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Recruitable Prisoners - with dialogue
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Recruitable Prisoners - with dialogue

Captured & UNARMED prisoners have a chance to join your faction.
You can try as many times as you like, but the chance for them to join is low. If they don't join straight away, keep trying. Some NPC don't rely on chance but rather certain conditions to be met or items to be held.

The mod will also make some races playable on a new game as a result of allowing them to be recruited eg. Deadhive, canibals and certain others.

Currently Recruitable
- Dust Bandits(easy)
- Dust Boss (easy)
- Dust King (difficult)
-Hungry Bandit (easy)
-Hungry Bandit Leader (easy)
-Shrieking Bandit (difficult)
-WorkerDrone (a little difficult)
-SoldierDrone (a little difficult)
-Berserkers (difficult)
-Cannibals (very difficult)
-Fogmen (very difficult)
-Fogmen Heavy (very difficult)
-FogPrince (very difficult)
-Paladin (very difficult)
-Holy Sentinal (very difficult)
-Holy Servant (very difficult)
-Escaped Holy Servant (easy)
-Broken Skeleton (difficult/easy)
-High Servant (very difficult)
-Inquisitor (very very difficult)
-Holy Farmers (very easy)
-Mercenary (medium)
-Nomad (easy)
-Skinny Cannibal
-Shek Warriors (medium)
-Shek Scout (medium)
-Shek Fighter (medium)
-Shek retainer(medium)
-Swamper Bar Thug (easy)
-Swamper Barman (easy)
-Swamper Casino Dealer (easy)
-Swamper Gate Guard (easy)
-Swamper Mech Shop (easy)
-Swamper Non-Gang weaker (easy)
-Swamper Non-Gang (easy)
-Bugmaster (difficult)
-Red Sabres (meduim)
-Swamp Ninja (medium(?))
-Slaver (medium)
-Slave hunter (medium)
-Blood Bandit (easy)
-Krals Chosen (difficult)
-Outlaw farmer (easy)
-Manhunter boss (medium)
-Wandering Assassin (medium)
-Samurai (difficult)
-Samurai Conscript (difficult)
-Samurai Gate Guard (difficult)
-Samurai Gate Sergeant (difficult)
-Samurai Heavy (difficult)
-Samurai Police (difficult)
-Samurai Scout (difficult)
-Samurai Captain (difficult)
-Samurai Elite (difficult)
-Samurai Sergeant (difficult)
-Broken Model 30 (difficult)
-Outlaw Heavy (medium)
-Outlaw Swordman (easy)
-Broken U30 (difficult/easy)
-Band of Bones (medium)
-Floatsam Ninja (medium)
-Floatsam Recruit (medium)
-Empire noble guard (hard)
-Stone Rat(easy)
-Sand Ninja (medium)
-Breoken skeleton bandit (Hard)
-Black Dragon jonin (Medium)
-Black Dragon Genin (Medium)
-Cloud Ninja (Medium)
-Error Code 0xFFFFFFF(Easy/Difficult)
-Error Code 0x000000 (Easy/Difficult)
-Bounty Hunter (medium)
-Bounty Hunter Low (medium)
-Bounty Hunter Shek (medium)
-Empire Peasants (Easy)
-Hive Bandits (medium)

Russian Translation here thanks to Davelgo

Full dialogue with (what I hope is) decent variety.
The dialogue is about 90% original - hope my writing isn't too bad, open to (constructive) feedback.

There is about ingame 1h cooldown between most recruit attempts.
About 20- 40% chance to get them depending on who.

UPDATE Version 24 - a bunch of dialogue for various NPC (lost track sorry) + possible final fix for skinny cannibals (hopefully)

UPDATE Version 23 - dialogue for Empire Peasants & Hive bandits

Don't forget to rename them and 'set them free'. Dust king & Bugmaster don't get re-named. But you can take them to a plastic surgeon.

There is a version on the nexus if you don't use steam, however it wont be as updated as this one.

I may add other groups at request.
May add more dialogue variety on request.

KNOWN BUGS : -new recruits will sometimes not get food from storage automatically- save and reload to fix.
-turret gunners may shoot at new recruits - save and reload to fix
These bugs are connected to the vanilla game and can't be fixed by me. Save and reload is the best work around :-)

If you like this mod don't forget to give it a thumbs up
and if you feel extra supportivce buy me a coffee [] :-)
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Pyrithe Oct 17 @ 10:28pm 
Thanks, sorry for misinterpreting that. I kept trying and failing, wasn't until a Shek I got off Dust Bandit's had succeeded in recruiting a Band of Bones member that I thought it was a racial thing. Never even considered the stat total's being a factor at all.
Old man Stu Oct 17 @ 12:52pm 
[] is right .. you have to be a stronger warrior than them. I thought it was based on my melee skill, but maybe it was strength or toughness.
Just make sure you have a guy/girl with better stats try to recruit them.
[ ] Oct 16 @ 3:45pm 
@pyrithe I manage it without shek warriors, it just trakes someone with more skill levels than the warrior your trying to get, I think its either strength or toughness
Pyrithe Oct 16 @ 3:40pm 
@Brun0Sardine From what I understand, they'll only join if you have another Shek talk to them and even then it's a super rare chance for the right dialogue to show up. Just wait until Dust Bandit Shek's show up, capture and recruit them or hire another Shek from elsewhere.
Brun0Sardine Oct 14 @ 2:02pm 
How do you recruit shek warriors? I always just get the one word insult response with no dialogue options. Is there a special item I need to be wearing?
how do i get fog men thay are in the cage they rob me spit at me and are starving me to deth what the righit diologe tree at least
Alcom Oct 13 @ 4:57am 
Is lord Mirage able to be recruited?
Darkperil Oct 11 @ 3:50pm 
whats a spoiler formatting feature
Wirpy Oct 11 @ 6:58am 
Why can't I talk to hungry bandits in my cages? They are disarmed.
Venersis Oct 11 @ 5:37am 
@Nanogiraffe Cool! thanks for the quick answer.