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CTF 2Fort Revamp
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Jul 9, 2016 @ 2:05pm
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CTF 2Fort Revamp

I created this back in 2010 (long before Steam Workshop existed) and finally got around to re-uploading it here after somebody pointed out some other people were ripping it off and stealing credit. Please click the video link for a walkthrough.


This map is an attempt to alter ctf_2fort to make it more fun, dynamic, and less-prone to stalemates, while still maintaining distinctive 2fort features and gameplay. Biggest features include:

  • An unique way for flag-carriers to escape the enemy base, via a new cooling tower and underwater sewer section.
  • Ramps to exit the water, to make it easier for enemies to attack the weakest defensive front.
  • A new room in each basement, to help overcome intelligence-guarding sentries.
  • Changed main-spawn exits, to avoid a "single big blob" of defenders.
  • A vent in the lower-courtyard leads the basement, if you dare the one-way trip.
  • Added more pathways and hiding spots on the first floor.
  • Sneaky spies can go through the sewers without splashing noises.
And many, many small symmetry-fixes, optimizations, and tweaks. (Did you notice the clouds move?)



It turns out that TF2's workshop is still user-unfriendly. The dedicated server is fine, but if you want to test out this map alone you need to follow a few extra steps:

  1. Subscribe
  2. Wait for Steam to say the download is done
  3. Start TF2
  4. Open the console
  5. Type the following command: map workshop/721186968

That should launch the map. If you want to change the map on an existing server with people on it, you'll need to use the changelevel command instead.


If you're curious how the map got to its current state -- of if you don't believe me that this is the original -- feel free to check out all the evidence here:

  1. Steam Forum announcement (2008)
  2. TF2Maps announcement (2009)[]
  3. Old Beta-3 download page (2009)[]
  4. Youtube walkthrough (2010)
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