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Item Broadcaster & Hyper-storage
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Jul 23, 2016 @ 9:59pm
Dec 15, 2016 @ 1:18pm
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Item Broadcaster & Hyper-storage

This mod provides two new items, purchased at the Teleporter shop: the Broadcast Beacon, the Reception Beacon.

The Broadcast Beacon, when placed or interacted with, takes the first container beneath it keeps tabs on its contents. When it detects a change it reaches out to nearby Reception Beacons, which in turn check their surroundings for containers, and check their contents: if a container is found, which contains a stack of items matching one in the Broadcast chest, then the item stack in the Broadcast chest will be sent into the other chest.

There is also a secondary sorting algorithm, which you can enable by interacting with the Broadcast Beacon. It will attempt to find containers with a 'good fit' based on strored contents, if no exact matches are available. I won't claim it's too reliable or predicatble though.

Wiring up your base is easy and painless, with no alteration to your containers! To dismiss, merely break the beacons, and their influence will be dispersed.You can also wire a Broacast Beacon to particular Reception Beacons, and it will only attempt to broadcast to containers near those.

The Hyper-storage Beacon links a container below it, like the Broadcast Beacon does, to all other Hyper-storage Containers (with the same size) on the planet. They will share a single linked inventory. When a container with items in it is added to the network, those items will be merged into the shared pool (any overflow will be dropped). Destroying the beacon will sever the container and empty its contents, as long as there is another container on the network; destroying a container will drop all the shared items and empty the pool instead.

A container can be on both networks; the Broadcast network can pull from or dump into Hyper-storage chests. This works smoothly if you don't move items really fast, remember that the two scripts are independent and on seperate internal clocks!
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Iris Blanche
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Sirawesome Aug 15 @ 3:07pm 
I'm going to use this to just dump all my materials into one chest after exploring, and then let the game sort it for me.
Exaelitus Aug 12 @ 11:32am 
@nothing, not sure, but I wasn't sure if the author is still maintaining this mod, so I started my own mod (first one!) that has similar functionality because I find it essential in my gameplay so I will be maintaining it. If there are any issues with this mod, feel free to check out mine:
nothing. Jun 15 @ 4:38am 
what bugs to expect with 1.3?
Exaelitus Apr 28 @ 10:27am 
They should show up on the vanilla-game teleporter vender NPC. It's called the Teleshop Stop or something like that
Shedar Apr 27 @ 9:04pm 
Can you post admin commands for all 3 hyper items from merchant shop and for container station?
Shedar Apr 27 @ 8:56pm 
There is no merchant in a hub with FU installed :=(
Exaelitus Feb 14 @ 9:30pm 
Whitegrave, that is intended behavior. If you interact with the Broadcaster, you may see a message about it going into alternate mode. That mode will attempt to dump an item alongside similar items, but it is an experimental feature and not reliable -- and does nothing if the item isn't matched with SOMETHING in one of the chest ( i.e. doesn't do what you first asked for. )

Hope this helps!
Whitegrave Feb 14 @ 8:42pm 
So in my testing, this mod will move an item to a container if that container contains a stack of that item type. However, if I place in item in my Broadcast container that doesn't have a match in any Reception containers, nothing will happen and the item will remain untouched in my Broadcast container.

I'm trying to find a way to make this mod dump new items into the first or random slot within the Reception container(s) inventory. Is this not possible? I've tried with the secondary sorting both on and off.
Exaelitus Feb 13 @ 7:31pm 
Peasly Wellbott, I'm wondering if I could talk to you about this mod, sent Friend Request since I can't post to your profile page...
Exaelitus Feb 11 @ 4:37pm 
Yes, this still works. And no, the Hyper-storage is not cross-planets. However, anywhere on the same planet should work (based on description of mod, didn't test this).

Anyone know the range of the Broadcaster? It only shows the "range" for the chest it will monitor. The Reception beacons show a range, but I believe this is the range of chests they dump into.

I had thought the Reception beacons had to be within the same range for them to be considered by a Broadcastor, but testing out right now that isn't true. Just how far away can a Reception beacon be until the Broadcaster can't find it? The mod desc. just says "nearby".

This info is crucial to my warehouse building plans! :rcry: