The Eyes of Ara

The Eyes of Ara

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The Eyes of Ara Minimal Spoilers Puzzle and Achievement Guide
By lake.kubilius
The Eyes of Ara is a surprisingly challenging puzzle game, particularly if you're trying to collect all the various pickups. This guide is designed to provide increasingly pointed hints to either gently or forcefully get you past tricky puzzles, depending on your preferences. It also provides the location of all the game's pickups, and serves as a Steam achievement guide.
Intro (Boat through Generator)
--I strongly recommend turning on the "Hotspot Helper Cursor" in the game settings.

Puzzles walkthrough:
--Take the key from the briefcase in the boat.
--Use the key on the gate lock.
--Gentle hint: You can interact with items in close-ups by dragging things with the cursor. The cursor does not indicate this in any way. You just have to try it and see if anything happens.
--Strong hint: Rotate the post in front of the door to reveal an item.
--Strong hint: Rotate the panel to the right of the door to reveal an item.
--Solution: Combine the items. Use the combined items on the depression in the sign near the door.
--Read the book on the workshop table. Note the sketch.
--Strong hint: Enter the pattern from the sketch onto the panel on the generator, next to the forward door, and in the panel next to the table.
--Pull the lever in the unlocked area.
--Collect the puzzle item from the unlocked box.
--Solve generator puzzle. Solution:

First Area (Above the Generator)
--Take handle from table.
--Use handle on pedestal.
--Rotate handle ninety degrees.
--Head upstairs. Take disc on balcony.
--Use disc on table in main foyer. The left peg opens the office.
--In office, open box by pulling latch to the right. Take map piece.
--Use map piece on floor. Solve puzzle. Hint: The easiest way is to line up the longitudinal markings below India.
--Click revealed book.
--Take disc.
--On office desk, take knife.
--In hallway, click painting for cutscene.
--Use disc on table in main foyer. The right peg opens the storeroom.
--In storeroom, examine mysterious yellow glow. Take yellow orb.
--Open closet. Take handle.
--Push button on wall, above planks.
--Note half scrap of paper near wrench.
--Press button on shelves, above rolled rug.
--Take disc.
--Use disc on final peg.
--In locked room, press button on wall to activate lasers outside.
--Note puzzle box notes on bookshelf behind spider web.
--Solve puzzle box using notes. Solution:
--Take lever arm.
--Combine lever handle and lever arm. Get lever.
--Examine clock face in main hallway.
--Recall the journal in the office.
--Solution: Rotate the knife handle until the blades will fit in the clock face. Insert knife.
--Solve puzzle. Gentle hint: Note that you can still turn the knife. When you do, the hands are at 3:00 Moderate hint: Shut off all the lights except those at 12 and 3, then turn the handle. Solution: From the starting position, click 3, 9, 1, 2. Turn handle.
--Retake knife.
--Take lever.
--Use and pull the two levers on the locked door under the staircase. Proceed inside.
--Note second half of scrap of paper to the right of the rear door.
--Proceed through the dining room into the kitchen. Note the locked chest on the floor along the way. Note book about tiles in the hallway.
--Collect six green gems in this room. Under the table, in the chandelier, on the floor behind the barrel, in the sink, in a box on a shelf to the right of the fridge, in a bowl next to the trash.
--Use gems on stone carving on the wall.
--Take clock face.
--Examine area beneath staircase.
--Read poster.
--Return to chest next to kitchen. Solution: 2024
--Take yellow orb.
--Proceed to the opposite end of this hallway -- a dark room with a single window.
--Use clock face on wall.
--Rotate knife to match new position.
--Use knife on wall. Rotate knife.
--Climb to top of revealed stairs.
--Examine central object. Solution: Click and drag to rotate the base.
--Take yellow orb.
--Proceed to green door halfway down stairs.
--Take shield.
--Examine table at end of room. Gentle hint: The solution was provided in two parts. Solution: Up, right, left, down, down, right.
--Take three frames.
--Return to base of tower.
--Set first frame. Gentle hint: The Examine the frames in your inventory. Moderate hint: Can you match a nearby theme? Solution: Sword.
--Return to room before dining area. Set second frame. Moderate hint: Can you match a nearby theme? Solution: Flag.
--Return to hallway outside of kitchen. Set third frame. Moderate hint: Can you match a nearby theme? Solution: Windmill.
--With all three frames set, chase the wires leading from each to a box in the dining room. Open unlocked box.
--Take four sliders.
--Use four sliders to unlock various puzzles in dining room.
--Unlock lone disk. Rotate disc until drawer opens.
--Take first painting fragment.
--Unlock table.
--Unlock painting of a woman.
--Take second painting fragment.
--Unlock disc with projector.
--Solve projector puzzle. Gentle hint: Remember the book under the staircase?
--Take third painting fragment.
--Solve table puzzle. Gentle hint: Make it so that all the colors on all wheels line up, as shown on the table, by rotating dials seen around the room. Then, press the "Engage" button. Solution:
--Take final painting fragment.
--Assemble painting in the frame nearby, from large to small.
--Take door lock triangle.
--Return to the front foyer and go upstairs. Solve knights puzzle. Gentle hint: Return the second shield. Moderate hint: The shield can be manipulated in your inventory. Solution: The shield must be a mirror image of the first shield before it can be placed.
--Use all three yellow orbs on revealed constellation.
--Take blue orb.
--Solve laser puzzle. Gentle hint: One laser per target. Moderate hint: The central object is not a target. Solution:

