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Horror Guide to Greenlight
A collection of upcoming horror games you should be watching!
Bloody Disgusting -
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About the Game
You will get a new thrilling experience inside a Thai hospital. The story will be told from the different perspective of 3 characters. You will explore different areas of the hospital in order to piece...
Created by Dream Wave Games
Trapped in a time loop where you must relive the same night. Explore the mysterious lake house and discover it's dark secrets. But be careful. You are not alone…

You have inherited a lake house from your estranged father who disappeared unde...
Ad Infinitum
Ad Infinitum is an atmospheric single-player horror game, which puts you into a World War I setting experienced in a first-person perspective.

You find yourself in the trenches of a forlorn battlefield where vicious creatures lurk in the shadows....
Ashen Rift
Created by barrycollins


Ashen Rift is a first-person action adventure game. The gameplay is focused on the relationship between you and your only friend, a canine named Bounder, wh...
Created by AgustinCordes
A Psychological Horror Adventure Inspired By H. P. Lovecraft.

Decay surrounds you, dread around every corner. You feel imprisoned while traversing the endless corridors... Asylum is a chilling journey through the intricate floors of the Ha...
Camp Sunshine
Created by FossilGames
Camp Sunshine is a 16-bit blood-soaked Horror RPG that pits you as Jez, who is dropped off at Summer Camp. He awakes in the middle of the night to discover blood everywhere and a rampaging ...
Chernobyl VR Project
Created by The Farm 51

Chernobyl VR Project is a unique project by The Farm 51, as it combines video games with educational and movie narrative software. It is the very first virtual tour around the Chernobyl and Pripyat area, compatible with mul...
Created by Creazn

A horror game that pays homage to film noir with an intricate Stephen King like narrative.

“The game is a self constructing narrative where players are immersed into a world affected by their choices. The story is...
Ghost Theory
Created by Dreadlocks Ltd

"It's when the lights go out and you feel something behind you, you hear it, you feel its breath against your ear, but when you turn around, there's nothing there..."...
Created by Tristan Parrish
The Game
Grave is a first person, open world survival horror experience. Explore an ever-changing world filled with frightening creatures. Grave is a hybrid of environmental exploration and combative horror, creating constant tension as the player ...
Created by Tristan Parrish
The Game
Grave is a first person, open world survival horror experience. Survive the night with a arsenal of defensive tools, and explore an ever-changing world filled with frightening creatures. Grave is a hybrid of environmental exploration and...
Gray Dawn
Created by Interactive Stone
It is 1910, Christmas Eve, and you're a Swedish born priest suspected of murdering one of his altar boys who vanished just a few days ago. Guilty or not, you find yourself trapped in the middle of strange events involving a demonic possession and divine ap...
Heathen : The sons of the law
Created by Frog Factory
Indie game based on the novel by HG Wells: "The island of Doctor Moreau".

Achieved with CryEngine

Story summary:

The English expedition "Peary & Scott" discovers an island populated by stran...
Hybris: Chapter 1
Created by CarpeDiem
The world of Hybris is dangerous, claustrophobic and frightening. Spanning one dramatic night, you will play as Kevin and fight for your survival.

Hybris is the first chapter of the trilogy, a psychological puzzle/platform thriller that will haun...
Created by TomND
Intertwined is a game set in a post-apocalyptic environment where the player must attempt to rebuild society with what scarce resources are put before him, while staying elusive and avoiding the evils of this new world. While some people may choose to stay...
Iron Fish
Created by Meat Name Games
What will a simple mayday call bring to the surface?

Iron Fish is a psychological deep-sea thriller that challenges players to navigate the dangers that lurk at the bottom of the ocean, where humans no longer have the upper hand.

Kodoku Chronicles
Created by Carnivore Studio
Kodoku Chronicles is a Horror Visual Novel with a combat system based on strategy.
Kodoku Chronicles takes place in a universe mixing Japanese folklore and the legends of H.P Lovecraft.

Kodoku Chronicles is a Vi...
Lethe - Episode One
Created by John E. K.
Crushed under the debts of his recently deceased step-father, Robert Dawn, a journalist with an unremarkable career, decides to hunt down his origins. Everything points to a quiet mining settlement. Shortly after his arrival, Robert comes in...
Lovecraft Tales
Created by sewerhrehorowicz
Check our indiegogo campaign at

Imagine a lovecraftian game, that just drags you into it's cold, dark world, and forces you to face unknown terrors older than this world.

