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This is a collection of maps made by the Reddit community.

If you want your map(s) added to the collection, just link to the map(s) you want added in the comment section and to your reddit profile. Please do not make requests of maps that are not made by redditors.


Have fun!
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The Third.
Created by Santa's Little Pyro
Good luck....
The Fourth.
Created by Santa's Little Pyro
Good luck....
The Fifth.
Created by Santa's Little Pyro
Good luck....
The Sixth.
Created by Santa's Little Pyro
Good luck....
The Seventh.
Created by Santa's Little Pyro
Good luck....
The Eighth.
Created by Santa's Little Pyro
Good luck....
Created by Espen
This is the second map in a collection of maps that I've made using the editor. More maps will be added at a later stage.

All maps in this collection will be in the range of normal - hard difficulty.

If you have any bugs or exploits to report, pleas...
Created by Espen
This is the third map in a collection of maps that I've made using the editor. More maps will be added at a later stage.

All maps in this collection will be in the range of normal - hard difficulty.

If you have any bugs or exploits to report, please...
AND Gate
Created by Jailbait
Two cubes, One door....
Angle of Attack
Created by Kais
Think diagonally.

Bounce and Blob
A simple map dealing mainly with Aerial Faith Plates and Gels....
Bounce to Escape!
Created by Randy Bobandy
Be swift in your bounce.

1 - Easy / 5 - Hard
I rate this a 3.

Comment for improvements/changes. Thanks for testing....
Chamber 1
Created by doubleprime
An originally-named test chamber....
Dunk, Block, Shoot
Created by Veaotch
It's your ball and the defense do not like to be scored upon.

Designer Notes:
My first test chamber was a learning experience. I learned that when saving it takes a screen shot that might give away surprises....
Created by Taxicat
Five-way intersection chamber
Updated this chamber - few bug fixes...
Cube Tube
Created by Nik SG
Thank you, but the cube is in another chamber....
Created by McDean
You know you want to......
Expert Cube & Sphere Love
Bring the cube and shpere close together and they will share their love!
Another map for expert portal players.

If you find any glitches, please leave a message in the comments and I will fix it ASAP....
Tyrant: Rebellion [UPDATE]
Created by A Metal Penguin
A re-make of a great map I found a while back...with really evil additions >:P (Solution Video included).

Solution Video: (COMING TOMORROW).
[Please do not watch the video unless you COMPLEATLY give up FOREVER. Yes, this puzzle is hard, but it is solvab...
Created by Roknine
Fly me to the moon, you monster....
Mind The Gap
Created by nitromuse
A fairly difficult puzzle for Portal veterans. This science is harder than your little sister's potato battery project, but should only last as long as test subject 119147. Hooboy....
Lasers, Lasers Everywhere
Created by Randy Bobandy
First level made by myself. Hope you guys like it!

1 - Easy / 5 - Hard
I rate it at a 2....
Getting on the Right Track
Created by Ross
By respecting your portals you will be able to get on the right track of the chamber....
It's A Trap! 1
Created by Kevin7557
Watch out it's a trap, but thanks to science we can easily defeat any trap.

Good Luck.

(Note: Trap doors may take a bit of fussing over to get to open properly. This is a game issue not a design flaw.)...
Jumps of Doom
Created by Hitmanjaret
Test 5 - Jump it!...
Around the World 1.4
Created by License-less Rider
Prove that you are no Karl Pilkington!...
Speed Gel is Fun
Created by jeff
You have to go fast.

Bonus challenge mode: Try to complete it without pressing the pedestal button.

Updated 2012-05-14: Fixed exploits.
Updated 2012-05-15: Minor changes to make the solution easier to identify and execute, based on playtesting from ...
The Tao of Jay Version 0.4
Created by Jay
A work in progress. Version 0.3 Testing out the concept of automated actions.

The portal-able panel is by default on, but you don't have enough height. You have to press the button to remove the laser field of death to drop down far enough to fling yourse...
Tubes and Flings v2
Created by stvb95
A combination of Flings and Excursion Funnels are required to complete this test chamber. (V1, will update and fix often)
-Added more puzzles
-Added 1 more button required to open the exit door...
Sigma's First
Created by I r8 8/8 m8
My first map. Enjoy!! Simple yet slightly complex. hope you enjoy it as it is my first ever!...
Created by kamggg
Small room, not too hard. No timing or twichiness required. No risk of death. Wise placement of cubes and portals will get you through this one. You monster....
From the Ground Up v. 1.3
Created by Cahiers du Ludica
As the title says get to the top of the tower. First you have to power it up. Look around for clues.