--Take second blue orb.
--Use door lock triangle on locked door.
--Enter second area.
Second Area (Up through the Bedrooms)
--Take object off stand near gate.
--Examine "Why doesn't it work?" note on bookshelf.
--Open closet. Take object.
--Combine two objects.
--Rotate and use combination to unlock gate.
--Ascend to next room.
--Open closet. Examine carving.
--Examine posters on center table.
--Unlock cage on column. Solution: 2392
--Set dials on columns to match the carving.
--Proceed to next area.
--Enter bathroom.
--Examine painting.
--Open cabinet under sink.
--Open puzzle box. Solution:
--Take rocket.
--Proceed down hallway towards bedrooms. Take key off box on far table.
--Enter children's bedroom.
--Examine sliders on wall.
--Use key on chest. Take rocket.
--Open closet. Examine drawing.
--Open box on table.
--Use both rockets on box.
--Solve revealed painting puzzle. Gentle hint: The silver dress should be on the left, not the right.
--Take handle.
--Examine puzzle box in rear of room.
--Solve puzzle box. Solution: Satellite to stars slot. Moon to satellite slot. Star to moon slot. Remove satellite. Remove moon. Moon to stars slot. Satellite to satellite slot. Reclaim star. Reclaim moon. Moon to moon slot. Star to stars slot.
--Push button.
--Examine glowing space-themed painting.
--Enter studio/bedroom.
--Open both puzzle boxes. Solve both painting rotation puzzles. Take a star and a cross. Use the star and the cross to unlock the box across from where you found them.
--Mentally solve combinations. Gentle hint: Recall sliders on wall in kids' bedroom. Solution: Castor & Pollux.
--Take both puzzle keys. Align each in your inventory until they open. Gentle hint: Make sure that the pictures match AND are aligned in places that allow the legs to spring open between them. Use each on their respective puzzle boxes.
--Collect a second handle and a disc, respectively.
--Solve both painting puzzles. The solution to each is straightforward, but tedious.
--Use the silver peg on the silver hole.
--Push button in newly-unlocked cabinet.
--Examine locked door past the bathroom.
--Use both handles on the holes in the wall nearby.
--Enter the combination carved into the door into the handles. A green light will brighten when the wall registers a position. Push the button to either reset or register your answer. The door will unlock. Enter unlocked door.
--Solve lamps puzzle. Gentle hint: Recall note in kids' room's closet. Solution: Rotate 180 degrees on the left, 90 degrees on the right.
--Push the revealed button.
--Take the revealed plate.
--Unlock the box in the closet. Gentle hint: Hints to the combination are in the room. If you manage to find two, the third can be easily guessed by simply cycling through the final dial. Solution:
--Collect the four gems in the room. Solution:
On shelf above bed.
On shelf above wall carving.
On floor left of paintings.
In locked box in closet.
--Use the four gems on the plate.
--Use the unlocked plate on the wall carving. Take bronze disc.
--Solve concentric ring puzzle on wall.
--Note the pattern of lights displayed when solved.
--Return to kids' bedroom.
--Enter pattern into glowing painting.
--Return to concentric rings puzzle.
--Take yellow orb.
--Return to studio bedroom.
--Use bronze disc on bronze hole.
--Enter the secret passageway.
--Enter the master bathroom.
--Open cabinet under sink.
--Take light bulb.
--Note painting.
--Return to master bedroom. Open box at foot of bed. Take four daggers.
--Examine chandelier.
--Open closet.
--Solve closet puzzle. Gentle hint: The solution is nearby. Moderate hint: The solution is a pattern of four lights. Solution: Enter the lit bulb pattern from the chandelier.
--Take the yellow orb.
--Solve the painting puzzle. The solution is straightforward, but slightly tedious. Try to solve from either left to right or vice versa, from the outside in.
--Push the revealed blue button.
--Unlock the hallway door and exit to the hallway.
--Return to the hall bathroom.
--Pull down the ceiling hatch.
--Exit to attic.
--Use light bulb on dead socket.
--Unlock chest. Gentle hint: You've seen the solution in this area, but not recently. Solution: 274.
--Take handle.
--Return to chest in hallway. Use lever on wall.
--Take yellow orb.
--Return to attic.
--Unlatch closet.
--Use all three yellow orbs on constellation.
--Take blue orb.
--Return to library on floor below.
--Solve clock puzzle. Register your solution by pressing the button on the shield nearby. Gentle hint: You've seen the solution in this area, but far from here, and in code. Moderate hint: Think military time. Solution: 5:05.
--Take blue orb.
--Use the four daggers in the various sheaths. One is in the library, one the upstairs hallway, one the bathroom, and one the combination-locked door room.
--Return to the dagger box in the master bedroom. Take disc.
--Use disc on computer.
--Enter password on computer. Gentle hint: You've seen the solution in this area, but far from here. Moderate hint: The solution is a major theme in this area. Solution: Dioskouri.
--Open the display case.
--Take triangular door lock key.
--Use key on locked door in hallway.
--Enter third area.
Third Area: (Switches on the Floor up to the Telescope)
The third area is far more challenging than the previous areas, in large part because you are frequently uncertain which puzzles you have enough information to solve. That said, as a gentle hint for the entire area, this is the order in which you MUST solve the puzzles you encounter in order to be in a position to know how to solve them:
1) Floor switches.
2) Unlock box next to thermometers.
3) Solve thermometers.
4) Lever puzzle in basement.
5) Computer puzzles in basement.
6) Constellation puzzle in tower.
7) Oscilloscope puzzle.
8) Planetarium puzzle.
9) Ships' Wheels.
10) Telescope puzzle.

