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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

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Important Console Commands
By Beer Whisperer
For people who needs to fix their broken quests, people who hate grinding for items and level after their 99999th character and / or cheetahs (Sorry, couldn't hold myself.)
Getting Started
First of all console commands aren't just used for cheats but also fixing bugs, speeding up grinding process etc.

To use console commands in the game, you must type them at console screen. On American English keyboards, the tilde key (~) will toggle the console screen, but on British English keyboards, that key is the grave key ( ` ). The tilde key on American English keyboards also picture the grave symbol. The key is located below Escape ( Esc ) and just left of the one (1) key.

Entering codes
Codes are not case sensitive; "a" is same as "A".
Codes are shown as: Code <Variable> <#>
The < and > are not entered with the code, and # is replaced by the desired quantity.
The code to add an item is listed as: Player.AddItem <ItemID> <#>
If you wanted to add 500 gold, it would be entered as:
player.additem f 500

To target an object, open the console and click the object. Its name will appear about center screen. An item targeted in the console is also called a reference.
A target may also be selected using the PRID command and the target's Reference ID.

Short Code or Prefix Required
Short code refers to a code having a short form that can be used interchangeably with the Long form.
ToggleFogOfWar is the long code form.
TFOW is the short code form.
Prefix Required refers to a code needing a prefix to work as intended.
SetHealth <#> will set the max health of the target selected by clicking or the PRID command to <#>.
Player.SetHealth <#> will set your max health to <#>.
Items and Materials
So now you learned (or already knew) the basics of console, we can start with items and materials. It's impossible to list every single item or material in the game. So I'll list the most important ones. For example, I can't list iron arrow, iron dagger, iron bow seperately (It'll take massive amounts of time). Instead I'll list FormID of iron ingot so you can craft them yourself. Hit ctrl+f to search for an item you need.

Console command for adding items in your inventory is "player.additem FormID #" (without quotes)

So let's say you want 10 iron ingots. You type this to console screen:

player.additem 0005ACE4 10

"XX" in regards to console commands denotes that the object is from an official plugin (also known as DLC). Usually found in the BaseID or RefID of items or characters, these first two numbers change depending on the order of installation or the order the of ESP files in the data files section of the game launcher.
For instance, installing The Elder Scrolls IV: Knights of the Nine onto a computer with Oblivion sets XX to "01." If The Vile Lair was installed second, XX becomes "02" and so on indefinitely. As another example, if one owns all of the add-ons (as part of the Legendary Edition) for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, items added by The Elder Scrolls V: Dawnguard will, by default, have "02" as their first two digits, while items added by The Elder Scrolls V: Dragonborn will normally have "04".

A way of checking for the XX number for a particular plugin in Skyrim while one is playing is to open the console and either type 'help' along with the name of a item known to be added by the plugin (with the name in quotation marks) or, again with the console open, click on a item in view added by the plugin; the console will then display the full RefID the first two numbers of which will be the XX for that plugin. For example, opening the console and clicking on a Ash Yam or entering the command help "ash yam" will show the XX for the Dragonborn item.


Basic Items

Coin: f
Lockpick: 0000000A
Torch: 0001D4EC
Black Soul Gem (Empty) : 0002E500
Black Soul Gem (Grand Soul) : 0002E504

Daedric Artifacts

Azura's Star: 00063B27
Black Star: 00063B29
Dawnbreaker: 0004E4EE
Ebony Blade: 0004A38F
Ebony Mail: 00052794
Mace of Molag Bal: 000233E3
Masque of Clavicus Vile: 000D2846
Mehrunes Razor: 000240D2
Oghrma Infinium: 0001A332
Ring of Hircine: 0002AC60
Ring of Namira: 0002C37B
Sanguine Rose: 0001CB36
Savior's Hide: 0002AC61
Skeleton Key: 0003A070
Skull of Corruption: 00035066
Spellbreaker: 00045F96
Volendrung: 0002ACD2
Wabbajack: 0002AC6F

Crafting Materials

Corrundum Ingot: 0005AD93
Dwarven Metal Ingot: 000DB8A2
Ebony Ingot: 0005AD9D
Gold Ingot: 0005AD9E
Iron Ingot: 0005ACE4
Orichalcum Ingot: 0005AD99
Quicksilver Ingot: 0005ADA0
Refined Malachite: 0005ADA1
Refined Moonstone: 0005AD9F
Silver Ingot: 0005ACE3
Steel Ingot: 0005ACE5
Stalhrim: XX02B06B

Leather: 000DB5D2
Leather Strips: 000800E4
Dragon Bone: 0003ADA4
Dragon Scales: 0003ADA3
Chaurus Chitin: 0003AD57
Netch Leather: XX01CD7C
Firewood: 0006F993