I've streamlined the puzzle elements since the last iteration, and added a couple of elements. The puzzle elements have been changed from the previou...
Fun fun funnels! (Science Sphere 42)
Created by DR3AM
Chariots! I hope we all learned from that major accident in sphere 41 last week.. We are actually in space, where there is NO breathable air.

Anyway, we're finally done with all the salvaging we still could and now we're stuck with a major surplus of p...
Laser Panoptikon v 2.1
Created by Cahiers du Ludica
UPDATED - fixed a problem button

Use the relays in the center to create different effects. Some methods hold the key.

A simple puzzle where the wrong answer can be deadly.

Update notes -

- Added bottom floor to help from being stuck.
- Made exit mo...
Off and On
Created by Heartbreaker
A Portal puzzle with no portals? It'd be simple if we could only turn off those lasers.......
Science sphere 43.1
Created by DR3AM
Hello test subject, and welcome to science sphere 43. Find and take good care of your cube(s). If you lose one you will be fired..upon..by turrets..that kill you..untill you're dead.
Oh, my assistent Greg tells me that we're not allowed to ...
Science sphere 44
Created by DR3AM
Cave again, reminder, we're still in space so don't, I repeat, DON'T go breaking through any walls or you will have a serious breathable air shortage very quickly.

Anyway, it's been brought to my attention that there have been some power outages which m...
Separation Anxiety
Created by Heartbreaker
The two came to realize that the only thing they could rely on ... was each other. Oh, and laser fields....
The Infinite Monkey Chamber
Created by kamggg
Cave Johnson here. Years ago we lost some of the designs for our classic test chambers, so we decided to try to recreate them by using an infinite number of monkeys to design chambers. Turns out that was a bad idea. Either that principle just doesn't wo...
The Liberator
Created by Heartbreaker
"What kind of monster would just kill them like that? They could be used to open doors!"...
A Drop to Drink
Created by Kais
It's dry as the moon in here...

Created by Kais
This chamber will drive you hopping mad.

Created by jeff
A deceptively simple puzzle involving lasers and funnel polarity. Or something like that. #reddit...
Around the Bend
Created by Taxicat
Updated for bug fixes in the second area - changed the goo to an emancipation grill.
Back to square one
Created by Bear
A journey full of sleepy turrets, tractorbeams and ofcourse lasers. As always; your beloved companion cube will guide you to victory.

Baka 01
Created by TJ
Formerly known as "Test Chamber Please Ignore".

A simple chamber where reflexes and basic Portal Thinking is required. Nothing more.

Full playthrough video, with spoilers, here:

Chamber of cakes
Created by Bear
You might think twice before entring this test chamber. Remember, show a little love to your companion cube. Good luck!

Created by Taxicat
Choose wisely
Concept: Panels and alternating buttons
Created by Aleitheo
The cube is dropped onto a series of faith plates that bounces back and forth, its path collides with the panels on the ceiling. The buttons on both sides of the room trigger these panels to retract with one button doing panels 1, 3 and 5 and the other doi...
Cube Management Course
Created by panzerxiii » ☆
You must manage your
blocks very well or you may
find yourself puzzled.

May 9th, 2012 Changelog: Changed the tractor beam room to prevent an unintended easy access point.

Created by Challah_Money
This exciting new product wil turn your boring old gray panels into exciting and multipurpouse white panels!
(a small skip over one step; it would be too messy to fix.)...
Double Barrier v2.0
Created by nuclear_reactor
Get past the laser and the fizzler!

Added a second button, divides the function of the single button of v1.0 and paths to actions are now visible
Reduced the size of the chamber...
Edgeless Cube Control
Created by Winter_5
Wellcome to the Edgeless Cube Control. A place where you'll explore the not so endless possibilities of edgeless cubes.

Any comments, suggestions and ideas are very wellcome.

Make sure you watch this videos after you finished the test (spoi...
Created by PropaneDragon
Just another test chamber, or is it? Not everything is as it seems.
Thanks for subscribing, really glad most of you like it.