--Set the floor switches to direct a current from the switch on the table to the two machines, one at a time. Press the button after each.
--Set the revealed rollers to the two symbols on the columns near the ceiling on the rear wall of the room.
--Take the two levers and use them to lower the staircase to the next area. Go there.
--Proceed into the long hallway, past the computer room.
--Take key from box on table.
--Examine note on table.
--Return to room with thermometers.
--Unlock box next to thermometers.
--Examine poster on wall.
--Examine note in book on box.
--Solve thermometers puzzle. Gentle hint: The If you're following this guide closely, you have all the info you need already. Solution: 10, 3, 6, push the button.
--Take the unlocked slab.
--Use slab to unlock cellar stairs one floor down.
--Take handle from cellar table.
--Open drawer. Take code sheet.
--Proceed deeper into cellar.
--Examine barrel.
--Take lever from water.
--Take lever from beneath leaning planks.|
--Take partial lever from beneath arch at foot of stairs.
--Assemble two halves of lever.
--Enter three levers into slots.
--Solve lever puzzle. Gentle hint: The solution is nearby. Moderate hint: Three dots below the line would indicate setting the third lever to the down position, and so on. Above the line corresponds to up.. Solution: 2,1,3,1,3,1.
--Take disc.
--Use disc on computer one floor up.
--Tell computer to finish print job. Take printout.
--Enter passwords on all three servers. Gentle hint: You have everything you need in your inventory. Moderate hint: Combine the code sheet with the printout. Solution: 81768, 39783, 24195.
--Initialize server on previous computer.
--Head back upstairs, all the way to the end of the hall, and down. Stop and examine the astronomy books in the bust hallway on your way.
--Turn on the generator.
--Climb to the top of the tower.
--Read the book on the windowsill.
--Turn on the projector.
--Solve the projector puzzle. Gentle hint: The key hint is nearby. Moderate hint: Combine the book on the windowsill with the astronomy books downstairs. Solution: Set the projection and the backdrop sliders to "Draco."
--Return to oscilloscope computer.
--Turn on oscilloscope controls.
--Examine room carefully. Solve oscilloscope puzzle. Gentle hint: You don't need to look far. You're getting results when things start breaking. Moderate hint: Look at the whiteboard behind you. Solution: Frequency & amplitude both one below max. Frequency to above min, amplitude four below max. Frequency five above min, amplitude four above min.
--Proceed to next area.
--Take wooden bit from below Venus.
--Read the journal on the table nearby.
--Read the posters on the rear table carefully.
--Solve planetarium puzzle. Gentle hint: The journal spells it out for you. Moderate hint: Recreate the "three stages" of the journal. Solution: Jupiter & Earth, "H" setting, Activate. Saturn, Neptune, Jupiter, Uranus; "Orbit;" Wide; Activate. Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars; "Orbit," Thin, Activate.
--Proceed to next area.
--Examine computer. Take key from within close up.
--Examine journal.
--Press switch to open telescope bay.
