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One Punch Goat
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Jul 6, 2016 @ 7:18am
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One Punch Goat

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Nothing can survive your deadly punch!

After 3 years of intensive training, you are now ready to be a true hero! Fighting crime, and saving innocent people from evil monsters... Or maybe just stay home and watch TV, your choice.

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- One Punch Goat: Everything you hurt die instantly, you have a cape, you are stronger and faster.
- One Punch Theme: ONE PUUUNCH!

One Punch Goat
- Any creature you hurt will be dead, forever.
- Your hits are super strong and throw things really far away.
- You won't ragdoll in most cases unless you do it manually.
- Your sprint speed is almost unlimited.

- You can perform a super jump, it works almost like normal jump, except you have to charge it ;)
- Wizard Goat is still able to revive creatures killed with this mod.

- The cape is glitchy and pass through your body: Yes.
- Sometimes your cape can stop moving. Respawn to fix.
- If you run too fast you can rarely pass through the floor.

Originally posted by About this mod:
I think I refused this mod in the beginning because I thought it would only be a simple copy of the Ripped Goat... But someone asked for it again recently and I thought that I could pack into this mod a bunch of abilities that were requested by many people but that I could never add to another mod ^^
So the main feature here is the ability to kill NPCs forever (I took that from my Wizard Goat mod). Of course as a One Punch Goat you need a super strong headbut and kick so I tried to make it so that it will be strong but not too much (to avoid having objects catapulted out of the map in less than one second :p).
Then I added a few other abilities that are usefull in general and not too hard to implement: the immunity to ragdoll in most cases is already present in the game (used for the T-Rex mutator), and the huge sprint speed is something you can change easily ^^
Also as I didn't want any flight ability in this mod (because it's not really matching the character), I still added a super high jump that work very well with the anti-ragdoll ability :)
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Natsu The Dragon Slayer Apr 8 @ 9:40am 
yeah i got it working
Geneosis  [author] Apr 6 @ 2:21am 
@loboltnlvr: Did you install the mod correctly and selected it in your mutator list?
loboltnlvr Apr 5 @ 10:34pm 
Meh punch doesn't work ;--;-;;--;--;-;---
SuperStriker7US Mar 18 @ 4:02pm 
you do the sumpp jump by jumping then holding space i know this becasuse of somebodys comment on the super hot goat
Natsu The Dragon Slayer Mar 14 @ 1:54pm 
Natsu The Dragon Slayer Mar 14 @ 1:53pm 
how do i charge the jump
Geneosis  [author] Mar 9 @ 11:29am 
@Ceddy: Definitely :)
slord33 Feb 21 @ 7:41pm 
WAN HEADBUUUUUUUUUTT!!!! (dow dow dow dowdowdow dow dow dow dow doowww) 3, 2, 1, SATAN! goat of legend new mu ta tion (FUN IN A SANDBOX) (POWER OF AN OX) (NOONE CAN STOP HEEEEER) puts on a show critical K.O (IMMUNE TO DANGER) (EVEN LASERS) (DEEEEMOOOON) poowaahh... get da poowaaaaahh!!! zombapocalypse, planet of warcraft... THE GOAT became a demon and a nice angel, venturing through MMOS and DayZ, SHE KNOWS... the secret... SO MANY ACHIEVEMENTS noone can count!!! the goat highscore, IT GROWWWWWWWWWWWWWS!!!! all the secrets SHEE KNOOOOOOOOWS (i wanna be da strongest... CAPED GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
little_wolf05 Feb 3 @ 7:10pm 
oh ok @geneosis thanks it would be cool if there was but anyway keep up with the good mods:steamhappy: :trolol:
Geneosis  [author] Feb 3 @ 3:53pm 
@little_wolf05: Sadly there is no suit with shape or colors even close to those of Saitama's costume as far as I know :/