Update (19/05/2012):
Rebuilt the cubemaps, no more shiny props. Sorry about that.

Update (17/05/2012):
Updated it to remov...
False Friends
This may look easier than it is. ;)

Can you find the solution?
v2: made the solution just a "tiny" bit more obvious. ;)

TIP: Bayl n gehr pbzcnavba pbhyq uryc lbh urer. Gbb onq, gurer'f abar VA guvf grfg punzore.

(use rot13 to decipher)

Also, turrets ar...
Created by Kais
The toughest game of three-in-a-row you'll ever play.

High and Dry
Created by Mr Fabulous_
My second test chamber. Feedback is appreciated.

Filled with Bullets V1.3
Created by dualPortal
You must learn from the past to avoid it becoming the present. (Chamber 2 of my Amalgamation series, using Chamber 17 from Portal 1.) #reddit...
Four Part Circuit Breaker
Created by panzerxiii » ☆
You must break the Tractor Beam circuit! Help your Companion get to the final switch and let you out!

Follow the white paint to open the gate...

Creator's Note: The map would look much better aesthetically, yet there is an entity limit that prevented...
Hoodoo Mama Juju
Created by Thumb in my Bum
Fresh and fairly simple. Three room puzzle utilizing Light Bridges, Repulsion Gel, Thermal Discouragement Beams and Buttons.

Enjoy, and please comment!

Flinging 101
Created by Tuff McAwesome
Basic flinging, careful where you land!

Created by Kais
Is the grass really greener over there?

Lasers & s**t
Created by Aidantheman18
Moderately easy test, pretty simple. There's an Easter egg, can you find it?
Created by Dopefish
Laser Cube
Created by Koning Kameeltje
Dont forget to bring your companion cube.

Leap of Faith
Created by panzerxiii » ☆
Simple, perhaps? While
it may seem obvious, looks
can be deceiving.

May 10th, 2012 Changelog: Fixed an issue that would make the cube stuck in the dark room. It is now triggered on button press, not just a spawn.

Fixed an issue where someone can ge...
HowieGaming's Spectacular Test
Created by Ben de L'Affleck
If you cant complete it, I don't know what to say

(there is an easter egg here.)

Loop Around
Created by tommewhale
A linear test chamber with a few rooms. #reddit...
Created by Tréncha
A few small puzzles put together to make a more complex one. Many puzzle elements are used multiple times. No ninja tricks or fast reactions needed, but the ability to place portals promptly is required.

Feedback is appreciated, I'm especially interested ...
Panels and Plates
Created by Aleitheo
A multi part setup involving faith plates and panels

Panzer's Flying Circus
Created by panzerxiii » ☆
Soar through the air with no fear!
Timing and grace are needed here!

Although it looks simple, it may be difficult,
Just use your awesome gun as a catapult!

Party pool
Created by Autumnum
Soar though this water-filled room with many faith plates to try and get to the other side.

Slam Dunk
Created by Tuff McAwesome
Have you got what it takes to play in the PBA (Portal Basketball Association)?

Playing Catch
Created by thespiffyneostar
Time for some thinking with Laser!
and I hope you're lucky!
So close, yet sooooo far.
Created by panzerxiii » ☆
There once was a chamber with six switches.
The creator, he gets all the bitches.
You start near the end!
Past death you see your friend!
Yet you're not getting in till you've some more riches.

Throughout the puzzle you'll find,
That there may be s...
Portal Plinko
Created by RedMonster347
You've been here a long time, and you deserve to be free! So drop that edgeless safety cube into the Plinko board and hope that it lands on the pressure plate. Standing on the glass platform will drop you into the exit tunnel. #reddit...
Created by Taxicat
Leave no cube behind!
So, who is ready to draw some pentagrams?
Created by Psyclone Joker
Welcome, gentlemen, to Aperture Paranormal. Magicians, witches, crystal healing doctors; you're here because you have scary powers and we want in on it.

Version history:

-Moved blue gel dropper up and added portalble surfaces ...
Stepping Stones
Make your way across the raised platforms to the exit. #reddit...
Take the blue pill V3
Created by SiMau5
[PERFECTED] Awesome level. Desinged to give you something to think about, If you can complete it without taking any damage then you get bonus points,
Edited because people didnt like the beginning, no other changes. Enjoy. (& rate)

Sponsored by reddit.
The Sacrifice
Created by Señor
Medium difficulty puzzle with NO ninja reflexes/cheats needed, just a willing test subject.
Use F6 to quick save (since there are no checkpoints) and happy testing.