--Examine notes on desk.
--Examine ship's wheel on wall.
--Return to planetarium.
--Use key on console.
--Solve second planetarium puzzle. Gentle hint: Just try to guess what you're hoping to get out of this, then resolve the last puzzle with that goal in mind. Moderate hint: You want to end up with a yellow orb. Solution: Outer planets; "Orbit," Wide, Activate. All planets; "Orbit;" Wide; Activate. No planets, "Dot," Thin, Activate.
--Take yellow orb.
--Return to thermometer room.
--Use wooden piece on wall panel.
--Solve bit puzzle. Solution: Looks like two staircases pressed onto each other.
--Enter secret passage.
--Examine note above painting.
--Examine three astronomy posters.
--Return to first room in third area.
--Unlock door. Gentle hint: You saw the code just recently. Solution: 1566.
--Enter unlocked room.
--Find three space ship toys.
On floor behind box.
On floor behind painting.
On top of book shelf.
--Return toys to stands.
--Press four buttons around room.
Behind toy stands.
On wall next to shield.
On wall next to lamp.
On rafter near spider web.
--Press button next to router, on table.
--Examine note hidden in bookshelf.
--Solve code puzzle next to door. Gentle hint: You saw the code just recently. Moderate hint: It was on the list. No need to try any that are impossible to enter... Solution: The only code that can even be entered into that dial set is the correct answer: WJ4.
--Open the cabinet beneath the book shelf.
--Lower the slider.
--Take the four gems.
--Use the four gems on the wall carving.
--Take the yellow orb.
--Note the sketch on the shelf left of the exit door.
--Exit to the bottom level of the cellar.
--Solve the second lever puzzle. Gentle hint: You saw the code just recently. Solution: The 3132213.
--The wheel unlocks. Set the wheel. Solution: VI.
--Return to the oscilloscope room. Solve the oscilloscope puzzle. Gentle hint: You saw the solution just recently. Solution: Amplitude four from max, frequency one from min.
--Set the wheel properly. Gentle hint: You saw the solution hint just recently, paired to the hint you just used. Moderate hint: Remember the thermometer puzzle? Solution: IV.
--Return to the tower room with the constellation sliders.
--Solve the sliders puzzle. Gentle hint: You saw the solution just recently. Solution: Man reaching for the stars constellation.
--Go to base of tower. Set wheel appropriately. Solution: III.
--Return to busts hallway. Solve busts puzzle. Gentle hint: You saw the hint for this in the secret panel room.
--Take plate.
--Examine back of plate in inventory.
--Return to first room in this area.
--Solve statue puzzle. Solution: Hermes.
--Place plate.
--Take yellow orb.
--Return to lowest level of cellar.
--Pull two chains dangling from ceiling.
--Place three yellow orbs.
--Take blue orb.
Third Area Continued: The Telescope Puzzle
--Return to telescope room. Examine ship's wheel. All three indicators should now be lit blue.
--Examine grid stations on desk.
--Solve first telescope puzzle. Gentle hint: Take them one at a time. Solution: 18, 03, 41. 27, 26, 13. 16, 47, 53.
--Solve three button grid puzzle. Solution:

--Solve second telescope puzzle. Gentle hint: Recall the note on the shelf next to the door in the locked room downstairs. Solution: 22, 07, 53.
--Solve one button grid puzzle.

--Take bit.
--Return to oscilloscope room.
--Use bit on blue orb cage.
--Take blue orb.
--Use triangle door key on final area lock.
--Enter final area.
Final Area
If you have not yet collected all six blue orbs, you must go back and do so now. Solutions for the required puzzles were covered in this guide as they became available. This section assumes that you already have all six blue orbs, allowing you to continue.

--Above the door you entered through, take a triangle key.
--Read the journal on the desk.
--Click on completed blue constellation. The archway will open.
--Read note next to radio.
--Take triangle key from above door.
--Climb stairs to top.
--Examine note behind box under ladder.
--Examine scrap underfoot.
--Proceed up the ladder.
--Use the two triangle keys to unlock both panels.
--Note the code in the left panel. Decipher what it says. Solve the left puzzle. Gentle hint: You'll need both notes with these symbols from this area. Moderate hint: Try to think of a way that the first equation makes sense before worrying about the rest. Strong hint: Think different base systems. Extreme hint: This puzzle uses base 4. Solution: 134.
--Solve the right panel. Gentle hint: Recall the scrap on the floor. Moderate hint: This one is a lot easier if you write out all the dial options on a piece of paper and go from there. Solution: 3, 3 to 1, 1 to 2, 2 to 1, 1.
--Solve the central panel. Gentle hint: Recall You saw the solution recently. Solution: Clementine.
Coin Locations
Intro section:
(3) Drawer in table near the generator.
(2) On table in barred room across from generator.

First area:
(2) On table next to delivery manifest in room above generator.
(2) On railing between pillars leading towards the upstairs office.
(3) Box on desk in upstairs office.
(3) Zodiac box on top shelf in storage room.
(2) On "Science" book in caged area off main hallway.
(2) Box under table beneath fish painting.
(2) Left of statue below window in dining room.
(2) On plate next to teapot in kitchen.
(2) Box on table on right balcony.
(2) Box UNDER table on right balcony.
(3) On floor next to barrel in tower room.
(2) On board in secret passage revealed from roof tiles puzzle.
(3) In zodiac box on table in room behind the archway with the six heads.

Second area:
(2) Bowl in first room.
(3) In zodiac cabinet in second room, near sheath.
(2) Near candlesticks on bookshelves in the studio.
(3) Under spider webs in studio.
(3) In closet in room behind shape-locked door.
(2) In front of the TV in the master bedroom.
(2) In master bedroom closet. [Note: I've been told in the comments that they're in the master bathroom closet instead. I haven't gone back to confirm that yet, but it's quite possible.]
(2) On box near naptha tin in the attic.
(2) Box above door in secret room revealed by solving clock puzzle. See the painting in the master bathroom. Set the clock to 5:05 and press the button in the shield.
(4) Enter the code found in the secret clock room into the shape combination knobs.
(5) On floor in secret passage off master bedroom. Open the passageway using the icon on the desktop of the bedroom computer.