Building Materials

Clay: XX003043
Quarried Stone: XX00306C
Glass: XX005A69
Goat Horns: XX00303F
Sawn Log: XX00300E
Straw: XX005A68
Hinge: XX003011
Iron Fittings: XX003035
Lock: XX003012
Nails: XX00300F
Skills and Leveling

You can use AdvSkill command to improve your skills. AdvSkill xxx <#> Gives the player the desired amount of skill usage points. xxx is ID of the skill and # is amount of experience. NOTE: Very inconsistent between skills. E.g. "AdvSkill speechcraft 3000" gives about as much Speech experience as "AdvSkill enchanting 1" gives Enchanting experience.

This is the list of skills verified to work using the AdvSkill and IncPCS commands, as well as SetAv, ForceAv, and ModAv.

Alchemy: alchemy
Alteration: alteration
Archery: marksman
Block: block
Conjuration: conjuration
Destruction: destruction
Enchanting: enchanting
Heavy Armor: heavyarmor
Illusion: illusion
Light Armor: lightarmor
Lockpicking: lockpicking
One-Handed: onehanded
Pickpocket: pickpocket
Restoration: restoration
Smithing: smithing
Sneak: sneak
Speech: speechcraft
Two-Handed: twohanded


You can use "player.setlevel <#>" (without quotes). It sets current level to <#>.

Alternatively player.advlevel can be used for a single level-up.

But with these commands you won't get a perk for every level. To get a perk you should use advskill command.
Shouts and Dragon Souls
To learn shouts with console commands, type:
player.unlockword xxxxx

player.teachword xxxxx

Add Shout xxxxx

xxxxx is ShoutID of the shout.

For example if you want to learn all three words of Unrelenting Force with console commands first you learn Fus, then Ro, and then Dah. To do this type "player.teachword 13E22" for Fus, "player.teachword 13E23" for Ro, "player.teachword 13E24" for Dah (without quotes) separately and in that order.

Use "player.forceav dragonsouls #" (without quotes) to get Dragon Souls. # is the number of souls.

player.teachword 13E22 FUS = Force: Unrelenting Force
player.teachword 13E23 RO = Balance: Unrelenting Force
player.teachword 13E24 DAH = Push: Unrelenting Force

player.teachword 60294 LAAS = Life: Aura Whisper
player.teachword 60295 YAH = Seek: Aura Whisper
player.teachword 60296 NIR = Hunt: Aura Whisper

player.teachword 602A3 IIZ = Ice: Ice Form
player.teachword 602A4 SLEN = Flesh: Ice Form
player.teachword 602A5 NUS = Statue: Ice Form

player.teachword 6029A STRUN = Storm: Storm Call
player.teachword 6029B BAH = Wrath: Storm Call
player.teachword 6029C QO = Lightning: Storm Call

player.teachword 20E17 YOL = Fire: Fire Breath
player.teachword 20E18 TOOR = Inferno: Fire Breath
player.teachword 20E19 KREIN = Sun: Fire Breath

player.teachword 48ACA TIID = Time: Slow Time
player.teachword 48ACB KLO = Sand: Slow Time
player.teachword 48ACC UL = Eternity: Slow Time

player.teachword 2F7BB WULD = Whirlwind: Whirlwind Sprint
player.teachword 2F7BC NAH = Fury: Whirlwind Sprint
player.teachword 2F7BD KEST = Tempest: Whirlwind Sprint

player.teachword 60291 RAAN = Animal: Animal Allegiance
player.teachword 60292 MIR = Allegiance: Animal Allegiance
player.teachword 60293 TAH = Pack: Animal Allegiance

player.teachword 3291D SU = Air: Elemental Fury
player.teachword 3291E GRAH = Battle: Elemental Fury
player.teachword 3291F DUN = Fury: Elemental Fury

player.teachword 32917 FEIM = Fade: Become Ethereal
player.teachword 32918 ZI = Spirit: Become Ethereal
player.teachword 32919 GRON = Bind: Become Ethereal

player.teachword 5D16C FO = Frost: Frost Breath
player.teachword 5D16D KRAH = Cold: Frost Breath
player.teachword 5D16E DIIN = Freeze: Frost Breath

player.teachword 602A0 ZUL = Voice: Throw Voice
player.teachword 602A1 MEY = Fool: Throw Voice
player.teachword 602A2 GUT = Far: Throw Voice

player.teachword 5FB95 ZUN = Weapon: Disarm
player.teachword 5FB96 HAAL = Hand: Disarm
player.teachword 5FB97 VIIK = Defeat: Disarm

