Battlezone 98 Redux

Battlezone 98 Redux

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Burns' Rebellion
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Jul 25, 2016 @ 9:46am
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Burns' Rebellion

Grand Prize Winner - Battlezone 98 Redux Mod Competition

Congratulations, Lieutenant, you've been selected for participation in Project Pedigree!

Live a story only hinted at in the Battlezone II campaigns and manual! As the Bio-Metal Wars raged on, a rising star of the NSDF, Dr. Armond Braddock, was tasked with developing a weapon to bring the conflict to an end. Under his direction, Project Pedigree focused on fusing the Bio-Metal into the very flesh of the NSDF's best- members of the Black Dog Squadron. This is a story of the super-soldiers that resulted.

  • Two fully fledged, story driven, lua-powered instant action missions with a combined 20 interwoven mission objectives: Part I: Transduction, and Part II: Liberators
  • In-game cinematics
  • Original, hand sculpted terrains built to emulate the style of stock Battlezone
  • 14 new skins and unit configurations for a new faction: Pedigree-EXperimental Black Dogs (“The PEX”). PEX units do not overwrite any stock BZR assets.
  • 256 tweaked unit voice messages
  • Advanced base-building custom AI
  • Custom cheat codes (Try CTRL+SHIFT+CRICKET !)

  • 11 weapons new to BZR:
  • ARC Lance – Successor to the Bolt Buddy and progenitor to the Scion ARC Cannon, this low rate of fire cannon unleashes a slew of lightning bolts at your enemy.
  • Plasma Bolt – Concentrated superheated plasma does wonders to an enemy craft.
  • Ion Flechette – A prototype to the Scion Ion Gun, this cannon has much in common with its BZ2 cousin.
  • Spine Cannon – An early prototype that would later become the Scion Fang and Quill, this weapon fires a spread of high-velocity Bio-Metal spines that pierce enemy craft.
  • Flash Gun– A lighter, more ammo efficient version of the original flash. Great for slicing away at enemies.
  • Acid Mortar – Personally developed by Braddock himself, this mortar sprays corrosive acid when deployed. Best to steer clear of the cloud!
  • Plasmathrower – Developed alongside the Plasma Bolt, this mortar weapon launches a stream of superheated anti-Bio-Metal plasma in an arc. It is extremely destructive at close range, especially against stationary or slow moving targets.
  • Stinger Battery – Like many P-EX weapons, the Singer Battery is heavily based on Chthonian tech. This weapon fires a swarm of homing missiles at an enemy craft.
  • FAF Missile – A low power, low ammo requirement homing missile that automatically locks on to the nearest heat source.
  • Seeker Mine – This mine doesn't wait for you to come to it, it deploys a modified WASP Seeker that hunts down and detonates on craft that stray too near.
  • Vaulter Device – A short lived mine that unleashes a high-powered pulse of magnetic energy. This pulse sends all nearby ships in motion. While it is most commonly used as a “superjump” to scale steep terrain quickly or escape enemy fire, it can also be used in a pinch to deflect incoming ordinance or disrupt enemy battlefield formations.

Please post any bugs, suggestions, criticisms, hopes or desires.

Part II has been released! Subscribe, rate, and maybe favorite for more!

1. Hit the "Subscribe" button
2. Launch BZR, go into "Single Player"
3. Select "Instant Action"
4. Select "Burns' Rebellion Part I: Transduction" or "Burns' Rebellion Part II: Liberators"
5. Launch!

Fair Warning:
These maps can be relatively long and difficult for some! Settle in for something of a challenge and save often!

Update 080416, version 1.2:
-Weapon tweaks
-Objective tweaks to Burns' Rebellion Part II make them more robust
-Abandoned CCA buildings are now more friendly once you get to know them
-Fixed cost of the ARC Lance
-Bug fixes

Coming Soon™:
Burns' Rebellion Part III: Exodus
Now coming sooner than ever before!
-Voice overs for parts I, II, and III
-18+ new unit textures
-New tileset textures
-A new HUD

Special thanks to all those who report bugs, you know who you are!
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✪ [NY]Λlphα™ Aug 13 @ 6:45am 
Yes you can but YOU have to control the Tug ;)
SMEG~CaptMo Aug 13 @ 6:43am 
Well this was a fun map but unable to finish
I managed to destroy everything. only to find that tanks etc were spawning all the time from the top right of the map with no factory present ???
I put a force next to the entrance and towers etc to keep them at bay
I then sent the 3 tugs + explosives to each of the locations, only to find its impossible to get the tug to deploy on the 3rd one unless you can make the tug fly, there is no ramp to allow it to get to the geiser so you cant complete this task
✪ [NY]Λlphα™ Jul 9 @ 11:48am 
It'd be great to play the opposing forces to all missions i think ;) not only for pluto ^^
USSR2033 Jul 9 @ 8:19am 
When Part 3 will come to release ? Will it be still map for Bz 98 or for Bz 2 CC. It would nice to play as Scions during their attack at ISDF base at Pluto before main Bz 2 campaign starts.
HalconVengador Jun 21 @ 11:13am 
Possible Bug, in mission 1 the tank its attached with the launch pad and some structures are upside down.
ceaakbk May 3 @ 10:15am 
how do you activate
VampyrEngel May 2 @ 6:36am 
That was cool!!!! Could make a new game out of that story alone when is part 3 coming out then?
Hayes Mar 25 @ 5:04am 
Love it thanks fore filling in the missing part off the story :steamhappy:
nostalgic_console_peasant Mar 8 @ 10:21am 
any news on part 3 please and thanks
SnowPig Feb 24 @ 6:23am 
Do you plan on making any mods for Battlezone Combat Commander?