snail paste & pearls from Phoenixes, will also distribute poop to nearby compost bins & dung beetles
- Farmer will collect fertilizer from nearby compost bins & dung beetles then distribute it to nearby crop plots
- Gardener will collect your crops automatically
- Sheep Herder will shear nearby sheep
- Hatchery will collect nearby fertilized eggs & incubate them
- Nanny that acts as a feeding trough for babies and raises the imprint quality of nearby non-adult dinos
- Storage boxes will snap to each for perfect alignment
- Extensive config options allow you to tailor the mod to your needs
- 6 new automatic turrets (Flamethrower, Tranq, Minigun, Ballista, Cannon & Rocket)
- Numerous wonky snap points cleaned up

For a full list of features, refer to this discussion. The complete list is too long for the mod description.

Config Options:
There is an extensive list of config options that allow you to tailor this mod to your needs, see this discussion for all of the available options and their usage.

Note: there are a few items in this mod that you should be aware of as they may not fit your server. See this discussion for more information.

Special Thanks
- MythN7 for his work on the triangle ceiling, foundation and roof models. Check out his portfolio[]!

- RedDwarf for introducing Stackable Foundations to us and also for his help working out the math required for the tek triangle roof.

Mod ID: 731604991

Spawn Codes

My Other Mods:

Platforms Plus - Tree platforms with snap points and wedge pieces for multi-level construction.
Redwoods Anywhere - Grow redwoods that support tree platforms anywhere.
Platforms Anywhere - 30 different non-tree structures that support a tree platform.
Snappy Saddles - Saddle platform extensions with snap points and ability to increase build distance and structure limit.
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Earthquake Tweaker - Stops earthquakes from moving you around(or makes them more powerful... you choose)

Note: I no longer subscribe to the comment section, I will not be reading or replying to any further comments(the reason should be obvious). I am only subscribed to the Bug Reports discussion, if you have a bug to report, post it there.
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14 hours ago
Structures + can't learn Engrams for Stacking items w/ stack mod installed.
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Scorps75 46 minutes ago 
Internal wiring both the squares and the wall versions keep dissapearing.
We have a wooden bas on a hill presently which is quite big.
I had an issue with the wall internal wiring, i placed it up to the next floor in the walls, put some lights etc up there all was green and powered.
Come on the server again a bit later and everythin was there except the power wasnt on the lights etc up stairs, followed the non lit power and found the wall internal wiring had gone as if never placed.
This also happened just now with internal floor wiring whereby some of them had vanished and my fridges and lights were not powered.
The server is our own dedicated server and has both the latest version of ark and this mod,
mods in use -
Structures +
platforms +
balanced kibble
thats it, any help appreciated.
D`Ark 1 hour ago 
pls to remove all seeds except x,y,z plant seed in inventory assistent
Psaimon 1 hour ago 
Why the F*** would you put the Phoenix into the Flame turret creatures list but not make them actually shoot the damn thing? Tell me.
Chimic 2 hours ago 
so fuckking hard to place the foundation make me feel angry
soepie7 4 hours ago 
@Warcrim you need to have the S+ engram of the thing you convert to, and I don't think it is supposed to convert Blueprints.
Warcrim 6 hours ago 
I'm finding we are having issues with the S+ Converter it wont convert blueprints nor vanilla structures could this be a mod clash S+ is working fine just the s+ converter.....
soepie7 8 hours ago 
Try it with a vanilla Preserving Bin as well, and I think an issue is that you have 2 stack mods at the same time (Minor Stacks and Resource Stacks 2.0)
Mapleshield 17 hours ago 
I am hosting my own server using this mod, for some reason our buildings are disappearing ? I've had multiply tribes report to me there buildings are gone after they go offline, is this normal?
Lupam 18 hours ago 
For some reason we can't make jerky of any kind on our Ragnarok server. We have the following mods:

Minor Stacks: 665492552
Resource Stacks 2.0: 630601751
Structures Plus (S+): 731604991
Medieval Structures: 668239751
Medieval Structures 2: 771393043
eco’s Guarden Decor: 880871931

Is one of these mods cousing the issue? Anyone that knows? =)

Thanks in advance!
GreyLightt 20 hours ago 
I made a new server using this mod, and at first thought that mobs were agroing me when they shouldnt when im inside my house. Then later i left for 5 minutes and came back and I'm dead, with a Raptor INSIDE my fucking enclosed house. How the hell does that happen? It's a great mod, I love it, but did anyone have anything similar happen to them?