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LillyPak for Starbound
Optional mods ae located here.
LillyPak is a mod pack for Starbound, which was made and maintained by thakyZ. We host a server that contains this mod pack. If you would like to join the server it is hosted at the IP address of:

Server Info
Anyone is welcome to join if you would like to know more, join the Starbound Discord server at
Our Discord server is at

Info about changes
Latest Large Change/Mods Removed: Sunday, March 19, 2018
Whenever there is a large change in the mod files or there were mods removed you may want to check that you are only subscribed to all of these mods and nothing else, yet again. Large changes include mods that updated and wiped player files, or a mod that would add/remove something with player files or universe files was added/removed (i.e. slot counts, hotbar pages, new world types).
Items (97)
Alchemical Reactions
Created by Mioure
Allow yourself to create and experience Alchemy like never imagined.

Find new ways to use old Vanilla items to make you stronger!
Starting with the Scientist's Plea, This mod includes a quest chain to help players get started with every crafting table ava...
Any Capture Reloaded
Created by JCUnown
If you have a question about whether something in vanilla is capturable/functions when captured, I ask that you please check the Known Capture Issues t
Augment Slots for Armor Redux
Created by hebiohime
I'm not sure what to add but if anyone wants something specifically just link

this mod is standalone, and covers all the slots that all of eimbers slots mods did

More than one of a kind of augment does not stack (example: 4 Healing III augments).
Avali (Triage) Race Mod
Created by Fevix
Avali race mod for Starbound 1.3
The cutest predators this side of the universe rift

Join us on Discord!

If you have issues, please go to and post a new issue describin
Avali Additions
Created by Erazil
little mod add Avali door and Avali Hatch
( maybe more in future )

I want to thank Neo which really helped and endure all my stupid questions (and there was a lot!!) and he made all the animation part (.animation and .frame files).
big thank you to ...
Avali Augments And Assorments: Revisited
Created by Blue

Avali Modular Mech
Created by Wolf
The MM4-A "Wasp," a mech for the space-faring Avali!

If you use Frackin' Universe or XS Mechs: Modular Edition, read this discussion!

Avali Modular Mech FU Patch
Created by Wolf
Frackin' Universe Patch for the Avali Modular Mech

Please read this discussion if you are unsure of what this patch does or want to know what's differen...
Avali Perennial Crops
Created by thakyZ
Compatibility Patch for Avali (Triage) Race Mod!!!

== Original Description ==
Perennial Crops

Plant once and avoid the annoying chore of replanting your crops!

Visit the official forum:
Avali Plated Energy Rail Hatch
Created by Xebov
This mod adds a rail version of the hatches added by Avali Additions for each rail type from the Avali Triage Mod. The visuals for Rails are from the Avali Triage Mod, The doors from Avali Additions. I just combined them into these new doors. They work the...
Avali Plushies
Created by Mirosana
An assortment of plushies based on players characters from the Starbound Avali mod by: RyuujinZero...
Avali Rocket Launcher + Misc Stuff
Created by Ulithium_Dragon
*This is a reupload to the Steam Workshop - the original source of my mod can be found here:

[NOTE]: This mod *requires* the up-to-date version Avali Race mod (the game wil...
Avali SpecOp Armor
Adds simple variants of the Avali helmets, a cosmetic wing backpack based off the Floran mission set, and combat armor sleeves to Starbound. All items are recolorable with the ingame dyes. Wings worn in all pics and full combat armor as well.

All gear sho...
Avali SpecOps Additions
Created by Ten-X Legacy
Some new food items, dark Avali guns, and aerogel kunai.
Originally an expansion of the Avali SpecOps Armour mod, but the creator didn't like them to be anything other than cosmetic, so I scrapped that and decided to release the stuff I made myself.

Avali mannequin
Created by Sepherix
Add a new mannequin in the clothing station for the fluffy space raptors.