Please rate and any feedback, comments, or blind run videos/commentary would be greatl...
Three for 3
Created by Promek
3 Puzzles to solve, can you crack them?

Bonus Points for anyone who can find the hidden easter egg :P

Time's Running Out!
Created by panzerxiii » ☆
Timing is of the
essence to open the gate
to solve this puzzle.

May 9th, 2012 Changelog: Changed the way the Edgeless Safety Cube spawns; it was despawning because of entity collision.

May 10th, 2012 Changelog: Added a slight change to lighting. Pr...
Tunnel Launch
Created by edmcmanwich
My first map. Leave some feedback. #reddit...
Created by Taxicat
Hint: Stack it up
Up, Over, and Out
Created by Thehobohunted
This is a fairly large, moderately complex two-part test chamber.

Do be sure to stick the Faith Plates.

Created by MeowGress
Requires fast reaction and puzzle solving skills....
Adult Swim!
Created by MapleBacon
Deceptively simple!
Created by MapleBacon
My first test chamber. The ending requires a little bit of skill! Don't get discouraged. It can be done. Thanks for playing!...
Pyramid of Power
Created by MapleBacon
Bouncing more and more!...
The Elephant
Created by Wyld Stallyns
This was my first map using the PTI. It was fairly straight-forward but ultimately a little easy. So, this is an updated version where I've added a whole new area which ramps the difficulty up quite a bit (I hope - please let me know what you think of it)....
Created by thebadoneandy
Find your way to the three cubes, no portals needed. Simple, right?...
My Itch
Created by Circuz Ninja
I have to test all the time...
Danger Blocked v3
Created by Shakespeare
How will you get the reflector cube with those pesky turrets in the way?

My first map. Difficulty: Beginner.

v3: Added fizzler to prevent portal grab from first room
v2: Added panel to prevent a fly-by grab...
Excursion FUNnels
Created by Your Metal Boy
Have a dandy time in this Excursion Funnel based puzzle...
Momentum Recycling
Created by Your Metal Boy
Reuse your momemtem in this clever speed-based laser puzzle....
The pit and the pendulum
Created by damocles
Boing! Boing! Fzzt! Boing! Splotch! Fzzt! Boing!

V3 - refined completion process, made switch effects more obvious, made exit easier to seeV4 a few minor tweaks to stop layers taking an easier solution to the main puzzle, plus added more room to mov...
Created by Bortobob
The watchful eye of the chamber is upon you......
Created by alexbfree
If George Lucas digitally remastered a Portal test chamber, this is what you'd get. The room is densely packed full of puzzles, filling the screen wherever you look.

From the moment you enter, you'll need to keep your wits about you. Most of the obstacle...
Catch me!
Created by Sushi
Cross the gap. Just make sure you're prepared first!...
Have Your Balls Dropped [Part 1]
Created by Tangarang
Drop your balls on the buttons. Simple!...

(The turrets were my wife's idea.)

Created by Bortobob
Use the laser beams to enable the staircase....
Created by Paul Sac
Take your time and remember where things are and what they do. This test takes a while to complete even if you know what you're doing. Let me know if anythings appears not to work. I look forward for any comments/ feedback you might have. Enjoy!...
The Pile
Created by Bortobob
Navigate the pile to find, and activate, all of the buttons, in order to unlock the door....
Three-Dimensional Rhombus
Created by Bortobob
Traverse the various areas of this cubicle test chamber, and unlock the door. Backtracking is essential....
Winter 2 - Elevation
Created by Winter [Wild Hunt]
Please rate, comment, and favorites
have fun ^_^

Progress to higher elevations
Multiple solutions for most puzzles and most puzzle areas are accessible from the start
Quick saves optional (F6 quicksave, F7 quickload)

Special thanks to everyone tha...
Winter 1 - Island Hop
Created by Winter [Wild Hunt]
Please rate, comment, and favorites
have fun ^_^

Progress to higher elevations
Don't air-strafe
Frequent game saves recommended (F6 quicksave, F7 quickload)

Special thanks to everyone that has given me feedback =)...
Treviso's three rooms
Created by Treviso
started working on this map as soon as the editor was released.
I kept expanding the map and I believe it now reached its final state.

