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Snappy Saddles & Rafts (Open Source)
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Jul 15, 2016 @ 9:07pm
Jan 25 @ 7:06pm
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Snappy Saddles & Rafts (Open Source)

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(No license, use as wanted with or without attribution)

Extension for saddle platforms & rafts that adds snap points for walls, ramps, ceilings, catwalks and ladders. Also includes config options to increase the distance you can build on saddle platforms(both horizontal and vertical) as well as structure limit.


- Bronto, Mosa, Paracer, Plesio, Quetz & Titan Saddle Platform Extension
- Wood Raft & Motor Raft Extension

These items are crafted in your inventory.


Place a saddle platform on your dino and then place the platform extension on the saddle platform.


- Save on structures by only placing the single platform extension instead of numerous foundations.

- The entire original platform surface is left exposed, so you don't have to hunt for that 1 spot you didn't put a foundation to be able to ride your dino.

- Perfectly aligned walls with the ability to extend the platform easily.

Config Options:

Place the following in your gameusersettings.ini file(if you wish to override the defaults).


Mod ID: 725398419

Link to Spawn Codes

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Titano Saddle Extension can't be learned with EC mod installed
< >
Avirami Apr 17 @ 2:00pm 
@Dragaunus That worked for me! I didn't override the defaults to begin with but after setting them to 6000 each, I was able to build on my platformed creatures again. Thanks for the help there, I was nearly at my wit's end.
barracuda922 Apr 15 @ 7:43am 
WHEN I PLACE AN EXTENSION, then log out, when i log back in the extension is disconnected from my quetzel, and floating in mid air?
Auranim Apr 13 @ 9:06am 
I'm also having the bug in which the Wodden Raft Extender appears green while hovering over a Wodden Raft and, upon clicking, it makes the sound effect and visual effect that it's placed, but then it's nowhere to be found (and also doesn't leave my inventory). Tested on a dedicated server. Any fix for that?
Dragaunus Apr 11 @ 9:23pm 
"Too far from suitable platform" RESOLVED!!!

I did read the info on the MOD more carefully and say this portion....

Config Options:

Place the following in your gameusersettings.ini file(if you wish to override the defaults).


I did so but I still seemed to have same issue yet feel dumb now. The 0's have to be overidden to something bigger so I did for example:


And bam! Fixed! Wanted to pass this along.
Overwatch Apr 11 @ 8:57pm 
@IchMuhDich The answer you need is LITERALLY on the next page of the comments. You could have saved yourself a lot of frustration if you had simply looked through the comments to see if anyone else had the same issue as you.

1 foundation is 300 distance

Yes it's weird. That's just how everything in the game is measured. If you want 20 more foundations distance away from the raft rudder, you would use...

Dragaunus Apr 11 @ 8:11pm 
A) I drop the extender on a Bronto or Quetz, and able to build fine atop it and farther out untill obiously you reach a point that's understandibly beyond build limits without support. Any kind of building part works fine.

B) I logout of the single player session or local host session.

C) I log back on but now any time I attempt to place an item on the same saddle I built on previously, it automatically gives the 'too far from suitable platform'. Nothing can be placed again or replaced.

D) This also seems to be associated with the Extended Saddles auto destroying or failing to be placed as well. One time you log in, nothing will stick. The next, through some series of events I'm unsure how to repeat, you can then drop them.

Is this MOD still being worked on or has it been retired? I only ask as the same issue has been mentioned several times throughout the comments without a reply from the Author. Hopefully he'll be able to find a solution.
Deucalion Apr 11 @ 7:29am 
@orionsun is it possible to add support for World Turtle Saddle please? Thanks!
IchMuhDich Apr 9 @ 1:49pm 
@soepie7 yea i'm aware that this isn't the Width of my Map Coordinates ^^ i thougt if i make it 20 / 20 / 20 i can Build 20 Foundations in each Direction '-' , well it doesn't work for me don't know wich Settings i have to do like should it stay at 0 ? or do i have to make it higher and then do i have to place the Snappy Extansion again to make it work or does it just upgrade it's range / distance if it's alreade build?
soepie7 Apr 8 @ 11:53am 
@IchMuhDich I am not sure about the exact values, but those numbers are not the width of your map coördinates or 1 foundation. It works, but 20 is just not that much.
IchMuhDich Apr 8 @ 4:59am 

Changed them to

And it doesn't work for me x: ? any way to override the Distance ? Or must it stay at 0 ?