It require the same materials as the normal one....
Better Crafted Blocks
Created by Miss Andri
Are you frustrated by not being able to build copper walls/blocks that aren't gearblocks? Do you hate how hard it is to match blocks like windows and platforms to your chosen aesthetic? If so, then Better Crafted Blocks is the mod for you!

bk3k's Inventory
Created by bk3000

This is bk3k's Inventory. Not only does this mod go further than any other(as far as I'm aware) where far as raw space is concerned per tab, but I add several tabs too, and most...
Brawler's Coat and Arms
Created by ShadeyBard
A coat for all your brawling needs, for those that always wanted to use fist weapons as their main form of combat but 1 didnt feel the vanilla fists were strong enough and 2 none of the armor sets matched the playstyle look.

Feel free to point out any e...
CN More Farming - Frackin' Universe
Created by Colonol Nutty
An addon for More Farming that adds crops to Frackin' Universe Biomes as well as support for a bunch of other things. THIS REQUIRES 'CN MORE FARMING: REVITALIZATION'

If you are subscribing to this version of the mod (Steam) then I'd recommend you also sub...
CN More Farming: Revitalization
Created by Colonol Nutty
More farmables, more ingredients, more foods, more furnitures, new biomes, and a new way of cooking!

Installing this mod is a one-way trip, there are no uninstall instructions other than to start a new game. You have been warned!

Collectable Figurines
Created by projectmayhem1983
This mod adds custom collections to keep track of all your figures. If you have Frackin Universe, it comes with a CC UI. If you do not have Frackin Universe, browse the steam workshop for a custom collections UI.

2000 SUBSCRIBERS!!!!! New f
Craftable Seeds
Created by Neo
This mod makes it possible to create all seeds and some saplings directly from the crops and fruits. Just open the new Seed Maker, which can be crafted in the Inventors Table, and create your own seeds and saplings.

With this mod you are able to cre
Custom Space Station Rooms - Freely Buildable Expansion Areas
Created by themrpiggy22
Allows you to expand your space stations with freely buildable areas.

14 new space station modules:
- Build Area [1x1] (Same size as core)
- Large Build Area [3x3] (Same size as large core)
- Horizontal Build Corridor [1x1]
- Long Horizo...
Customizable Shuttlecraft
Created by Boze Hendrik
Build and modify your own custom shuttlecraft. Choose a frame type, customize your paintjob and decals and install special modules. Then weaponize your shuttlecraft with your guns, rocket launchers or other weapons. All shuttlecraft can be operated by a pi...
Dark Souls Armor & Weapons
Created by Magnus
This is an updated version of the mod made by TShinzon, he has all the credits of the original assets from this mod.

This was one of my favorite mods and has been outdated from 2 years now so i made a working version for myself and i want to share it with...
Darkest Dungeon Armor
Created by Der Kommissar
About Mod

Some armor from Darkest Dungeon.


All items can be obtained at the Spinning Wheel

Item Names

To obtain items instantly just type at the chat

/spawnitem itemname

Deleted and missing spacestation rooms
Created by Lord-Xanthor
(If you like this mod, please give us a thumbs up-Ill add more content =)

Deleted and missing spacestation rooms was origionally part of Planet inspection station by Edwiesel.
It has been repaired ,changed, and new art added. This mod adds new and missing...
Disable Tile Protection on Space Stations
Created by themrpiggy22
Allows you to disable all tile protection on player space stations from the Space Station Console....
Disabled drop for Survival Mode
Created by Tatsu
Disable item drop when dying in survival mode. Pixel lost is still there.

Not compatible with other difficulty mods....
ERM - Elithian Ship Backgrounds
Created by Aegonian [THEA]
This mod adds backgrounds to all ships in the Elithian Races mod, allowing for easier construction inside the ships.