player.teachword 3CD31 LOK = Sky: Clear Skies
player.teachword 3CD32 VAH = Spring: Clear Skies
player.teachword 3CD33 KOOR = Summer: Clear Skies

player.teachword 51960 HUN = Hero: Call of Valor
player.teachword 51961 KAAR = Champion: Call of Valor
player.teachword 51962 ZOOL = Legend: Call of Valor

player.teachword 44251 JOOR = Mortal : Dragonrend
player.teachword 44252 ZAH = Finite: Dragonrend
player.teachword 44253 FRUL = Temporary: Dragonrend

player.teachword 60297 KRII = Kill: Marked for Death
player.teachword 60298 LUN = Leech: Marked for Death
player.teachword 60299 AUS = Suffer: Marked for Death

player.teachword 46B89 OD = Snow: Call Dragon
player.teachword 46B8A AH = Hunter: Call Dragon
player.teachword 46B8B VIING = Wing: Call Dragon

player.teachword 6029D KAAN = Kyne: Kyne's Peace
player.teachword 6029E DREM = Peace: Kyne's Peace
player.teachword 6029F OV = Trust: Kyne's Peace

player.teachword 3291A FAAS = Fear: Dismay
player.teachword 3291B RU = Run: Dismay
player.teachword 3291C MAAR = Terror: Dismay

player.teachword XX007CB7 Rii = Essence: Soul Tear
player.teachword XX007CB8 Vaaz = Tear: Soul Tear
player.teachword XX007CB9 Zol = Zombie: Soul Tear

player.teachword XX0030D4 Dur = Curse: Summon Durnehviir
player.teachword XX0030D6 Neh = Never: Summon Durnehviir
player.teachword XX0030D7 Viir = Dying: Summon Durnehviir

player.teachword XX008A65 Gaan = Stamina: Drain Vitality
player.teachword XX008A64 Lah = Magicka: Drain Vitality
player.teachword XX008A63 Haas = Health: Drain Vitality

player.teachword XX01A162 Diil (D3l) = Undead: Soul Cairn Summon
player.teachword XX01A163 Qoth = Tomb: Soul Cairn Summon
player.teachword XX01A164 Zaam (Z1m) = Slave: Soul Cairn Summon

player.teachword XX0200E4 Mid = Loyal: Battle Fury
player.teachword XX0200E5 Vur = Valor: Battle Fury
player.teachword XX0200E6 Shaan = Inspire: Battle Fury

player.teachword XX0179D9 Gol = Earth: Bend Will
player.teachword XX0179DA Ha = Mind: Bend Will
player.teachword XX0179DB Dov = Dragon: Bend Will

player.teachword XX0200C2 Ven = Wind: Cyclone
player.teachword XX0200C3 Gar = Unleash: Cyclone
player.teachword XX0200C4 Nos = Strike: Cyclone

player.teachword XX01DF93 Mul = Strength: Dragon Aspect
player.teachword XX01DF94 Qah = Armor: Dragon Aspect
player.teachword XX01DF95 Diiv = Wyrm: Dragon Aspect

player.teachword 2F2CC Fiik - Mirror: Summon Spectral Clone
player.teachword 2F2CD Lo - Deceive: Summon Spectral Clone
player.teachword 2F2CE Sah - Phantom: Summon Spectral Clone
To instantly teleport to the desired location, you must use coc command before the CellID of the location. For example if you want to teleport to Black Briar Manor you type "coc RiftenBlackBriarManor" (without quotes)

Here's a list of important CellIDs:









RiftenMistveilKeep to see more of them.
To fix a quest or advance quickly I generally use "setstage (QuestID) # command. QuestID is the code of the quest and # means stage (every single part of quest) number. To check for this number of a quest stage, use this site:

For example if you want to start second stage of "Bleak Falls Barrow" quest, you must type:

"setstage mq103 50" without quotes which gives you Objective 50: Retrieve the Dragonstone.


Here are some important QuestIDs in order, Use the code in paranthesis' after setstage command:


Unbound (mq101)
Before the Storm (mq102)
Bleak Falls Barrow (mq103)
Dragon Rising (mq104)
The Way of the Voice (mq105)
The Horn of Jurgen Windcaller (mq105ustengrav)
A Blade in the Dark (mq106)

Diplomatic Immunity (mq201)
A Cornered Rat (mq202)
Alduin's Wall (mq203)
The Throat of the World (mq204)
Elder Knowledge (mq205)
Alduin's Bane (mq206)

The Fallen mq301
Season Unending (mq302)
Paarthurnax (mqpaarthurnax)
Season Unending (mq302)
The World-Eater's Eyrie (mq303)
Sovngarde (mq304)
Dragonslayer (mq305)


