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Tilled Soil
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Jul 16, 2016 @ 10:42am
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Tilled Soil

Since the beginning of civilisation the human race has been tilling soil to bring vital nutrients to the surface when planting crops. With this mod humanity in the year 5500 can too!

This mod adds a new flooring; tilled soil, which is a buildable version of fertile soil.

In addition it adds research for terrain rehabilitation allowing you to build dirt onto smooth stone and other natural floor types so you can build underground greenhouses.

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Q: Is this mod overpowered?
A: No.

Q: But, it allows you to build soil with 200% fertility, which isn't realistic. I'm looking for a mod that adds soil with 101% ferility to satisfy my dreams of being a real farmer. I don't want crop growth to be sped up by any noticable amount.
A: That isn't a question. The goal of this mod is to provide a method of more compact farming and the ability to construct terrain with artificial fertility. As a user of my own mod I can say this mod achieves that.

Q: Is this mod ever going to change to suit my specific ideas about tilled soil?
A: No.
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talik Nov 30 @ 6:04pm 
Love this mod, although, it seems like it should require at least a little bit of research.
Munqsy Nov 25 @ 6:26am 
I have a temporaty fix for the smooth floor problem, as well as the people complainging about the growth rates:

1) go to steam\steamapps\workshop\content\294100\725747149\Defs\TerrainDefs.
2) open up terrain_TS.xml in a text editor of your choice.
3) remove the line "<terrainAffordanceNeeded>SmoothableSoil</terrainAffordanceNeeded>" - you can now place soil wherever you need it to be placed.
4) Optionally, under find and replace the value in "<fertility>2.0</fertility>" of TS_Tilled with whatever value you considder to be balanced. e.g.: <fertility>1.3</fertility> for 30% growth boost.

Dusty Nov 22 @ 8:38pm 
Thank you, Sam! I'll use devmode as you suggest.
Sam_  [author] Nov 21 @ 4:41am 
People get far too much enjoyment out of getting others to change things for them.

As to the smoothed stone, the game has changed how it works, to allow for smoothed walls, so there is an issue with placing soil on smoothed stone. You can just use rough stone for the time being. If you have a patch of smoothed stone you can use devmode to change the terrain back as a manual fix.
Dusty Nov 21 @ 1:00am 
Just to let you know, don't know if working as intended or not, but I'm unable to convert stone that's been smoothed, to soil.

Anyway, just letting you know -- thanks for this fantastic mod, it's saved my butt many times! My fields are now much neater (thanks to being able to get rid of random stone) and it's a lot more realistic that my pawns can now, you know, "break up" stone and put soil on top of it. Thanks for uploading this!

Also, um, if people think this mod is OP, why don't they just... not use it??? Horrible proposition, I know.
Sir Kage Minowara Nov 19 @ 3:15pm 
"This mod will never change to suit my specific ideas about tilled soil."

fractalesque Nov 19 @ 3:11pm 
I'm totally ok with 200% fertility. Thanks for this mod!
Sam_  [author] Nov 15 @ 9:48pm 
I have dealt with this complaint for a long time, if I humored the discussion it usually ends up being about realism. What you mean is it's wildy overpowered from your point of view. This mod does exactly what I intended from the very beginning. It allows you to build a fertile area for your crops.

From my point of view, as a user and the developer of this mod, anything lower then 200% is simply a waste of time. Such a small increase in fertility means the only real reason to use it is for aesthetics. I'm not looking for an attractive paddock or a rich simulation in farming, I'm looking for a compact solution and artificial fertility.

The description also says this mod is never going to change to suit your specific ideas about tilled soil. I don't see anything misleading about that.
Shoosh Nov 15 @ 9:37pm 
Please, tell me where I used the word realism? Wildly overpowered is wildly overpowered. With this mod I need only to set up a single 8 x 8 plot of potatoes and hunt a moderate amount to guarantee food for a colony of 10 people, even through winter when playing on a temperate map tile. People use this mod because it is easy which I can respect, but it's simply misleading for you to say "This mod isn't overpowered" in its description.
Sam_  [author] Nov 15 @ 7:14pm 
This mod has had 200% fertility for four years now, since the time when vanilla fertile soil had 200% fertility. To change the value with so many current subscribers is, to put it simply, never going to happen. There are other mods similar to this with the "realism" you require.