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Civic And Reform
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Civic And Reform

Civic Reform and Rule is designed to bring back the old experience of enacting civics in the previous predecessor of Civilization V at managing a nation's domestic and foreign affairs.

This mod requires everything about the Community Patch and Community Balance Patch which allows the addition of these civics and features.

Choose your civics, switch them. Choose what is best for your nation for other foreign civilizations will choose what is best for them. Be wise in your decision however, for many switches will turn your civilization into a revolution. Starting in the game, you will earn 5 of the default civics: Despotism, Anarchism, Tribalism, Decentralization, and Paganism. These are very basic and will not grant you strong bonuses, but as you advance later to the eras you will be able to unlock new civics that will entitle you to powerful bonuses but beware of the upkeep mechanic. A higher upkeep means you would have to spend more gold in maintenance.

Still not know what to do yet? 5 Easy buttons. Click to enact. If still need more information, the advisor on the top can help you out a bit.


Download Vox Populi here![]

Civic And Reform Guide[]

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Techpriest Enginseer  [author] May 3 @ 1:22pm 
I cannot confirm that error. I must suggest you delete the InGame.lua and verify game integrity.
Jack May 3 @ 9:01am 
well, i did enable logging, but was not able to track it down. anyway i found something which was different from running all the other mods without civics and reform. maybe it somehow related to these two entries?

[26097.921] Runtime Error: Assets\DLC\Expansion2\UI\InGame\InGame.lua:1262: attempt to index local 'addinFile' (a nil value)
[26097.921] Runtime Error: Error loading Assets\DLC\Expansion2\UI\InGame\InGame.lua.

Jack May 3 @ 2:24am 
hi! first, let me thank your this awesome mod! you really put a lot of effort into it!

sadly it stopped working for me, after reinstalling civ 5. the problem is, that the civic panel simply wont show up in the dropdown-menu (i use the non-eui-version). i am using the whole vp package (43civ dll) and a bunch of other mods, which all work together pretty fine. maybe you have any idea which mods often lead to incompatibilities. i took a look at the logs but i could not track it down. i thought maybe the problems are other mods, adding to the drop-down-menu, like the "quick turns"-mod or the "notification options"-mod by whoward?

thanks in advance!
Techpriest Enginseer  [author] Apr 25 @ 11:04pm 
Yes, they are high if you use all high maintenance civics. It's a balance to either convert your treasury into passive bonuses or hoard your treasury for active usage(for purchasing and diplomacy trading).

There's just no intent to de-select civics since you cannot operate without a government, legal system, labor, economy, or organized religion.

If you are in the Industrial Era, you must start building Labor Association which Workshops can grant +1 Gold to each of these mini-guild buildings. Credit Unions unlocking in the Modern Era then start making civics easier to maintain with each Banks gaining +15% Gold and granting +1 Gold to the Credit Union itself.

Alternatively, if gold is an issue you must convert your nation into a Libertarian paradise of Confederation, Nationhood, Manoralism/Emanicipation, working under a decentralized economy, and pacifism. (which then you'll be operating at a +25% maintenance increase)
Mod Joeda Apr 23 @ 9:24pm 
Hello, is the upkeep for civics suppose to be super high? Playing as Celts, I was pretty much running a deficit from medieval era and on. I was playing wide, and planned on conquering my entire continent. By the time I managed to do so (around end of industrial era) I was running on -1000 GPT. I noticed my building maintenance cost was extremely high, and I think that value is affected by the civic I have selected. I don't see an option to 'unselect' a civic since I don't want to run my gold income to the ground.

Also, there are times where I open the selection for the Civics category, but the option to stick with the current Civic is greyed out. I don't think the case where I select that option twice was what I encountered.

Love your work btw
Johannes Brahms Jan 2 @ 12:01pm 
Is this compatible with the newest Vox Populi version?
Techpriest Enginseer  [author] Dec 7, 2018 @ 4:53pm 
The Community Patch is separate from Vox Populi.
LunoBrit Dec 1, 2018 @ 8:02am 
I see, because last time I tried to run it, it said that it needed the community patch. Last time I checked (could be misinformation) the Community Patch required Vox Populi or the EUI which is something I don't want. I personally just like to hope that mods do not require other mods to work.
Techpriest Enginseer  [author] Dec 1, 2018 @ 7:21am 
without Community Patch, with Community Patch yes.