Take Up Arms (c00)
Proving Honor (c01)
The Silver Hand (c03)
Blood's Honor (c04)
Purity of Revenge (c05)
Glory of the Dead (c06)

College of Winterhold

First Lessons (mg01)
Under Saarthal (mg02)
Hitting the Books (mg03)
Good Intentions (mg04)
Revealing the Unseen (mg06)
Containment (mg05)
The Staff of Magnus (mg07)
The Eye of Magnus (mg08)

Destruction Ritual Spell (mgritual01)
Illusion Ritual Spell (mgritual02)
Conjuration Ritual Spell (mgritual03)
Restoration Ritual Spell (mgritual04)
Alteration Ritual Spell (mgritual05)

Thieves Guild

A Chance Arrangement (tg00)
Taking Care of Business (tg01)
Loud and Clear (tg02)
Dampened Spirits (tg03)
Scoundrel's Folly (tg04)
Speaking with Silence (tg05)
Hard Answers (tg06)
The Pursuit (tg07)
Trinity Restored (tg08a)
Blindsighted (tg08b)
Darkness Returns (tg09)

Silver Lining (tgtq01)
The Dainty Sload (tgtq02)
Imitation Amnesty (tgtq03)
Summerset Shadows (tgtq04)

Under New Management (tgleadership)

The Dark Brotherhood

Delayed Burial (db01misc)
Innocence Lost (db01)
With Friends Like These... (db02)
Sanctuary (db02a)
Sentenced to Death (db03)
Whispers in the Dark (db04)
The Silence has been Broken (db04a)
Bound Until Death (db05)
Breaching Security (db06)
The Cure for Madness (db07)
Recipe for Disaster (db08)
To Kill and Empire (db09)
Death Incarnate (db10)
Hail Sithis! (db11)

Destroy the Dark Brotherhood! (dbdestroy)
Where You Hang Your Enemy's Head (darkbrotherhoodsanctuaryrepair)

Civil War-Imperial Legion

Joining the Legion (cw01a)
The Jagged Crown (cw02a)
Message to Whiterun (cw03)
Defense of Whiterun
Reunification of Skyrim - A False Front (cwmission03)
Reunification of Skyrim - The Battle for Fort Dunstad (cwfortsiegefort)
Reunification of Skyrim - Compelling Tribute (cwmission07)
Reunification of Skyrim - The Battle for Fort Greenwall (cwfortsiegefort)
Reunification of Skyrim - Rescue from Fort Kastav (cwmission04)
Reunification of Skyrim - The Battle for Fort Amol (cwfortsiegefort)
Reunification of Skyrim - Battle for Windhelm (cwsiegeobj)

Civil War-Stormcloaks

Joining the Stormcloaks (cw01b)
The Jagged Crown (cw02b)
Message to Whiterun (cw03)
Battle for Whiterun (cwsiegeobj)
Liberation of Skyrim - Rescue From Fort Neugrad (cwmission04)
Liberation of Skyrim - Compelling Tribute (cwmission07)
Liberation of Skyrim - The Battle for Fort Sungard (cwfortsiegefort)
Liberation of Skyrim - A False Front (cwmission03)
Liberation of Skyrim - The Battle for Fort Snowhawk (cwfortsiegefort)
Liberation of Skyrim - The Battle for Fort Hraggstad (cwfortsiegefort)
Liberation of Skyrim - Battle for Solitude (cwsiegeobj)


The Black Star (da01)
Boethiah's Calling (da02)
A Daedra's Best Friend (da03)
Discerning the Transmundane (da04)
I'll Met by Moonlight (da05)
The Cursed Tribe (da06)
Pieces of the Past (da07)
The Whispering Door (da08)
The Break of Dawn (da09)
The House of Horrors (da10)
The Taste of Death (da11)
Darkness Returns (tg09) (Part of the Thieves Guild Quests)
The Only Cure (da13)
A Night to Remember (da14)
The Mind of Madness (da15)
Waking Nightmare (da16)


Rebuilding the Blades
Dragonslayer's Blessing
Dragon Research
Dragon Hunting

The Bards College

Tending the Flames (ms05)
Finn's Lute (bardscollegelute)
Pantea's Flute (bardscollegeflute)
Rjorn's Drum (bardscollegedrum)


Blood on the Ice (ms11, ms11b, ms11kicker, ms11essentializing, ms11wuunfertharrest)
Forbidden Legend (dungauldursonqst)
The Forsworn Conspiracy (ms01)
No One Escapes Cidhna Mine (ms02)
The Golden Claw (ms13)
In My Time of Need (ms08)
Kyne's Sacred Trials (dunhunterqst)
Laid to Rest (ms14)
Lights Out! (ms07)
The Man Who Cried Wolf (ms06start)
The Wolf Queen Awakened (ms06)
Missing in Action (ms09)
Promises to Keep (ms03)
A Return to Your Roots (nn01)
Rise in the East (ms10)
Rising at Dawn (vc01)
Unfathomable Depths (ms04)
The White Phial (ms12)
Repairing the Phial (ms12b)
Captured Critters
The Forgemaster's Fingers (favororcsintro)
Console Commands (1)
You can use these commands to fix a broken quest, to progress quickly in the game or to modify certain aspects of the game. Use ctrl+f to search for a command you need.

