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Redwood Feeding Trough
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Jul 22, 2016 @ 4:15am
May 6 @ 12:52pm
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Redwood Feeding Trough

The Redwood Feeding Trough has a 300 slot inventory and preservers to prevent food from spoiling. Useful for keeping your dino's fed when you're unable to login for extended periods of time.

This is a clean mod with no changes to core game files.
This is an additional structure with its own engram.

Structure Details:

- Engram level requirement: Level 18
- Engram cost: 12
- Structure durability: 3000
- Storage capacity: 300
- Preserving elements prevent food from spoiling. (does not require fuel)
- Can be locked and PIN locked.
- Can be picked up.
- Craftable from player inventory.

Crafting requirements:

400 Wood
350 Thatch
350 Fiber
50 Metal Ingots
250 Sparkpowder

Spawn code:

giveitem "Blueprint'/Game/Mods/FreeRangeTroughs/FRTroughs/PrimalItemStructure_FeedingTrough_FRTrough.PrimalItemStructure_FeedingTrough_FRTrough'" 1 0 0

Mod ID: 729261989
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Servers Using This Mod
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Japtic Oct 30 @ 8:34pm 
derp ignore what i said, i forgot i accidently removed this mod from my list i never learned it which made me not able to craft xD (i meant crafting not engram below.)
Japtic Oct 30 @ 8:32pm 
hmm not sure what i did wrong this time but feedtrough was showing on my engram but now it doesnt. might be conflicting with something or maybe because its at the buttom of list o-o but great mod!
Miss Gaudete Oct 7 @ 12:26am 
Hey, since 271,2 the Feeding Trough won't show up anymore. It's proberly installed on the server and all other mods are working.
Kineko Jul 31 @ 7:39pm 
I was wondering if you might consider adding "Sweet Vegetable Cake" to possible items that can be stored in the trough?
davie the scot Jul 28 @ 4:38am 
great mod..would like to be able to configure the feeding range,is this going to be added?
SultonMRP Jul 19 @ 1:29pm 
is there a ini setting for changing range?
Kollyn Jul 19 @ 10:53am 
is there a way to increase range?
Kineko Jul 6 @ 7:49pm 
Suggestion: Would it be possible to be able to rename the troughs? I think it might be nice for those of us using more than one at a base to know which one is running low on food.
Wolfie Bloodstrider™ Jun 11 @ 7:15am 
Hi, Ive subbed to this mod and added it to my server the same way I add alll mods- yet this, and the hair mod I added with it dont seem to be loading at all- The server only loads 3/3 mods when now it should have 5/5 mods, One being the "Unlock hairs and emotes" and the other, most important one being the Redwood feeding trough- any idea why the mod isnt loading on my server?
garyp156 Jun 8 @ 6:49am 
Any chance on making this renameable so I could push to it from the Vacuum Sorter?