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The Pony Modpack
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Jul 24, 2016 @ 2:04pm
Jul 24, 2017 @ 11:30am
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The Pony Modpack

Ever wanted to play starbound as a tiny overpowerd horse? well this modpack is for you!

Latest Update:
fixed so many coding errors that you will have to put you items through the "please fix" machine
I also added some incentives to make you update your items to good standards and make my life as a developper easier
don't worry the plsfix machine costs nothing.

RC13.# note:
removed the in-world item, as it got borked
and made it a bit more abusable, you can add a recoilForce parameter in a spawn item command to make the recoil stronger and send you to the moon.
unborking the dubstep cannon
weird thing happening with the steam repo

RC13 note:
Fixed the flutterbot not giving out anything.

RC12 note:
Fixed the dashbot npcs selling the plsfx version of the element of loyalty.
Fixed the pony bot npcs rents, they gave out 5 full elements when they should only give one.

RC11 note:
Added a new female hair style
Added a new hair color to go with that hairstyle
added a new body color too
Fixed fixed some other hair colors.
note: these change will only take effect on new characters

RC10 note:
Fixed the ponex not being able to craft any weapons in the sw assembly
Fixed a small problem with a patch in the log that didn't cause any problem

RC9 note:
Fixed a compatibility problem with phase shift module mod that would cause every custom tech to not show up

RC8 note:
Fixed the ponex armor crafting missing from accelerator, manipulator and separator
Fixed some unicorn armor crafting problems with tier 5a armor.
Fixed pony bots by making them tennants
they will pay you in either 1 to 4 gem shards, 5 of which can be crafted into a gem, or with a gem
Added new gem ornements, they will force each of their respective bots to spawn
The derpy bot and whooves bot will come together, their required item is a muffin basket
they will pay normal rent or in muffins

RC7 note:
made the pony armor stand craftable again.

RC6 note:
Fixed a bug that would allow the twilicane to still allow running and crahsing into enemies while energy is depleted and
removed the ability to have the run boost of the rushing ability when using the royan justice ability.

RC5 note:
fixed the tech scripts for the stomp, echolocation and horn glow techs.

RC4 note:
un-derped the dubstep cannon, it was running a wip script.
and fixed the pony mannequins crashing the game in the same way the vanilla did 30 minutes ago

RC3 note:
The manequins caused game crashes because they couldn't handle the new images, i fixed it.

RC2 note:
The npcs were despawning/dying on the spot, I fixed them

compatibility with 1.3
Added things
Added 3 new pega-wing color
- Charcoal
- Dark Purple
- Black

Added an item to hide the tail when an armor doesn't have a head piece, the "tail hider".
Added a new crafting station to craft the racial weapons the "SW weapon assembler",
It costs 4 iron bar, 4 copper bar, 4 coal, updgrade cost of 3 of the tier materials for each tier.
Buffed the echolocation marker to last for 10 seconds, and reduce it's energy usage to 33% of the player's total energy.
Replaced the old and ugly harmony sword by 2 weapons, the harmony claymore and the harmony daggers.
plushies are now in the H.A.R.M.O.N.Y crafting station
The twilicane is back!
- Primary Fire: Royal Respect
Run in a straight line while shoving your enemies out of the way.
- Seconday Fire: Royal Justice
Impose justice by somehow throwing 60 canes a second towards your enemies
It isn't tired yet, but it's cost should reflect why it is so powerfull, don't be fooled by it's tooltip, it will destroy anyting.

Updated the H.A.R.M.O.N.Y station background and crafting button to be more releavent.
Updated the lunar cutie mark name and description.
Updated the bubble cutie mark description.
Updated the carrot cutie mark description.
Updated the rainbow lightning cutie mark description.
Updated the apple cutie mark description.
Updated the star cutie mark description.
Updated the stars cutie mark description.
Updated the DJ PON-3 glasses description.
Updated the Pony glasses description and name.
Updated the Pony shades description and name.
Updated the Vinyl glasses description.
Updated the Wizard Robe description.
Updated the Wizard Hat description.
Updated the harmony sword and turned into 2 new sword, a gladius(1handed), and a claymore(2 handed).

