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Changing Betas/Branches for Wayward
By Drathy
This guide will show you how you can change your version of Wayward to rollback to a previous version (for modding/hardware compatibility), or to try out our latest changes before they are released publicly in our "Development Branch".
Wayward's unique development process enables us to be as transparent as possible. One of the benefits to this and being on Steam is allowing us to provide multiple versions of the game, at anybody's fingertips, including a version of Wayward that is updated pretty much every night.

Besides testing the latest and greatest stuff we are working on, you can also rollback previous versions for other reasons as well, like for mod compatibility, software/hardware issues (some versions have been known to be an issue for some hardware), or just testing some of the previous iterations of Wayward if you enjoyed certain aspects from that version.
WARNING: We would strongly recommend you keep backups of all of your important saves before changing branches. Furthermore, we do not recommend using the "Development Branch" if you are not willing to run into bugs; some possibly game-breaking ones. Keep frequent backups of your saves to prevent any important data loss. If you are also concerned about your global options, milestones, and unlocked crafting recipes, we would recommend you also backup the entire "save" directory within the Wayward directory.

Please follow this guide to import/export save data and to learn more about backups in Wayward:

Changing Betas
To change betas (or branches), simply right-click Wayward in your Steam's library. Click "Properties" from the dropdown.

Next when the new window pops up, select the "Betas" tab. Click the dropdown from there and select the version you want.

"development - Development Branch" is our latest "test" version of Wayward, the stuff we are putting out on a near-nightly basis. Refer to the warning section before using this option.

After selecting an option, click the "Close" button. Wayward will now be shown to be downloading via Steam (if you changed versions). Wait for the download to complete before launching.

If you run into any issues loading the game, your save data may simply not be compatible with the version you switched to. This can happen when rolling back to an older version. To correct this, close Wayward, and go back into "Properties", but go to the "Local files" tab instead when the window pops up. Here you can "Browse..." which will open the Wayward directory. Delete or move the "save" folder located here and restart Wayward to start anew.

If you want to know which each version featured or changed, please review the Wayward news section on Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/app/379210/allnews/
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perhonen Jul 7, 2018 @ 11:05am 
Thank you for this! Some of us are lazy people who started to get into linux and never properly finished that for one reason or another, so don't know how to 'properly compile' anything, as an example. Won't go back to Windows but mostly still have that mentality, you know? Yes, need to get over that. Maybe tomorrow there'll be time to sit down and learn something properly.