This map will require you some lateral thinking and timing .
However there are no ninja skills needed.
I believe t...
Circles of Android Hell
Four levels- each with their own artificially intelligent challenges. My first map.

Also, be sure to look where you're falling before jumping. Just a tip... these turrets like taking you by surprise.

Edit: Looks like I dun goofed on the picture. Whoo...
Catch the Cube
Created by Auvit
It started as a simple test.

If you have anny suggestions please comment....
The lazed tangent.
Created by RJ
A simple puzzle involving flying, lasers, buttons, being weightless, and walking on sunshine.

Revision: EVEN MORE PUZZLEY-STUFF. And a secret hidden-but-quite-obvious secret.

Note: This is more an experimental test chamber for just playing with ideas ...
3.5 rooms
Created by [#WN] KevlarMenace
Three (and a half) rooms of simple portal fun. (Easy)...
4th Wall
Created by [#WN] KevlarMenace
This one goes around. Don't worry if you mess up, there's a rescue chute! (Easy)...
8 Halves of Rooms
Created by [#WN] KevlarMenace
I'd say it's a short distance as the crow flies, but this crow has had a few too many drinks....
Aperture Haven v0.7
Created by NegatioN
First chamber :)
Thanks to all the testers!...
Easy way
Created by baczek
Classic puzzle - a button here, a portal there...
Kevlar's First Run
Created by [#WN] KevlarMenace
Deep pits, little portaling, a big room and robot murder....
Second Story Occupant
Created by [#WN] KevlarMenace
A quick multi-room puzzle. (Easy)...
Six Legged Mongrel
Created by [#WN] KevlarMenace
My sixth puzzle gets a little silly, like a six legged dog would be.

Please leave any feedback you may have in the comments!...
I am very pleased* with this map.

* indeed...
Unlucky 7 rabbit's feet.
Created by [#WN] KevlarMenace
Seventh test, seven rooms. Fairly simple....
One, Two, Three, Four
Created by Spikenzelda
Reverse the beam in the center by solving the numbered challenges... Be forewarned, this puzzle is both lengthy and difficult- only hardcore test subjects need apply. Good luck!...
Plead the 5th
Created by [#WN] KevlarMenace
Get out of jail, see the judge, and earn your freedom!...
where is the edgeless safety cube?
Created by dogman
my goal was to have progression similar to chamber 18 in portal 1, I think kinda succeded.
Also it's my first chamber. Please let me know what you think :)...
Created by Rocket Man
Escape from this small facility. Fairly simple to do....
A Blue Death [FIXED]
Created by Iksman (speeps)
Twice the stuff, twice the fun...
Almost Symmetrical
Created by Iksman (speeps)
Still really easy...
Mind Bend 7: Choice
Created by axiom
A very small but quite challenging chamber where you must choose which puzzle pieces to use.

Solution Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oou6AAQ9g_c...
Mind Bend 3: Clockwork
Created by axiom
A prerequisite for Grid, this puzzle uses a similar mechanic and is designed for those who found Grid too difficult.

Solution Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lM8tFKSWlWQ...
Created by axiom
Medium difficulty chamber where you must Connect the separate segments to get across.

Solution Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U-S8qSZpZQg...
Great Aerial Tower
Created by Iksman (speeps)
Use the power of the Aerial Faith-plates in this puzzle
Very easy, portal gun used only 1 time...
Mind Cage
Created by axiom
My simplest chamber that is more style than substance. Exploration is neither required nor recommended. Everything you need for the solution is right infront of you.

Solution Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=effHXBejNx8...
Created by axiom
A very small map that introduces the push mechanic. Requires a bit of care when aiming.

Solution Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2uNjiQN9nZk...
Mind Bend 5: Simplicity
Created by axiom
2 cubes, 2 buttons and 2 laser grids combine to produce a puzzle that requires creativity to solve.

Solution Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fv6xd9H2nXs&feature=channel&list=UL...
Mind Bend 2: Bridge
Created by axiom
A challenging chamber where you must creatively bridge a gap to get across.

