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Redwoods Anywhere (Open Source)
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Jul 11, 2016 @ 2:19pm
Feb 1 @ 7:14pm
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Redwoods Anywhere (Open Source)

Source Code
(No license, use as wanted with or without attribution)

Grow redwoods(and 20 other trees) that can support tree platforms and tree sap taps anywhere!

Trees are grown inside a Behemoth Tree Plots and are only fertilized with Mulch (made inside the plot).

These trees grow quickly and consume vast quantities of mulch and water, be prepared!

Once fully grown, the trees no longer require mulch and water.(The crop plot disappears once the tree is grown)


- Can place normal tree platforms and tree sap taps(as well as platforms from my Platforms Plus mod.

- Like normal redwoods, these are immune to damage (however you can demolish your tree if you choose).

- Demolishing the behemoth tree plot or a grown tree will not return any resources(this is by design).

- You will be refunded any unused mulch once your tree is fully grown(as the crop plot is destroyed, you aren't able to retrieve any items left in it).

Config Options:
Place this in your gameusersettings.ini if you wish to override the default behavior of all structures placed in the tree being destroyed when the tree is destroyed.


Mod ID: 722649005

Link to Spawn Codes

My Mods:

Structures Plus - Complete building overhaul.
Platforms Plus - Tree platforms with snap points and wedge pieces for multi-level construction.
Platforms Anywhere - 30 different non-tree structures that support a tree platform.
Snappy Saddles - Saddle platform extensions with snap points and ability to increase build distance and structure limit.
Super Spyglass - If a spyglass had a baby with a magnifying glass...
Earthquake Tweaker - Stops earthquakes from moving you around(or makes them more powerful... you choose)
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Missing Engram
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ibrox Aug 4 @ 1:45pm 
i have a invisible cherry tree.. any suggestions ?
soepie7 Jul 3 @ 3:21am 
@Hamad_ahmad no.
hamad_ahmad Jul 2 @ 3:43pm 
can you harvest these trees for wood?
Hotstreaks May 23 @ 11:06pm 
Is this compatible with the Primitive Plus Conversion?
Sayvil May 6 @ 9:09am 
whoever takes the source code could it be inspired by the biome sequoia of the map shigoisland it is magnificent this giant mushroom ! watch ===>

It is even possible to put platforms !
soepie7 Apr 22 @ 10:26am 
@Sayvil I can't agree more with you. All the haters seem to underestimate the amount of people who go Unofficial just because of Orionsun's mods!
Sayvil Apr 22 @ 7:01am 
you are a very good modder and you deserve amply to be literally part of the team wildcar you have the most subscriber and far from all the modders! and your mods have become almost essential!

I will honor your mods and try to bring a new breath to ark survival evolved thanks to you modders.
soepie7 Apr 22 @ 2:41am 
@PuffyDragonair everything can be crafted inside the Behemoth Tree Plots.
PuffyDragonair Apr 21 @ 6:25pm 
Is there a table I need from the engrams to make the trees? I cant findi t.
orionsun  [author] Apr 21 @ 4:20pm 
I can't comment on my work at Wildcard.

And to clarify, there is no contractual limit on me working on mods, its simply that I am so busy now that I do not have the free time. If something critical comes up, I will attempt to make time to fix it but I just don't have the time now to work on minor issues.