Portal 2

Portal 2

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Smart Testing
Hello everyone.
When you want testing I will give you more chambers and there are.
Good luck and Have fun test subjects.

(We are testing because we love it.)
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Smart testing (1. Lets start)
Created by Popoill
Hello test subject, this is your first and easy test. Some subject did it in 10 minutes but you do it faster. And meanwhile I bake a cake.

Have fun...
Smart testing (2. Move)
Created by Popoill
OK ... here are some moving mechanisms and other object. For this chamber I have 3 rules:
Be clever!
Be fast!
Be receptive!

Have fun ......
Smart testing (3. Orange bridge)
Created by Popoill
In new chamber you can use our orange gel and Light bridge. What do you do with it? Its so easy you paint light bridge to orange bridge :)...
Smart testing (4. Prototype)
Created by Popoill
Hello ... This test chamber is only prototype and you must test it. How do you do it? I dont know but I belive that you find the exit, test subject.

Well, go to work....