The new backgrounds will only appear when creating a new character, or when upgrading your ship with a new ship license. This mod will n...
Elithian Craftable Seeds
Created by Erazil
Craftable Seeds for Elithian Races.
add recipes seeds for the Seed Maker:
- Bolbohn
- Dunestalk
- Kadavan Cactus
- Kadavan Spices

- Craftable Seeds
- [url...
Elithian Perennial Crops
Created by Erazil
Perennial Crops for Elithian Races.
Applies the same rules as Perennial Crops to seeds :
- Bolbohn
- Dunestalk
- Kadavan Cactus
(Kadavan Spices is allready perennial)

- [url=
Elithian Races Mod
Created by Aegonian [THEA]
DISCLAIMER: Back up your save files before installing. Characters and other save data, including ships and worlds, may be lost if the mod is uninstalled, so always keep a back-up!

NOTICE: This mod requires a [url=
Enhanced Rails
NEW THIS VERSION: Personal Rail Tram! A new more compact version of the Adjustable Tram that is perfect for navigating narrower spaces.

-2 New Rail types: Slick Rails which have far less friction than normal rails and suppor...
Enhanced Storage
Created by Neo
Enhanced Storage is a quality of life mod which improves the whole storage system of Starbound.
On the one hand it adds a lot of new features to the usablity of containers, and on the other it adds many new content concerning storage and containers.

Created by Star-X
This mod makes Frogg Furniture sell its entire stock of furniture at all times. Basically it does away with the "featured furniture" mechanic by adding all of the featured items to the normal furniture list. Includes Portable Outpost support!

Now upda...
Fallout 3 Radios
Created by Forcedminer
added Browse with tags
happy starbound finally added them

added Browse with tags
happy starbound finally added them

You know what this game needs.....even more craftable Radio stations to livin' up the atmosphere even more!
Fallout New Vegas Radios
Created by Forcedminer
-added black mountain radio
"Welcome, Utobitha, to another episode of Know - Your - Mutants! Today, we're proud to have Best Friend Tabitha with us! Welcome to the show!"

added Browse with tags
happy starbound finally added them

Familiars Race
Created by Bitcoon
The Familiars mod lets you play as my own little creations - a race of fuzzy glow dudes made physical by magical forces beyond their understanding.
The sprites for this mod were made from scratch, so this race is decidedly shorter in stature and somewhat ...
Created by Kawa
The most-liked (and near-canon) space cat species.

Use a character creation extender such as Xbawks to be able to select this species.

* Custom ship
* Custom SAIL
* Custom villages (yes, plural)
* Custom sounds
* Custom outfits
* Cust...
Felin Costumes+
Created by Kawa
Do you sometimes feel like Starbound needs that certain you-know-what? Do you feel that Colonel Mustang may have been on to something? Say no more, say no more, nudge-nudge wink-wink. This mod, believe it or not, lets any character with a regular body shap...
Flare Gun
Created by Argle Bargle
Adds a gun that shoots flares. Useful if you like flares more than flashlights and lantern-backpacks, but don't want to keep a stack of 999 flares on hand.

It can be crafted in the Foraging Table, on the same tab as flares.

Food Stack
Created by v6
This is a client- & server-side mod.
If it is not installed on server then your stack can & will reduce to 1 when transferred to the server.

Food Stack changes so food can stack up to 1000.

To stack food that have different rotting time you will nee...
Frackin' Action Bars
Created by Sayter
Increases maximum UI action bars from 2 to 4.

IMPORTANT: Adding this in WILL remove all existing characters from the character list (and potentially crash). There is absolutely *nothing* that can be done about this, due to how the feature works. [/...
Frackin' Races
Created by Sayter
This mod does not add races to Starbound.

***Disclaimer: Any character, while FR is installed, will have the effects for their race applied without prompting you. This cannot be avoided. If you have a character and this mod, they get the...
Frackin' Universe
Created by Sayter
You will require a Character Extender mod like Xbawx in order to use FU, as it now contains 3 new races.