BEWARE!!! Using some console commands may cause bugs, crashes to desktop and corrupted saves. Back up your save files before using them.

Targeted commands

additem <ItemID> <#> Adds <ItemID> to target NPC, Note: Use on a merchant to set the amount of barter gold. This gold may not go to your inventory when selling items to the vendor.

DamageActorValue <attribute> <amount> Lowers the given attribute by the desired amount.

disable This will make the target disappear, but still loaded with the cell (see also: MarkForDelete).

dispelallspells Removes spell effects such as poisons from the target.

duplicateallitems <RefID> After targeting an NPC, this can be used to place a copy of their inventory into that of another NPC.

enable Used to make disabled targets re-appear. Useful for when you made a pointing mistake when disabling targets.

equipitem <ItemID> <#><left/right> Forces the target to equip <ItemID>, if it is in their inventory. Adding a "1" after the ID seems to make some items un-removable, while "0" keeps them removable as normal. <left/right> will equip the weapon in the left or right hand.

equipspell <SpellID> <left/right> Forces the target to equip <SpellID>, <left/right> will equip the spell in the left or right hand. spells cannot be acquired by addspell command such as Vampiric Drain can be acquired temporarily in this way. as for player variant: type "player.Equipspell <SpellID> <left/right>"

forceav <AV> <#> Forces <AV> to <#>

GetAngle <axis> Returns the value of given rotational axis (x,y,z) of the target.

getav <AV> Returns the current value of the specified actor value.

getavinfo <AV> Returns info about the specified actor value.

getlevel Returns the level of the target.

getlocationcleared <ID> Returns the clear code off the specified location. Requires the numerical location ID.

getpos <axis> Returns the position value of given axis (x,y,z) of the target

getrelationshiprank <ID> Returns the numerical rank of the friendliness between two characters (-4-4).

hasperk <ID> Returns whether or not the target has the specified perk.

kill Instantly kills target. (Does not kill characters/creatures marked "essential," only causes them to fall to the ground for a few minutes.)

lock <#> Lock chests, doors or people. <#> = the level of difficulty. (0-100, any larger and the
lock cannot be picked)

MarkForDelete Permanently deletes the selected item either instantaneously or upon reload. This command is cleaner than disable, as it removes the item completely instead of just hiding it from view.

modav <AV> <+/-#> Changes <AV> by <+/-#>

moveto player Teleports the targeted NPC to you. (Works similar to player.placeatme <BaseID> <#> but does not create a new reference of the base object.)

openactorcontainer <#> <#> = 1,2, 3, or 4. Depending on the actors faction ranking to the player will depend on what you see in their inventory. Use the correct ranking for their current status.) This allows you to add or retrieve items from that actor. Some actors will not equip armor or weapons you store on them.

playidle <ID> Makes the target do the specified action, such as a specific attack animation.

pushactoraway <ID> <distance> Attract or repel the target in relation to the player by the specified amount.

recycleactor Cycle between different actors within the same actor ID randomly.

removeallitems Removes all items in the targets inventory. Use the <player> variable to transfer all items to own inventory.

resetai Resets the AI of the target (see also: tai).

resetinventory Restores the target's inventory to its original state.

RestoreActorValue <attribute> <amount> Reverses the effect(s) of DamageActorValue.

resurrect <#> Return a dead NPC to life. Replace <#> with 1 to resurrect with all current items intact. Leave off <#> to have the corpse removed & a new copy spawned.

setactoralpha <#> Changes the transparency of the target. Ranges from 0-100, with 0 being completely invisible and 100 being completely visible.