Imagine breathtaking adventure in a dynamic,...
Created by NVYVE Studios


P.A.M.E.L.A. is an open world, sci-fi survival horror FPS with RPG elements in development for Windows PC, release date TBA 2016....
Pesadelo - Regressão
Created by [SKJZ] JazzMacedo
"You may never forget" - Doctor Marcus

A cemetery filled with hostile creatures. A church that will not save you. Complex puzzles. The return to the school where everything began. And a fragile, intelligent girl with a thirst for revenge.

Relive Alex...
Project: Stowaway
Created by Nemecys
[img] [/img]

On the outskirts of the Arctic circle, deep within the bowels of a Russian Nuclear Icebreaker;

There is nowhere to run ...

Stowing away MAY BE the craziest move you ever ma...
Created by RaindropStudios
Raindrop is a surreal, environment driven, first-person survival game that includes fully explorable levels with intuitive, complex puzzles.

Revolving around a horror themed storyline, the chilling and breathtaking atmospheres will keep you inc...
Created by Aaron Foster
Routine is a first person Survival Horror set on a abandoned Moon Base designed around an 80's vision of the future, Your job is to find enough data and survive long enough to uncover the truth behind the strange disappearance of everyone sta...
Created by Ebb Software
Scorn is an atmospheric first-person horror adventure game set in a nightmarish universe of odd forms and somber tapestry.

It is designed around the idea of "being thrown into the world". Isolated and lost inside this dream-like world, you will explore...
Shadow of the Eternals
Created by Que-ee
Shadow of the Eternals is a third-person action/adventure game steeped in psychological horror, created in collaboration with it's fans!

Darkness Has Returned
A psychological horror game, Shadow of the Eternals is...
Song of Horror
Created by Protocol Games
Song of Horror is a story-driven third person survival horror combining an inspiration in the old school classics with modern design and visuals, evocative of mankind’s eternal fear of what cannot be understood. Take control of up to 16 characters w...
Space Station 14-1
Created by FR0Z3N
Gameplay follows the classical canons like the short Space Station 13 sessions. Each player takes on a particular profession: captain, safety officer, engineer, scientist, botanist, physician, and others.

One of the players is a traitor, in order to sab...
Created by brunomtc
You wake up on a spaceship, dazed and confused from the effects of cryosleep, and begin to search for the rest of the crew. Where could they have gone? All too suddenly, you discover that most of them are dead, and those still al...
The Hum
Created by MonkeyDonkey
For years, people have been hearing mysterious, foreboding, mechanical type noises around the Earth without explanation. The source could never be identified. It was blamed on machinery, electronics and even the Earth’s moving tectonic plates, but not a si...
The Legend
Created by AustinHand

"The Legend" is here to leave you afraid of the dark for the entirety of your life.
We plan to concept various urban legends and stories - into more mysterious (but-even-more dangerous) figures.
With the backup of our NextGen Graphics, you'll st...
The Works of Mercy
Created by Pentacle
“The Works of Mercy” is a psychological thriller inspired by the classics of the genre: Roman Polanski’s “Repulsion,” “The Tenant” and Stanley Kubrick’s “The Shining.” The game’s plot revolves around mysterious killings committed on seemingly random victim...
Created by Gattai Games
Stifled is a Mic-Enabled Sound-Based Survival Thriller, where sound is the only way you see and the enemies HEAR your fear.

In Stifled, the sounds made by your in-game character and yourself through *microphone input reveal the otherwise hidden w...
The Crow's Eye
Created by 3D2 Entertainment
Set against a backdrop of psychological terror, The Crow’s Eye is a first-person adventure in which you control a young man trapped in the abandoned Crowswood University, once a reputed medical college. The complex story is narrated through documents, reco...
The Hum: Abductions
Created by MonkeyDonkey
The Hum: Abductions is a first person alien horror game, under development using the powerful and visually appealing Unreal Engine 4 engine

Thought of as an immersive and frightening story driven game, Abductions is a part of a huge sci...
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FingolfiN Dec 25, 2016 @ 4:25am 
Hi everyone! Roots of Insanity is on Greenlight! Please support us! Game will be released in Q1 2017 :)
Dreamverse Oct 25, 2016 @ 1:19am 
If you like first person survival horror games with dark stories then check out Ouroboros: Prelude. Becareful of what you are willing to do for those you love.
Cronenberg Jul 20, 2016 @ 5:31pm 
New Roguelike on Greenlight, please friends, support us and vote YES
Meowstress Jul 15, 2016 @ 11:41am 
@Lone Knight
You mean every FNaF game and spinoff ever made?
_MaZ_TeR_ Jul 14, 2016 @ 3:43am 
This guy knows what's up
Lone Trooper Jul 13, 2016 @ 5:46pm 
Silent Hill is Horror, Resident Evil WAS Horror...

that New Genre of "Horror" now is called "Jumpscare Festivals".