Disclaimer: Installing FU is a one-way trip. FU will affect your ga
FrackinUniverse Ground Seeders
Created by novastarx13
Adds FrackinUniverse Matter Synthesisers that spread umbral grass, glowing sand, prismatic crystals, etc. onto tiles. (Requires Ground Seeders and FrackinUniverse)...
[OFFICIAL] FU BYOS Modded Race Patch
Created by Hubnester
A patch to make it so modded races can use the Frackin Universe build your own ship.
Currently supported races:
Chucklefish Forum Version:
Ghost Hatch/Door Remover
Created by Weaver


The Ghost Hatch Remover item in this mod (available in the C menu for one pixel) will set the material above it to 'none'. This will remove barr...
Greckan Race Mod
Created by Inf_Wolf14

Adding a new diplomatic denizen to your universe for you to play as! Build, explore, experience what it is to be Greckan!

Visit this mod's primary page at the
Ground Seeders
Created by novastarx13
Adds Matter Synthesisers that spread grass, sand, crystals, etc. onto tiles, and adds the crafting devices to make them.

(Also available on the Chucklefish Mod Website with a bonus modder's tool)

Note: Some material colors will vary from planet t...
Handheld Teleporter
Created by v6
Adds a reusable one-way handheld teleporter that lets you teleport to your ship and the same places you would from your ship.
You will need a full energy bar to charge the device.

Can be bought at the 2-Stop Teleshop for 1 Teleporter Core, 1 Battery, 5...
Handheld torches
Created by 😺

- Adds a torch that can be held in one hand, and can be placed at a smaller range than the matter manipulator (~10 blocks)
- Changes the bare-hands torch recipe into a handheld torch, and adds two recipes to ch...
Invisible Pet Tether
This mod adds an invisible pet tether that can still highlighted by mousing over or holding alt. It also has a wiring input node so you can find it using the wiring tool if you forget where it was placed. Recipe is exactly the same as the normal pet teth...
Lamia Race
Created by Antyrus
--------------------Mod version 0.9.1-------------------

original mod location here:
Adds a race of snake people know as Lam...
Created by thakyZ
The name of this mod is based off of Thaky's kitty, Lilly.

This mod contains armor, weapons and objects. The armor is an endtiered armor set and is titled, Zorabian Armor, this armor is not based off of anything, but is Thaky's own creation. The armor has...
Make the Felins a cuter race
Created by Terkup
Makes the Felins fit in better with Make the Universe a Cuter Place. Simple edit of the eyes, they don't change colour or anything as I simply can't be bothered. It's simply to make them stick out less in the universe of cuteness. Now with more lore-accura...
Make the Lamia a cuter race
Created by Heemi
A Simple Mod that makes the Lamia Race Mod adhere to the style of "Make the universe a cuter place"/Cutebound by HDoomGuy and Barb-tan

Warning: Requires the Lamia Race Mod. This should be fairly obvious but I'm not taking any risks.

Update!! 2.0 - Now ma...
Make the universe a cuter place
Created by Barb-tan
Welcome to Cutebound, a mod aimed at giving the game a cute/anime feeling (somehow) and monster girls \o/

Nealy everything i could rework have been reworked
-races faces and bodies
-probably things i forgot

All h...
Mech Deployer for Portable Tech and Teleporter Console
Created by pjaj
A tweak for the Portable Tech + Teleporter Console addon that should allow you to deploy a mech pretty much anywhere. (Mech on your ship? YES! Mech on missions? Definitely!

When on a ship, there's two options for it: deploy mech onboard ship, or on the ...
Mech Deployment Beacons
Created by Tricycle Raptor

--- V2.2 PATCH RELEASE ---


- Fixed a bug that defaulted the Landing M.D.B. Dish image layers to fullbright.
- Adjusted a small netcode script for better multiplayer ...
More Planet Info
Created by Erisss
This mod is SERVER SIDE since modifies lua files.

More info about planets, moons, and some other system bodies.
Information of presence of large objects (like stations) in the system without specifying the type of this objects.
And even information...
Neko Alternate
Created by cat2002
Starbound 1.3.3
Cat girls in the ocean of stars...
Adds a neko race.
No Underwear Version.

Special thanks to:
Ningen Race Mod ver 1.8 [Fixed for 1.3]
Created by NXYF
Mech Deployment Fixed
All credit goes to ODABUTSU

ATTENSION:This mod is alpha build. AI, ship, armor, etc, many planned features are currently missing. If you still find any problem, please posting your error log via bug reports thread.

