Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

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PlagueFest Mini Games
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MG Tower of Smee (CS:GO Port) - mg_smee_tower_csgoport
Created by 🆔WRITEX
Original map by Mathjis.

I didn't make this map. I only "ported" it to CS:GO, while removing errors, broken stuff, things that didn't work in GO, swapped out glossy models with models that wouldn't give your eyes cancer - etc.
I haven't put in much effor...

If you are having issues with the map (ie guns not spawning) you will need to download it from Gamebanana:
Otherwise, add mp_weapons_allow_map_placed 1 to your server.cfg and bspcon...
Nature Multigames v2
Created by punky
Gamebanana link: mg_nature_multigames_v2[]



**Right click > Pr...
Created by i don't camp
                                                            MG_50ARENAS_V2_3      [img][/i
Sonic Multigames
Created by Sodan Tok
Multigames map designed to be like world of everyone's favorite hedgehog. You will feel like you are in the world of Sonic. You will remember good old Green Hill Zone and nostalgic music will bring tear to your eye.
All levels revolve around fighting, jum...
AWP Multigames
Created by Ome Joey
Please select CASUAL gamemode when promted.

You basicly have to eliminate the enemy team before they eliminate you. Look around for those sneaky spots and you'll maybe even find yourself a special weapon. :)

There are 11 AWP maps to cho...
Created by Blair-chan 💣
mini-game levels
Levels: 30
The map contains "bhop" "strafe" "surf"
Difficulty: Medium

if it ends the bonus, will unlock a living ^_^

Have Fun!...
Created by NIPPER
Happy Halloween everybody!

This Christmas... basements. will. flood....
Created by Waffles
A classic multigame map now ported for csgo!

Leave me feedback and please notify me of any issues!

Thanks for subscribing!...
Created by Waffles
The CSS classis now ported to CS:GO. A minigame map with six different levels awp/grenade/rifle/pistol/p90/shotgun...
Ice Hockey! (version 0.2)
Created by FictionSource
Terrorists and Counter-Terrorists wanted to play something together so they determined to hold an Ice hockey match.

The Map is currently in the beta phase and you decide what I should add/modify with the next version. At this time there are only 2 playe...
Ski Mountain
Created by Northern3D
Tomgreen's map....
Created by WL
\* ATTENTION: The Map seems to be broken as of today ( 22th April 2016 ) *\
\* I'll try to fix the map whenever i'll get some free time *\

Hello guys and gurls.

This is a rather old project of mine which originated in CS:S.
This is mostly ...
Created by hype
Current Version mg_hype2_v3

SERVER OPS, PLEASE WHITELIST "sm_cvar, +phys_pushscale 900 +cs_enable_player_physics_box 1" Thank You!

Version v3
(Updated as of November 7th 2017)
-Changelog in discussions!
Hi and welcome to my map!

Version v3 (
Created by spawi
Map convert CSS to CS:GO play modify

cfg: map mg_creative_multigames custom

>ADD sm_say 1 info map chat
>ADD sm_cvar 1

Required: Sourcemod and Noblock full time

Created by Shawn
Battle it out in the multitude of various arenas by buying your weapons and fighting to the death

Map ported by Shawn for Giclan

Supports up to 56 players

Visit us at
Created by yourselvs
Version 1.3 release. 17 individual minigames, many of which are original.

Welcome to Krane Multigames, a multigames map and my first map endeavor....
Created by ColdAnimation
This map does not follow the physical rules of gravity and timespace, so have fun playing between dimensions :)

->Special thanks for some awesome custom textures to
->Thanks for the inspiration by the map: mg_gra...
Created by 『Yvzhn』
Have Fun!!

Look out my other map Fy_karakolbaskini_v2 !!
I hope you like it
Created by Cloud
A Minigames (specifically Multigames) map, where you must firstly choose a weapon in the allocated spawn, and then you are sent into an area to fight the other team to the death

There are a few Easter Eggs in the map, all I can say is, on the Isl...
Created by Waffles
Css classic

Health regenerates so to kill an enemy it either has to be a headshot or hitting them multiple times in a short span of time.

Thanks for subscribing, and please notify of me of any issues.

Song List:

Bleed it Out by Linkin Park
Created by Ead ixztkpid
The description of this map is rather long, in this Full youtube if you want to read. This is the crackhouse of CS: S that conosco but with a personal touch of my hand, I hope you like....

A multigames map ispired by many videogames.
This map contains 14 minigames. Some of these can be played with different modalities.

When you select a minigame, you have to wait one round to select it again.

Created by quikk

-If you can't stay in the boats, put this command in the console or in the server.cfg: cs_enable_player_physics_box 1

-If you find other errors , tell me in comments.

Other creations:

-dm_deoff [BETA] ->
Minigames Blank by Lili
Created by _Sagiri_
Hello Guys! This is my final version of minigames and first map.. if u find bug or something spam me hard.. nah just kidding ;)
Btw map works correctly only if u own server with no collision for enemy and bhop addon (talking just about Bhop map every othe...
Created by xXm0nschd4Xx
My first multigame map: mg_deltasports :)
This map is still in alpha
Many things will be changed and the map could have a few bugs.
Feel free to report them in commands.
If you are unhappy with something or you want something to be changed, write it i...
Created by iSuperleggera
A minigame map that combines launch cannons with some surfing and a tower.
Also has a very small secret room.
Best used with "sv_airaccelerate 150".
Thanks to Strikerback and Robert for testing and advice....
Created by Hillrop
This map isnt created by me it is created by a fantastic user on gamebanana called professoroak.
Im trying to fix a few of the texture glitches atm.

A css remake of the map mg_ski_mountain....
Ski Mountain
Created by Noobivore
ski mountain...