SetAngle <axis> <#> Sets the value of given rotational axis (x,y,z) of the target (the change happens when the targeted object is picked up).

setav <AV> <#> As above, but some values don't stay set through saves.

setessential <BaseID> <#> Make NPC mortal (0) / immortal(1).

setfavorstate <#> 0 = inactive, 1 = active. Makes any targeted NPC obey player commands by moving the cursor over an interactable object or NPC while activated. In example, typing

setfavorstate 1 while having a Guard selected in the command console and clicking on a dropped item, makes that Guard pick-up and automatically equip that item. After issueing a command, typing setfavorstate 0 while a command has not yet been issued or pressed the TAB button will cancel and deactivate the command.

setgs <attribute> <amount> Set Game Setting.

setlevel <1>,<2>,<3>,<4> Sets the level of an NPC compared to the player. SetLevel 1000,0,1,81 will make target level with you from 1 to 81.
1: <% of PC's level * 10> The NPC's level in comparison to player, based on % of players level. (1000 = 100.0%)
2: <1 level +/-> How many levels this NPC will be above or below the level in 1.
3: <starting level> The lowest level this NPC can be.
4: <level cap> The highest level this NPC can be.

setlocationcleared <ID> <#> Sets a location as cleared (1) or uncleared (0). The numerical location ID must be used.

setnpcweight <#> Sets the weight of the target or the player. Ranges from 0-100, with 0 being the lightest and 100 being the heaviest.

setownership <BaseID> Allows you to make items owned by different people. They will not become the player's unless an ID is not entered. When used on chests, applies to everything inside.

SetPos <axis> <#> Sets the position value of given axis (x,y,z) of the target.

setrelationshiprank <RefID> <#> Used to set an NPCs disposition towards the player. <#> = 1-4 Note: If this doesn't help when attempting to add Follower dialogue, try setrelationshiprank <RefID> <#> then player.setrelationshiprank <RefID> <#>.

setscale <#> Sets the scale of an object. "1" is default. If no object is selected, applies to PC. NOTE: When used on an actor, it increases or decreases speed and damage. Also note that the lowest possible value to change the scale, is 0.1, and the highest possible value to change the scale, is 10.00, exactly on the dot.

setunconscious <#> Sets the target as unconscious. Range of 0-1, with 0 being conscious and 1 being unconscious.

sexchange Change gender of target NPC, or PC. Note: Only BODY changes, not the head.

shp <#> Set HDR Parameter. Nine separate numbers should be entered to change various luminosity settings.

sifh <#> Set Ignore Friendly Hit. Range of 0-1, with 0 causing the target not to ignore friendly hits and 1 causing the target to ignore them.

str <#> Set Target Refraction. Range of 0-1, with0.000001 being completely invisible and 1.000000 being completely visible, and 0 reverting the target to its default state.

unequipitem <ItemID> <#><left/right> Forces the target to unequip <ItemID>, similiar to Equipitem command except this one is for unequiping items. if it is in their inventory. Adding a '1' after the ID seems to make some items un removable, while '0' keeps them removable as normal. <left/right> will unequip the weapon in the left or right hand.

unlock Unlock the desired chest or door. Note: This may not work in some cases.
Console Commands (2)

coc <CellID> Center On Cell. Teleports you to the center of the cell.

cow Tamriel <Coordinates> Center on World. Teleports you to the given coordinates.

player.moveto <NPCrefID> Move to an NPC.

WIDeadBodyCleanupCell Holds the bodies of NPCs that have died.

Toggle commands

rm Toggle Run Mode. Will switch between run mode and walking mode. Same function as <Caps Lock> key.

tai Toggle Artificial Intelligence (Characters will not react to non-combat stimuli and dialogue may not function. Used in conjunction with TCAI will completely disable NPC actions.)

tc Toggle player Control of target entity. If used when targeting an NPC, will transfer control to said NPC, and any command inputs will be applied both characters. To fix, use TC on the player character to turn off its actions.

tcai Toggle Combat Artificial Intelligence (Characters may turn hostile, but will not attack the player.)

tcl Toggle Collision. Using the TCL command with a target toggles clipping for the target. If used while falling off a cliff, may cause a crash. Useful for unsticking your character or finding items or bodies that have fallen through a wall or floor.

tdetect Toggle AI Detection. Doesn't work with Pickpocket detection.

teofis Toggle relatively taxing image settings such as blur. May result in an increase in frames per second.

tfc Toggle freefly camera. Add <1> to pause.

tfow Toggles regions on the local map. i.e. loads all unexplored areas on the local map.

tg Toggles grass

tgm Toggle God Mode (Grants infinite health, magicka, and stamina. Carry weight will never

affect movement or fast travel.)

tim Toggle Immortal Mode (Character will still take damage, but their health will never reach
zero.Final blow animations may cause a permanent decapitation bug.)

tll Toggles LOD

tm Toggle Menus (Disables all GUI elements, including menus, the compass, subtitles and messages. Very useful for taking screenshots.)

tmm <#> Toggle Map Markers; <0> Disable all. <1> Enable all. <1,0,1> Show all, no fast travel.

