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Panzer Vor!
Jul 20, 2016 @ 9:20am
Oct 17, 2016 @ 3:03pm
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PvP Multiplayer added
The open alpha
Panzer Vor is a real time strategy with tanks. Player is able to create and customize own teams, hire crews and improve them, buy and modify tanks.
Move your tanks in a free way, wherever you want! The control system will allow you to re-arrange tanks and find different unusual routes on the map. Build your own tactics and win.
Choose tanks from five nations (USSR, Germany, France, Great Britain and USA)
Create your own team with up to 17 tanks and get into the battle. Choose wisely commander for your team, because each of them has unique abilities and likes own style of battles.
Customize your own tanks and improve the crew.

    Game modes:
  • Custom game mode will allow you to choose a map and enemy to fight with. This is like a training mode.
  • The co-op mode will allow you to create a platoon with up to 3 friends. You will play for one team against other 3 players that are chosen randomly, or you can choose the enemy yourself.
  • Missions mode is a bundle of different challenges for player to complete. Teams are selected by the game and player can't customize them.
  • Story mode will allow player to build his own base (a school carrier) and rise strength of own team in tournaments. The goal of each story is to win the main tournament.

The game is based on Sensha-dou tournaments from "Girls und Panzer" universe.
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Monika Jul 12 @ 10:28am 
Edward Panzer  [author] Jun 16 @ 10:50am 
@lunaticneko Wartras- err i mean WGs pathership with GuP only lasted a few months, WG doesnt have the rights to GUP or own the licenses to it, if they made any more GUP tanks outside of the partnership, they would be in massive legal troble. as for us we are working on getting the rights to use the assets in the game, but not much can be said atm.
Object 1337 Jun 16 @ 5:57am 
God pls i want to buy this:8bitheart:
LunaticNeko May 29 @ 2:54am 
Regarding apparent asset use, do you have or plan to get a license? Of note is that the anime is already partnered to WARGAMING ...
Little_Big_Pepper May 24 @ 9:20am 
im waiting :steamhappy:
Edward Panzer  [author] May 15 @ 5:27pm 
there is are GUP movies
and we dont have a date yet, currenlty in closed alpha
Ellis Fahrengart May 15 @ 5:22pm 
also does anyone know if Girls und Panzer will have a season 2?
Ellis Fahrengart May 15 @ 5:18pm 
when will this be available for download?
Henning Poifeld ~Sonico <3~ May 13 @ 1:05pm 
this will be so awesome ^^ i can barely wait ^^
967 May 13 @ 7:01am 
now im downloading panzer vor prototype :steamhappy: