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Colonist Bar KF 0.18.0
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Jul 23, 2016 @ 5:04am
Dec 6, 2017 @ 6:54am
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Colonist Bar KF 0.18.0

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More options for the Colonist Bar.
- Allows custom sorting as well as custom scaling.
- All options available with Right Mouse Button click on any icon.
- FollowMe™ functionality via Middle Mouse Button click.

Includes icon stats based on 'Pawn State Icons™' by Dan Sadler
Includes 'FollowMe™' functionality by Fluffy with updated code by alexschrod
Includes 'ZoomToMouse™' functionality by Fluffy

To access the new options menu + sorting, right mouse click on any colonist icon.

Mood bar explaination
The mood bar is calculated for each colonist individually. Each time you have a minor break risk, the first blue bar is depleted, then you have a full yellow bar that will become a major break risk if depleted. So each break risk color is just a tiny bit of the vanilla mood.

Supported languages
Chinese (simplified & traditional) – thx to duduluu
French – thx to Gorgious
Russian – thx to skyarkhangel (taken from HardCore SK)
Spanish – thx to Ninnetyer

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All textures ©Killface. Please don't repost without asking.

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Personal Note
As people started asking me if I could buy/gift them RimWorld – no way!
Get your own copy and leave me alone.
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Dec 3, 2017 @ 4:29am
Posting Colonist Bar on The RimWorld Base
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Killface  [author] Jun 21 @ 10:23am 
@LordofEbola: I'm currently not actively developing, but the code is open source and any pull request with new features and/or fixes is welcome. I'll add it to the issues at Github.
LordofEbola Jun 6 @ 9:27pm 
so i had an idea for your mod and was wondering if you would be willing to implement a feature that gives you the option to hide colonists in cryptosleep from the colonist bar? it would make life 10x easier in rimworld and i figured what better mod to implement this than colonist bar? :D
Stollie Jun 2 @ 10:35am 
OK so it wasnt a mod conflict it only happens when you have an active caravan.

If its be design could you pretty please add some opacity/disable options and/or make it more like the Vanilla display around how it handles caravans vs active colonists?
Stollie Jun 1 @ 10:24pm 
OK tried a new game with just this mod and no bar, must be a conflict somewhere, if I figure it out, I'll post here.
Stollie Jun 1 @ 10:13pm 
I noticed this was also commented on by another user 2 pages back and in the screenshots it doesnt show up either, it has a white transparency around the colonists at home and a green one around the caravan colonists.

Selecting Colonist Bar Offsets seems to shrink it a little but there is no other way to modify it, I'm guessing its not supposed to be there?
Stollie Jun 1 @ 10:10pm 
Is there anyway to get rid of the transparent background or affect its opacity on the colonist bar? I looked through the options but couldnt find anything..
tiagocc0 Jun 1 @ 5:55am 
Hm, I did try compiling it but it seems to not fix the issue.. I only see the error when loading a map in dev mode.
tiagocc0 Jun 1 @ 5:14am 
Hi Killface, I did a pull request on your repository, it seems there was one file that used UsePsi instead of UsePSI which caused a problem when loading a map.
Pandur May 24 @ 2:26am 
Can't order them how I acutally want them ordered, and ads a bunch of UI elements that I can't turn off