ts Toggles display of skybox and fog.

tscr Toggles script processing

tt Toggles trees

tws Toggle water display when not underwater

twf Toggles framework border

Quest commands

caqs Complete all Stages of EVERY quest.
Buggy, may not be stable. NOT recommended.

completequest <QuestID> Complete a quest. May cause buggy behavior, SetStage is generally cleaner.

getstage <QuestID> Used to get the current quest stage for quest (use ShowQuestTargets for IDs).

movetoqt <QuestID> Move to quest target.

player.sqs <quest id> Used to display all the stages of a quest

SetObjectiveCompleted <QuestID> <stage> <1 to set, 0 to unset> Used to set the quest stage as being completed or uncompleted.

setstage <quest id> <stage value> Used to set the quest stage (Useful for bugged quests).

showquesttargets Shows all current quest IDs.
Console Commands (3)

player.additem <ItemID> <#> Add an item to the inventory.

player.addperk <PerkID> Adds the perk.

Addshout <ShoutID> Add shout to player skill list. Shouts are also part of spells so in order for this command to work you would need the spells unlocked.
NOTE: Shouts can be unlocked using: player.unlockword <shoutID>

player.addspell <variable> Adds a spell, disease, or power. can be used for acquiring unused spell. ex: Conjure Dragon Priest, does not work for vampiric spells.

player.advlevel Force a Level Up (Does not add ability to pick a new perk)

AdvSkill <AV> <#> Give the player the desired amount of skill usage points. NOTE: Very inconsistent between skills. E.g. "AdvSkill speechcraft 3000" gives about as much Speech experience as "AdvSkill enchanting 1" gives Enchanting experience.

animcam Allows for the camera to view the player character from any direction without changing which way they are facing.

player.drop <ItemID> <#> This will drop the item.

enableplayercontrols This command is used to enable controls during cinematics when they're disabled. Occasionally the game will glitch, instead of reloading put in this command and carry on.

player.forceav <AV> <#> Should be avoided for use, as it overrides/ignores game's automatic calculations such as item bonuses, spell bonuses, etc.

player.forceav dragonsouls # Sets the number of Dragon Souls the player has. Replace # with the desired number.

fov <#> Adjust field of view. The default is 75, and the maximum value appears to be 160. Higher numbers allow a wider field of vision, but it can be distorted. Lower numbers show a "zoomed" view. 60-90 is a useful range.

IncPCS <AVskill> Increase the player's skill points by one point. For example, the command IncPCS marksman will raise the Archery skill by 1.

player.modav <AV> <+/-#> Modifies the Actor Value by <#>.

player.paycrimegold <X> <Y> <FactionID> Sometimes, does not pay off your bounty fully.
X = 1 Remove stolen items. 0 Don't remove stolen items.
Y = 1 Go to jail. 0 Don't go to jail.

player.placeatme <Item/NPCID> <#> Places an item or actor next to the player.

playerEnchantObject <ItemID> <mgef> <mgef> Adds object to inventory with any two magic effects (not limited to enchants).

psb Player Spell Book. Unlocks all spells and shouts. NOTE: Using this command will unlock every spell, even those used to test Skyrim, this may cause bugs so you should backup the game before using this.

player.removeitem <ItemID> <#> Remove an item from the inventory.

player.removeperk <PerkID> Removes a perk.; does not return the point used to gain the perk.

player.removespell <variable> Removes a spell, disease, or power.

player.resethealth Refills the player's health instantly.

s1st While in third person, the player character's arms—which would normally only appear in first
person—appear behind the player character, allowing for the player to experience first person and third person simultaneously.

player.setav <AV> <#> Sets the Actor Value to <#>.

player.setcrimegold <#> <FactionID> Adds <#> to your current bounty with <FactionID>

player.setlevel <#> Sets current level to <#>.

SetPlayerRace <Raceid> Doing this will allow you to change your race without using

showracemenu. Note: May bug after certain transformations (ex: Werewolf), and revert to original race, or the race you selected using showracemenu.

Player.SetRace <RaceID> A variant of SetPlayerRace <Raceid>, it is possible to become non-human race using this variant i.e. Player.SetRace DragonRace will transform the player into a Dragon and capable of using Thu'um under Dragon voice clip, this variant can also be used on NPCs.

player.setscale # Sets height for character. Use Tsun as an example for height. He ranks 1.23 on the height scale.

showracemenu Bring up character customization menu. Magicka, Stamina, and Health will be spread evenly on using this depending on your character's level. It will remove any custom point distributions. Note: Using TGM command before entering the menu will retain your original levels. Will only modify your attributes/skills/points/etc. if you change the race, sex, or select a preset from the list. Modifying cosmetic things like skin color/warpaint/hair/face shape/etc. will leave your points.

player.showinventory Lists all items in your inventory and their codes. PgUp and PgDwn to scroll through.

sucsm <#> Set the speed of the free-flying camera (tfc). The default is 1. Setting it to 2, for example, would double the speed, and to 0.5 would half the speed.

player.teachword <WOOP> Teaches a word of power, words can be found with the "help <word> 4" command and are recognizable by the WOOP tag.

player.unlockword <shoutID> Unlocks a word of power.

