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Jul 22, 2016 @ 1:42pm
Jun 15, 2018 @ 7:30am
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The name of this mod is based on Thaky's kitty, Lilly.

This mod contains armor, weapons, and objects. The armor is an entire armor set and is titled, Zorabian Armor, this armor is not based on anything, but is Thaky's own creation. The armor has been balanced and with other mods, such as Frackin' Universe, it does change to not being an end tier armor set. There is an admin version of the armor set and is only able to be spawned in via admin mode (more details in the item list for this mod).

The Weapons in this mod is first the Void Excalibur, which is a top-tier sword that has a unique texture and not so unique secondary ability; the secondary ability is planned on changing in the future. The second weapon is the Zorabian Assault rifle, it is a high powered rifle, and it too has a secondary ability already in the game and is going to be changed in the future.

Other miscellaneous items are the Zorcan Crystal, which is an element created by the infusion of all tier 5 ores and solarium. This item is used only for creating Zorabian products like the Void Excalibur or Zorabian Armor.

A new pet texture to the cat provides Thaky's kitty, Lilly to be able to be a pet. If you want to have Lilly specifically you must download the Purchasable Pets mod. With the Purchasable Pets mod being an optional mod, DO NOT use the Lilly's Pet House if you are going to not get the Purchasable Pets mod.

Some other objects that have been added, is a painting of Lilly, an emblem of Lilly's paw (not actually Lilly's paw), and some other hidden objects that have yet to be implemented.

Item List

Fully compatible with Frackin' Universe

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thakyZ  [author] Sep 20, 2018 @ 5:59am 
Oh and sorry for the late reply. And it's more the cat hoodie that I will make, and if I can I'l make a patch to the playable cats mod where it will have lilly texture in it.
thakyZ  [author] Sep 20, 2018 @ 5:58am 
I can make a cat hoodie
And I will try to work on it as soon as I can get time to fix my dedicated server, I don't think it's been fixed from the mods I changed so I will need some time to fully test. But for sure I will pin that on my todo list ^^
Herp_Derpolis Aug 17, 2018 @ 6:42am 
Hey- Can you make a lily RACE mod? Either that or a cat hoodie... Well, i really like this mod!
thakyZ  [author] May 28, 2018 @ 7:28am 
The item list I had never gotten to, because busy with work and life. So I will get to it right now and post it into the description
^Dragony^ Feb 10, 2018 @ 11:48am 
what item list?
Unending Hornets Feb 9, 2018 @ 1:30pm 
I guess that makes sense, actually. The invisible armour, I mean
thakyZ  [author] Feb 9, 2018 @ 1:23pm 
Yea, and since I remade the Human armor I wanted to make actual textures for the kineptic version of my tier 7 armor, sadly I couldn't find an updated version. Although normally with the kineptic mod the armor is like the Avali where it has no texture.
Unending Hornets Feb 9, 2018 @ 1:21pm 
They sound interesting enough to play as
thakyZ  [author] Feb 9, 2018 @ 1:18pm 
Yea I do too, because I loved playing as them.
Unending Hornets Feb 9, 2018 @ 1:17pm 
I hope so