Changed the recipe of the plushies to add 1 collon whool and changed the price to 150 from 100 pixels
Changed the name and description of many of the plushies.
The bat pony guns now dark stary and sticky projectiles.
The cadance javelin is now homing, and so is the projectile shot by the wife launcher.
changed the song played by the dubstep cannon to a small looped version of Energy juice by virtual riot,

Fixed the Dubstep cannon projectile sliding on the walls.
Fixed the Dubstep cannon sound.
Fixed the typo in the Dubstep cannon name.
Fixed the tail poking out when wearing a gala dress, the head piece is the one who hides it.
Fixed the batpony female body going out of the dresses.
Fixed the typo in the shield cutie mark item name and item id.
Fixed the typo in the party balloon cutie mark name and item id.
Fixed the twilight gala slippers clipping out of the player.
Fixed the twilight coronation slippers only showing the non flying version for flying species in the crafting interfaces.
Fixed the mod's cider recipie outputing the vanilla cider.
Fixed the alicorn ferozium shortsword not having updated data for an active item. god knows how it worked without crashing the game.
Fixed the bat pony steel pistol not working, god knows how that thing didn't crash the game.
Fixed the magic gem not starting the H.A.R.M.O.N.Y systems quest.
Fixed the H.A.R.M.O.N.Y Cannon mk1 through mk6 names, it was missing the word cannon.

And many other things I didn't not down when I did it.

Known bugs from the 3.0 updates
The twilicane tooltip
Some balancing to do
while i am sure the mech part is working, i haven't throrouly tested them yet.
the dubstep cannon is a bit out of sync.

Main features:
7 playable races
- Pony
- Unicorn
- Pegasus
- Alicorn
- Changeling
- Bat pony
- Ponex
A lot of weapons, (about 1056 different weapons in the current build)
4 race specific techs
- flight
- horn glow
- echo location
- S.T.O.M.P. 3000
3 work in progress ships, soon 4
All armors for all the tiers.
A lot of vanity.
A character creation interface expander lik exbawks
Some Codexes, the lore still isn't fully fleshed out

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Elements of Harmony
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Amberclad Nov 11 @ 9:55am 
@Gungie i wouldn't advise such an action, perhaps take up a hobby? i heard they're meant to help with stress.
Gungie Nov 3 @ 5:53am 
I want to kill myself.
Amberclad Nov 1 @ 6:52am 
will you be adding a tag to your mod?
Amberclad Nov 1 @ 6:41am 
when the bounty hunter update eventually comes around, it would be humorous if one of the bounties turned out to be a pony or ponex. imagine a group of steely eyed, cold blooded gang being led by an adorable pony. XD
Manacar Killacar Sep 19 @ 11:28am 
Love this modpack hope you still plan to update it now and again
momon Aug 23 @ 8:51am 
слушай а ищо воприсик у меня йесть я вот тут и грал в игру не за персав из млп но у меня появилса какойто квест по сбору всех елементов гармонийи вроде я вот нашол елемент еполджек и твайлайт а што сними подом делать как я их все найду смотрел в ютубе ттам ток обзор да прохождения а про ети елементи нечево
momon Aug 23 @ 3:39am 
форпост ти имейеш в виду первий город в которий можно попасть за 20 осколков ядер через первую планету но потом окажетса што ето ковчег
C0bra5  [author] Aug 23 @ 3:35am 
The Flight tech is available at the beginning for all winged species. Go to the outpost where you usually equip the techs to equip them.

from english:
Летная техника доступна в начале для всех крылатых видов. Идите в форпост, где вы обычно экипируете техников, чтобы экипировать их.

from french:
Полетная техника доступна в начале для всех крылатых видов. Идите в форпост, где вы экипируете техников, чтобы экипировать их.
C0bra5  [author] Aug 23 @ 3:27am 
there is a good reason why i include a small extender with my chucklefish forums version, for some new users it isn't
[Red λ] Queen Crimson Love Aug 22 @ 6:40pm 
is it not common sense to install character extender BEFORE installing this mod???