Third area:
(2) Bowl in first room
(2) On whiteboard ledge in the oscilloscope room
(2) Near the lower landing of the stone spiral staircase below the constellation sliders
(1) Box under table next to lab door
(2) On the ledge near the tower door, next to the boxes. (When entering bust hallway from tower side)
(2) Puzzle box on floor beneath posters in the "panel" room.
(2) Locked box in gem room
(4) Behind wall panel under the rolled rug in the telescope room.
(10) In the secret passageway revealed by solving a ceiling tile puzzle in the first area, pull a chain in a hole in the wall. Descend into the third area. Pull the lever under the leaning planks. Return to the cellar area and investigate the new opening.
(3) In large wine vat in area behind the cellar grate.

Final area:
(3) In drawer beneath radio below the final tower.
(2) Window ledge on first level of spiral staircase (one level above the radio) in tower.
Photograph Locations
--Inside briefcase in the boat.

First area:
--Between boards behind spiral staircase going down to generator.
--On windowsill in office.
--On top shelf of bookshelf in caged area, right of puzzle box.
--Only after the dining room is accessible: enter main hallway FROM DINING ROOM AREA (this matters). Find photo on floor, left of the staircase, near the vase.
--Zodiac puzzle box in room leading to tower staircase.
--Above archway leading into the kitchen.
--On fridge.
--Behind the stone jutting out in the tower staircase.

Second area:
--In the frame on the bookshelf behind the top of the spiral staircase.
--In bathroom cabinet.
--On top of the studio cabinet.
--Under the blue bed.
--Enter the code from the ceiling of the shape-locked room into the shape combination knobs.
--Zodiac tile in master bathroom.
--Find key in attic rafters. Use to unlock panel in shape-locked room.
--In a chest in the room with the crystal skull. The room is found by solving the loose bricks puzzle. The bricks puzzle itself is in the hidden room revealed by the clock puzzle. The in-gmae hints to this puzzle are:

Order does not matter, except for the one requirement mentioned in the clue, but one solution to the puzzle is as follows: First, set all the bricks to "out." Then, click them in this order:

The solution is shown below, minus the final step. You can arrive at this pattern by clicking bricks in any sequence you want. But to solve the puzzle, you must arrive at the "1234" configuration shown, THEN click the last, orange-numbered brick (shown pre-click in the image below).

Third area:
--Behind vase in first room, in zodiac panel.
--In oscilloscope room, above the containment cylinder, top left shelf.
--Behind a shield in the bust room.
--Under loose brick in spiral tower staircase.
--Right stone outcropping above constellation projection screen.
--Box on floor in cellar server room. Solve tiles puzzle. Solution: Make the tiles point one to another in a single chain, starting with the tile on the floor, and ending with the photo box. In other words, make the tile on the floor point along the tile grid to another arrow tile. Then make that tile point to yet another arrow tile. Continue until all the arrow tiles are in the sequence, and the last tile points at the photo box.
By request, screengrabs of my solution are included below.

--Behind a sliding ceiling tile in cellar, lower level, near the corner with planks and a barrel.
Figurine Locations
First area:
--Solve first ceiling tiles puzzle. Figurine is on the floor in the final area revealed afterwards.
--Solve second ceiling tiles puzzle in storage room. Figurine drops to floor.
Gentle hint for both: Find and read the book in the hallway across from the door to the kitchen.
Solution for the six-tile puzzle: Align the tiles in this way, in the order shown.

Second area:
--On floor in attic.
--In zodiac panel in bedroom hallway.
--Under loose floorboard near door in the kids' bedroom.

Third area:
--Under a sliding floorboard in the planetarium, when facing away from the sun.
--Behind second cellar grate. Only accessible after you open the first cellar grate. Solve ceiling tile puzzle behind first cellar grate. Gentle hint: It's just like every other zodiac sign tile puzzle, but the spacing is larger..
Painting Locations
First area:
--NOT ACCESIBLE UNTIL END OF NEXT AREA. Don't worry about this until you have access to the master bedroom. Then, if you still need help: Key over to the "secret passage" icon on the computer in the master bedroom's desktop. Open the secret passage. Proceed through it to the back of the right balcony, behind the table. Take the painting. (Finally!)