Solution Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cwnSMn6sXDc

Fun Tower
Created by Iksman (speeps)
DANGER DANGER! Turret up ahead!
ATTENTION: A user got stuck once. When you press the third button, dont go up the stairway, only do so when the ball is not nearing the button, thank you!...
ES:02 Why Can't I hold all these cubes? v1.2
Created by Eagleshadow
Medium-hard map (i think!) packed with lots of gameplay. I'd love to hear your feedback and see videos of how you've done it.

I believe this one took me over 18 hours to make, I had to figure out a lot of stuff along the way :)
#F4F #reddit

Underneath Aperture [NO PORTALS]
Created by Iksman (speeps)
In and around the test chamber is where you find the sollution....
Mind Bend 1: Staircase
Created by axiom
A medium difficulty chamber where you must ascend a massive moving staircase.

Solution Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f07kb7Ydzck...
Created by Xye
Beware of turrets!...
Have Ball, get Cube
Created by Xye
You are given a ball, yet a Cube is needed to solve the puzzle....
Test or Die
Created by Xye
My first Portal 2 map using the new editor. There shouldn't be any bugs or malfunctions as far as i know. If you encounter any problems, leave a comment and I will fix it asap....
The Slide
Created by Xye
Slow and steady wins the race....
Created by Xye
Tiny but Tough...
Ying Yang
Created by Xye
A laser challenge with a ying yang-based design...
Winter 3 - Sphere
Created by Winter [Wild Hunt]
Please rate, comment, and favorites ^_^
have fun!

Obtain spheres to activate the central elevator
Frequent game saves recommended (F6 quicksave, F7 quickload)

Spheres now drop outside the chambers

Special thanks to everyone that has give...
Winter 4 - Guesstimation
Created by Winter [Wild Hunt]
Please rate, comment, and favorites
have fun ^_^

Zoom may be helpful

Special thanks to everyone that has given me feedback =)...
Symmetric Shot
Created by hyperanthony
A dark, narrow, and forgotten test chamber that requires multiple -- yet quick -- steps to solve.

This was my first chamber and should be pretty easy to complete. Enjoy!...
Created by Yutz
Cave here. Long story short, the marketing boys managed to rile up the ancient Aztec dead and now their angry sprits are gunking up the systems and rebuilding the test chambers in their image. If you ask me they just look like a bunch of damned cyclops duc...
Special Delivery
Created by Yutz
Attention test subject: This is Cave Johnson. You have five minutes to complete this next test before I vent the chamber with deadly neurotoxin. Ha! Just kidding. That's a little joke we like to play on the lab boys sometimes. You're fine, test subject. Gr...
Up the Hatch
Created by Yutz
Welcome gentlemen to Aperture Kermis! Acrobats, jugglers, beer vendors: you're here because we're going to put on the greatest circus act since the Lincoln-Honknose debates of 1858! So, who's ready to jump through flaming hoops while soaked in gasoline? No...
What's Your Angle?
Created by Yutz
Now if you're part of control group Brahe-Four there was a mix-up with the injections you received prior to testing. Apparently the lab boys accidentally gave you a rabies shot. No, not a rabies vaccine, I mean an actual syringe full of rabies. Let us know...
Treviso's three floors
Created by Treviso
The last time I had three rooms, now there are three floors.
This map requires more skill than my last one (Try it out if you you haven't!).
The biggest part are still taken by the puzzles.
I wish you the best of luck and happy testing.
Difficulty: med...
So Close.
Created by Camedo
The exit is so close, but you'll have to find a way to bridge the gap.....
[OBSOLETE] D.E.R.P.: Classic
Created by [DGCAST] Dog G6
Welcome to the Dangerous and Endlessly Repetetive Puzzle Testing Initiative.

The idea behind this chamber series, despite the name, is to provide challenging and clever puzzles, which will not be overly complex or confusing, which you can enjoy expecting ...
D.E.R.P.: Reborn
Created by [DGCAST] Dog G6
Welcome to the Dangerous and Endlessly Repetetive Puzzle Testing Initiative.

The idea behind this chamber series, despite the name, is to provide decently challenging puzzles, with both old and new uses of the mechanics, and appropriate names, so you kn...
Cube Parkour is Required
Created by [DGCAST] Dog G6
Cubes make good platforms, but you have to figure out how to best use them. There are also three optional achievements [scroll to bottom].

There are three rooms to complete. Make sure to quicksave on the last one. Also, if you don't figure out how to co...
Over the Laser Wall
Created by seb5049
My first test chamber! Enjoy!


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