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Matter Manipulator Manipulator
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Jul 22, 2016 @ 10:07am
Aug 29, 2017 @ 9:00am
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Matter Manipulator Manipulator

I have uploaded a early version of MMM 2.X that requires Quickbar from either Quickbar Mini or StardustLib.

This version allows you to
- Change size & alt size (holding down shift)
- Toggle block & liquid collection.
- Change color of paint tool by clicking colors

Turning block collection off lets you collect liquid without breaking blocks, harvest plants and break some grass.

Pressing the RESET button will recalculate the power & size for your MM. This is required whenever you upgrade in Frackin' Universe to get the correct stats.

Also includes a replacement for the Busy icon that pops up above your head when having a GUI open.

Any features missing with be added shortly!

This is a client-side mod.

Allows you to set your size (block radius) and toggle liquid collection on and off.

Beam focus: For every point you decrease the size, you will gain a bonus destruction rate equal to an Power Generator upgrade (1.2 tile damage)

Allows you to change the size of the paint tool based on how many times you've upgraded the Matter proc unit.

For a non-Steam version, visit
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Revalopod Aug 3 @ 6:15am 
it means you can have it installed and still be able to join others who don't have the mod, and vice versa
IreneGR Aug 3 @ 5:32am 
What does "This is a client-side mod." mean? First time playing
Revalopod Jul 30 @ 8:47pm 
This is a client-side mod.
EinMeister Jul 29 @ 3:58am 
Is it clientside and vanilla friendly? Will my friend be able to play with me without it?
Aelfrey Jul 25 @ 4:55pm 
It seems that this mod isn't working for me right now! Please fix! This has been an essential mod in my previous playthroughs of Starbound, and I really need it back!
Baytlal Jul 1 @ 8:45am 
Please :highlvl:update:highlvl: the mod for Starbound 1.4. :SBpenguin: Or at least check for errors in the code.
SnakeWildlife May 12 @ 12:55pm 
Seems to be not working at all for our entire group
Scottbert Mar 18 @ 1:10am 
Love this mod, don't understand why it was changed.
Neverward Jan 12 @ 12:37am 
I kind of agree with Furstorm, I love this mod but don't get the change.
Furstorm Sep 15, 2018 @ 2:25am 
I was a great mod util it was nolonger intergrated into the mm stock interface & given a crapy UI.
I'm sorry I just don't understand why such a poor change was implemented.
also I think that missleading image on the sub page needs to go