Nostalgic Greenery (FU-dependent Version)
Created by Charlatan
==> ONLY use one version - this one requires Frackin' Universe <==

[ !!! ] Link to the Vanilla version:
NyaaTech - Keypads
Created by RabidWerevegan
Programable Keypads, craftable in the wire station

A set of programmable keypads. Starbound 1.3 compatible.

Four types of keypad:
* TogglePad v1
* TogglePad v2
* ButtonPad v1
* ButtonPad v2

V1 pads have only one wire out node, they are pro...
Outpost Shuttlecraft
Created by GonDragon
Addon for Customizable Shuttlecraft. Adds a Shuttlecraft Maintaince Bay to the Outpost. It will appear after you finished the lunar base quest....
Perennial Crops
Created by Toyi
--Perennial Crops--
Plant once and avoid the annoying chore of replanting your crops!

What does it do?
This little mod makes that every base crop of the game (wild and planted) behave like tomato, grape, banana and coffee plants; so once you harves...
Perennial Crops FU Compatibility Patch Edition
Created by Toyi
--Perennial Crops Compatibility Patch for Frackin' Universe--

Plant once and avoid the annoying chore of replanting your FU crops too!

This is a special compatibility edition requires Frackin' Universe by sayter AND Perennial Crops by me.

Phase Shift Module for 1.3
Created by skinny
Модуль фазового сдвига позволяет вам переходить в состояние неосязаемости. Пролетайте сквозь стены, полы и врагов в бою, или для экологически чистой разведки пещер и высотного строительства.

Это предотвращает регенерацию энергии и истощает энергию, если...
Portable Tech + Teleporter Console
Created by Darkblader24
Equip your techs on the fly and teleport from anywhere!

This mod allows you to open the equip tech console as well as your ships teleport station from anywhere you are. Works in multiplayer (see warnings below).

How to use:
Remote Interfaces
Created by Mejugs
Adds the "interact" local message to the player so other contexts can open interfaces.

NOTE: This mod adds functionality for other mods to use. This mod does *not* add any playable content.

Github Repository:
Skippable Cinematics
Created by v6
This is a client-side mod.

Skip any cinematic with ESC-key.

It does not reduce any loading times that are covered up by cinematics.

For a non-Steam version, visit
Slime Race Mod
Created by Hieru
-Fixed tenants not despawning
-Removed some unused assets

-Fixed shoat eggs

-Fixed tendrils that were broken with SB1.3
-Added some compatibilities

Space Station 13 Paraphernalia
Created by Dr. Rump PhD
JUNE 9th - Now compatible with 1.3!
A soggy pile of Space Station 13 objects for your pleasure
Glorious vending machines and posters from Space Station 13, now in Starbound!
This mod is also available on Github:
Created by zetaPRIME
[StardustLib required!]
Transmatter networks! Technological advancements like you'd expect in a universe like Starbound's!

This mod is an early WIP; things will be rough around the edges, so bear with us!

Quick primer on Transmatter Networks:
- Cra...
Starboy Handheld Games
:ATTENTION: All Starboy crafting has been moved to it's own crafting table: Starboy Crafting Station. This table can be crafted from any Inventor's Table

Ruination Game and Arcade! Protect your planet from a...
Created by zetaPRIME
Libraries for various interop, etc.

You probably don't care about this unless you're a modder or use a mod that uses this.

If you're a modder, follow development here:
Sticky Notes
Created by Kais
Allows you to write tiny sticky notes that you can stick to walls and read with the inspect tool. Great for compactly labeling switches and storages, reminding yourself about tasks you were putting off, or annoying your crew with your underdeveloped organi...
Tales of Fallout
Created by odkupiciel375
This mod adds multiple items and creatures from Fallout universe.
Created by odkupiciel375 and Toby109tt

This mod is compatible with Frackin Universe

MLG20209 is currently working on a Russian translation for this mod here's link to his profile (for...
Terraformer Megapack
Every biome now has a Terraformer. You need the basic Terraformer to craft any mini-biome Terraformer.