Second area:
--On the easel in the attic. Reveal by finding the switch on the attic floor.

Third area:
--In the secret passageway revealed by solving a ceiling tile puzzle in the first area's caged room, pull a chain in a hole in the wall. Descend into the third area.
Steam Achievements
The Signal: Solve the generator puzzle. (Required to beat the game.)

The Light of Stars: Collect the first blue orb. (Required to beat the game.)

Abandoned Halls: Solve the door puzzle for area one. (Required to beat the game.)

The Ghost of Crazy Catherine: Unlock the brick wall puzzle in the second area's hidden room and enter. There are two hints for this in the second area. One is on the shelves in the first room. The second is on the floor next to the red bed in the kids' room.

Dreamscapes: Collect all three paintings. (See section on painting locations for help, as needed.)

Memories of Times Past: Solve the door puzzle for area two. (Required to beat the game.)

Just Deserts: Enter the area behind the door locked with the six gargoyle statues. NOTE: Impossible until you have explored the second area.
Gargoyle Head Locations:
--Near the ground, next to the door leading to the second area.
--Above the arch in the room with the secret passage to the first tower.
--In the secret passage hallway opened by the ceiling tile puzzle in the cage room.
--Across from the archway leading into the kitchen.
--Above the arch on the second/right balcony.
--ONLY ACCESSIBLE FROM SECOND AREA: Near the ground in the area where you collect the painting for the first area.

Consequences Shmonsequences, As Long As I'm Rich: Collect the coins in the cellar in the third area, unlocked from the secret passageway in the first area.

Celestial Mechanics: Lay down on the pillows in the planetarium, in-game. Remain there watching the planetarium animation for five minutes.

Captured Moments: Collect all the photographs. (See section on photo locations for help, as needed.)

Prost: From the computer in the cellar, center the dot to activate the concentric rings puzzle. Then, solve the painting in the third area basement. Enter the next room to unlock the achievement.

Drei zwei eins: Collect all the figurines. (See section on figurine locations for help, as needed.)

The Pursuit of Knowledge: Solve the door puzzle for area three. (Required to beat the game.)

The Altar: Collect all six blue orbs and open the door they sit in, in the 4th area. (Required to beat the game.)

Budgeting for indies: Collect all the coins. (See section on coin locations for help, as needed.)

The Eyes of Ara: Solve the puzzle that triggers the end credits. (Required to beat the game.)

Written In the Stars: Solve the Puzzle hidden in the end credits. You can rewatch these as often as you want by interacting with the last puzzle after it's solved. The three screens of interest are:

Once you have the solution, enter it as coordinates on the telescope computer.
Solution: 49, 20, 12.

To All Who Made This Possible: Solve the puzzle unlocking the backer's secret room. Beginning the puzzle requires that you have found all collectible items in the game.
Gentle hint: After examining the puzzle carefully, return to the room above the generator and look around.
Major hint: Examine pedastal bases, similar to those holding up the puzzle itself.

A Vote of Confidence: Repeatedly click the large gold vase in the backer's secret room. A "Mario-style" coin will appear. Take it.

Well Read: A Show of Support: Find and read all the backer's books.
--On the table near the skull.
--Under the small table behind the eye.
--Behind the wolf photo. (That's me!)
--Behind the fireplace pokers.
--Beneath the wine barrel.
--On a high shelf left of the door leading towards the collectibles.

Well Read: Traveler's Tale: Find and read each copy of Micromegas.
--On end table on second balcony in first area.
--In master bathroom.
--In telescope room.

Radio Silence: Turn off every radio in the game.
--In office (where you found the knife, with the floor map puzzle.)
--At end of hallway near kitchen, accessed via the secret passage opened by the ceiling tile puzzle in the caged room off the front foyer.
--First room in second area.
--In the attic.
--In room behind secret panel near thermometer puzzle.
--Behind blue constellation door.

