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Recruitable Prisoners - with dialogue
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Recruitable Prisoners - with dialogue

Captured & UNARMED prisoners have a chance to join your faction.
You can try as many times as you like, but the chance for them to join is low. If they don't join straight away, keep trying. Some NPC don't rely on chance but rather certain conditions to be met or items to be held.

The mod will also make some races playable on a new game as a result of allowing them to be recruited eg. Deadhive, canibals and certain others.

Currently Recruitable
- Dust Bandits(easy)
- Dust Boss (easy)
- Dust King (difficult)
-Hungry Bandit (easy)
-Hungry Bandit Leader (easy)
-Shrieking Bandit (difficult)
-WorkerDrone (a little difficult)
-SoldierDrone (a little difficult)
-Berserkers (difficult)
-Cannibals (very difficult)
-Fogmen (very difficult)
-Fogmen Heavy (very difficult)
-FogPrince (very difficult)
-Paladin (very difficult)
-Holy Sentinal (very difficult)
-Holy Servant (very difficult)
-Escaped Holy Servant (easy)
-Broken Skeleton (difficult/easy)
-High Servant (very difficult)
-Inquisitor (very very difficult)
-Holy Farmers (very easy)
-Mercenary (medium)
-Nomad (easy)
-Skinny Cannibal
-Shek Warriors (medium)
-Shek Scout (medium)
-Shek Fighter (medium)
-Shek retainer(medium)
-Swamper Bar Thug (easy)
-Swamper Barman (easy)
-Swamper Casino Dealer (easy)
-Swamper Gate Guard (easy)
-Swamper Mech Shop (easy)
-Swamper Non-Gang weaker (easy)
-Swamper Non-Gang (easy)
-Bugmaster (difficult)
-Red Sabres (meduim)
-Swamp Ninja (medium(?))
-Slaver (medium)
-Slave hunter (medium)
-Blood Bandit (easy)
-Krals Chosen (difficult)
-Outlaw farmer (easy)
-Manhunter boss (medium)
-Wandering Assassin (medium)
-Samurai (difficult)
-Samurai Conscript (difficult)
-Samurai Gate Guard (difficult)
-Samurai Gate Sergeant (difficult)
-Samurai Heavy (difficult)
-Samurai Police (difficult)
-Samurai Scout (difficult)
-Samurai Captain (difficult)
-Samurai Elite (difficult)
-Samurai Sergeant (difficult)
-Broken Model 30 (difficult)
-Outlaw Heavy (medium)
-Outlaw Swordman (easy)
-Broken U30 (difficult/easy)
-Band of Bones (medium)
-Floatsam Ninja (medium)
-Floatsam Recruit (medium)
-Empire noble guard (hard)
-Stone Rat(easy)
-Sand Ninja (medium)
-Breoken skeleton bandit (Hard)
-Black Dragon jonin (Medium)
-Black Dragon Genin (Medium)
-Cloud Ninja (Medium)

Full dialogue with (what I hope is) decent variety.
The dialogue is about 90% original - hope my writing isn't too bad, open to (constructive) feedback.

There is about ingame 1h cooldown between most recruit attempts.
About 20- 40% chance to get them depending on who.

UPDATE Version 21 - Generic ninja dialogue for Black Dragon ninjas & Cloud Ninjas

UPDATE Version 20 - Generic ninja dialogue for Sand ninja & Sand ninja jounin. Generic broken skeleton dialogue for Broken Skeleton Bandit. Bugs.

Don't forget to rename them and 'set them free'. Dust king & Bugmaster don't get re-named. But you can take them to a plastic surgeon.

There is a version on the nexus if you don't use steam, however it wont be as updated as this one.

I may add other groups at request.
May add more dialogue variety on request.

If you like this mod don't forget to give it a thumbs up :)
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War Medic 12 hours ago 
It be nice if you could add shop guards to the list and Shinobi Thiefs.
WasteofTheOcean 23 hours ago 
I just killed everyone who said nothing, or just did insults, I had 200000 cats... I did get one to join me tho, it's just spaming Option 1, they all had no weapons. Also, I thought they required food, as they had the same dialog as the hungry bandits
Warr Jul 19 @ 7:26am 
just wanted to say this is an amazing mod and doubt I could ever play kenshi again with out it!
Nanogiraffe  [author] Jul 19 @ 2:17am 
@wasteoftheOcean as dust require cats to join there is a check to see if you have enough money first. It's either that or theyre armed still
Nanogiraffe  [author] Jul 19 @ 2:15am 
@Hillary human should be fine - there is a hint at the very begining ;-)
Hillary Clinton Jul 19 @ 1:51am 
I must know, am i wasting my time trying to figure out an impossible combination by recruiting a broken skeleton with a human?
WasteofTheOcean Jul 18 @ 5:54pm 
I'm trying to recruit dust bandits, I keep trying, but should I just kill off the ones who don't say even say anything? I talk to them, but instead of bringing up dialog, he justs says something like bonehead...
WasteofTheOcean Jul 18 @ 5:38pm 
@EmperorPrince HN troops aren't very easy and it's a RNG
Fluffy Jul 17 @ 12:35pm 
Not sure if it was ever meant to happen, but before I used to be able to dismiss my guys and then get them back by recruiting them. They would go to the Tech Hunter "faction?" and I'd just have to go through a generic recruitment process. I used to mess around and have my guys duke it out and then recruit them again without any real issues. I'm wondering if it has something to do with the relation I have with the Tech Hunters now, or if it was just a bug before hand and I was never meant to find this :P
Tarsis Jul 16 @ 8:58pm 
@nuclear ash answered 42 times (or more) in the bugs thread. Did you check anywhere?