Since demand and support for my first mod was so huge, and everyone was so enthusiastic about being able to get more biomes into their Terraformers, I...
The Kazdra Reloaded
Created by Andr3w246
This is a revival of the old Kazdra (dragon) race mod.

If your having issues with the steam version, try the manual way:
0.1.3: (Coming soon)
You can submit bug reports here:
The Orcana
Created by Nemasys
A benevolent race of anthropomorphic porpoise-like beings. Theirs is a culture that has risen from conflict to embrace enlightenment through knowledge and philosophy.

The cultural theme for these guys is advanced Atlantean. Think mostly Greco-Roman wit...
Themed Colony Deeds
Created by themrpiggy22
Colony deeds that fit in with your colony!

Building a colony, but don't want that hi-tech colony deed standing out like a sore thumb in the corner of your medieval Glitch village? Well you're in luck!

This mod adds a variety of different col...
Themed Pet Tethers
Created by Kais
Sick of the plain-looking grey-and-yellow Pet Tether? Wish your little friend's home was as stylin' as the rest of your pad? Have I got the solution for you!

This mod adds 14 new Pet Tethers - seven to match the Teleporter models, and seven styled as fi...
Universal Uncrafter
Created by Peasly Wellbott
The Universal Uncrafter device will take any item with a recipe - even from mods! - and reduce it to its material components.

Material block types with no recipes can be converted into Grey Goo. Weak, easily gathered materials like dirt and gravel will co...
Valisocks! (Socks for the Avali)
Created by Javenchi
Do your feet get cold? Do you wish you had something stylish to cover your legs? Are you an ammonia-based 3-foot tall raptor-like creature from space? Then this mod is for you.

There are four kinds of socks; thigh highs, knee highs, and striped versions o...
WEdit - World Edit Tech
Created by Silverfeelin
This mod allows you to edit the world around you on a larger scale.

Some features might behave differently from what you expect if you're new to this mod. I highly recommend checking out the overview and wiki, and creating backups of your...
Created by Akor
Now you can write your very own books in Starbound, for all your note-taking needs!
Visit your nearest InfinityExpress for a guide on how to get started.

This mod adds a simple crafting station at which you will be able to write your own books from wit...
XS Mechs : Modular Edition (BETA)
Created by BigAssHunter
XS Mechs : Modular Edition (BETA)
Old name is : Mech New Body

Thank you Tshinzon! Your XS Mech graphic is AWESOME!


[ What is this ]

- Is that LEGS!? Yes. That is legs for your nice mech!
- I stretch...
XS Mechs : Modular Weapons+ Pack
Created by lophatkao
XS weapons and more parts for XS Mechs : Modular Edition

14 weapon Arms + 4 more Legs for your modular mech!
All parts available by finding bluebrints.

They're not perfect yet, but they work well enough to sla...
Xbawks Character Extender
Created by Kawa
Adds 36 easily-extended species buttons.

Q. How do I add species?
A. Find and install them. This comes with none.
Q. How do I make species?
A. This is not the place to tell you.
Q. When I run it, it looks like crap. How ...
Craftable Seeds [Frackin Universe Addon]
Created by Neo
This mod is an addon for the main mod Craftable Seeds.
That means the main mod is definitely required!

It expands the crafting interface by 2 new tabs, exclusive fo
RPG Growth
Welcome to a brand new way to play Starbound!

This mod adds the ability to raise stats to make your character stronger. Simply go out there and fight monsters, and once some xp drops, you'll learn how to craft the Mysterious Book, which enables y...
Idle Factories - V1.3
Created by DraLUSAD
Ownership of the mod was retuned to me by thakyZ and work will resume.

Idle Factories (aka Idle Miners) Makes a sudden return, each machine produces vanilla ores even when you're away, so you don't have to wait around till it completes, comes with its own...
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