Well Read: Amateur Astronomer: Find and read all space posters and books.
--Book on table under stairs in first area.
--Poster on table under stairs in first area.
--On center table on second room in second area.
--Another on center table on second room in second area.
--Book on far table on second room in second area.
--Poster on far table on second room in second area.
--Book on table in bust hallway.
--Second book on table in bust hallway.
--Two posters in planetarium.
--Three posters in secret room behind thermometer puzzle.
--On the desk in the final area.

Well Read: Scattered Thoughts: Find and read all the main characters' notes and journals.
--Next to radio in office.
--On desk in office.
--In storeroom closet.
--In kitchen trash can.
--On box in room beneath the first area's tower entrance.
--On table in first room in second area.
--Note in second floor bedrooms hallway.
--Journal under kid's blue bed.
--Note next to red bed.
--In basket on floor in studio.
--In unlocked cabinet beneath painting puzzle in studio.
--Four drawings in the attic.
--Journal in master bedroom.
--Journal on computer.
--Second journal on computer.
--On Table in Crazy Catherine's room.
--Journal in oscilloscope room.
--Four research logs on oscilloscope computer.
--Journal in planetarium.
--Above the painting in the secret panel room behind the thermometers puzzle.
--Journal in telescope room.
--On desk in first room in final area.
--"The final note is in 3rd area and in that room where you need to find three space ship toys. When entering the room, look left towards windows. On the leftmost table, there's a box that you can zoom near and once opening it, the last missing note is in the box." [Thanks to Aesyle for reporting this! I have not personally confirmed that this is correct, but it seems more than plausible.]
Concentric Rings Rotation Painting Puzzle
If you don't get lucky with this puzzle, you can get stuck here for a very long time. As such, here's a trick you can use to get past it, derived from mapping the thing into a vector space. (Don't worry, I'll keep it as simple as possible.)

To activate the puzzle to begin, Use the computer in the cellar to move the dot into the center. Once done, and confirmed, the blank rings will be replaced by an active puzzle.

If you're hopelessly stuck with the part where you have to rotate them into place, try this:
1) Line up just the three innermost rings correctly. Ignore the outer ring. That much should be fairly easy on its own.
2) Estimate how "off" the outer ring now is, where a complete spin is 360 degrees, for example.
3) Move the outer ring that amount, but in the OPPOSITE direction. Example, if it needs to be 60 degrees clockwise of where it was, turn it 60 degrees counterclockwise.
4) Move the ring next to it, second from the outside, the exact same amount.
5) Move the next ring in twice as much, but in the opposite direction.
6) Move the innermost ring as much as the first two, but also in the opposite direction.
7) The puzzle should now either be solved, or you should be much closer than you were before. Repeat steps 1-6 as needed until finished.
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lake.kubilius  [author] May 23 @ 10:24pm 
Glad to hear it! :-D
Wolfie May 21 @ 6:03pm 
"Concentric Rings Rotation Painting Puzzle"

OMFG! Thank you sooooo much! I was about to lose my mind, then followed your tips. TWO tries after that.. TWO! **mind saved**
lake.kubilius  [author] Apr 13 @ 6:26am 
Yes. The bedroom also being used as a painting studio.
jeff Apr 12 @ 5:59am 
Second area coins: which room is the "studio"? Is that the bedroom with the easel?
jeff Apr 10 @ 6:02am 
Never mind - found it! :)
jeff Apr 10 @ 4:39am 
I am still missing one figurine. Second area in zodiac panel in bedroom hallway. Can't find a "zodiac panel". You mean the landing right, with all the doors to each bedroom?
MADBUZRD Feb 23 @ 3:48pm 
omg i'm pulling my hair out on this one!
lake.kubilius  [author] Feb 22 @ 4:57am 
Glad to hear it! :-D
adeilt Feb 21 @ 10:17pm 
Also, thanks for the guide. I didn't need it much, but when I did need it, I really needed it.
adeilt Feb 21 @ 10:16pm 
I was going to ask how mapping onto a vector space helped solve the concentric rings puzzle, but then I realized that the solution gives away the technique. Neat! :D