Most "Player commands" can be used on any NPC by left clicking them while in the console window, and typing the code without the Player. prefix.
The addperk command does not seem to work on NPCs, as they seem to rely upon the perks assigned to them.


Addfac <FactionID> <#> Adds the selected NPC to a faction. May cause undesired and buggy AI behavior, 1-4 affects faction rank

AddToFaction <FactionID> <#> Alternate version of AddFac, adds the selected NPC to a faction. May cause undesired and buggy AI behavior, 1-4 affects faction rank

bat <name of text file> Executes a .bat file. For more info read this.

csb Clear Screen Blood. Removes any blood effects from the screen.

fw Force Weather. Will automatically change the current weather to the one specified. (May also vanish as with the sw command).

GetGlobalValue <Value> Returns information about the given value in the game's settings.

GetInCellParam <LocationID> <FormID> Returns whether or not the specified object is in the specified cell. Ranges from 0.00-1.00, with 0.00 being not present and 1.00 being present.

GetPCMiscStat <MiscStat> Returns the specified miscellaneous stat of the player.

help <"Object name"> <#> Show all console commands with descriptions. Add descriptors to

search for IDs. ex: help "elven armor" 0 will show ids of all items that include "elven armor" in the name. Quotation mark is a must for items with more than one word ex: "elven armor", <#> sets the limits for the search function, 0 = no limits; 4 = Exact.

killall Kills all non-essential NPCs in the vicinity. Has the same result as killallactors.

load <save name> Loads the specified save. Requires quotation marks around the name if includes spaces.

ModPCMiscStat <MiscStat> <#> Modifies the specified miscellaneous stat of the player.

Prid <RefID> Sets the NPC as reference, allowing other commands to be used, good for targeting NPCs that you cant reach/select on screen or fixing quest glitches about Npcs not appearing.

qqq Quits the game without going through the menus. (May cause crash.)

RemoveFac <FactionID> Removes the selected NPC from a faction. Usually used for unaligning

hostile NPC from hostile factions, May cause undesired and buggy AI behavior.

set playeranimalcount to <#> 0 Clears non-humanoid followers and allows you to recruit again.

set playerfollowercount to <#> 0 Clears followers and allows you to recruit again.

set timescale to <#> Set the rate at which time passes (20 is the default, 1 is realtime)

sw <WeatherID> Set Weather. Changes the current weather to the one entered. It may vanish quickly depending on the area you're in, due to the area's climate being forced; like where rain isn't common.

Thank you for reading this guide. My purpose was creating a list so other people (and myself) can find the console command or ID in a single guide instead of alt+tabbing for every single item.

Favorite, rate and comment if you like this guide. I'll read all the commands and try to help you with your problems.

If you want more content added to this guide, comment about what can be added.

are used for all information of this guide. I just copied and edited them.

If I made any mistake about lists, please let me know. I'll fix it as fast as I can.

Here's a collection of mods I have made:
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Evil Morty Jun 7 @ 7:17am 
kinda funny really coin is not G or M
Beer Whisperer  [author] Jun 7 @ 7:12am 
Yes it is F (or f).
Evil Morty Jun 6 @ 10:01pm 
coin is F?
Loriethalion Dec 8, 2017 @ 7:53am 
I found out after searching a bit, the command is player.addspell (ID).
Loriethalion Dec 5, 2017 @ 8:23am 
could you add the command for adding and removing abilities, like Sailor's Repose?
SycAmour Nov 20, 2017 @ 11:10am 
Use player.setav carryweight To Set The Carry Weight.
Example: player.setav carryweight 25000
x_Torva_Messor_x Mar 29, 2017 @ 4:01pm i can build up a op character without actually needin to lvl
Beer Whisperer  [author] Feb 10, 2017 @ 5:32am 
You can finish it, but I guess that's not what you're asking. You can try to reload a save before you have taken that quest. Other than that I don't know a way.
Orderly Oliver Feb 9, 2017 @ 8:14pm 
is there a way to REMOVE a quest form the quest menu?
shogun459 Dec 6, 2016 @ 9:48pm