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Project Zomboid

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NecroForge 2.6d
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Jul 3, 2016 @ 8:17pm
Feb 18 @ 7:42am
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NecroForge 2.6d

NecroForge - Item Spawner and Utility

Coded by ExcentriCreation

Data entry by ZedHead & ExcentriCreation

Concept by ExcentriCreation, ZedHead, dylan1313, & spyder638

Continued by Svarog

NecroForge Is a mod solely used for testing purposes and just screwing around in Project Zomboid if one so pleases. NF is not a cheating tool nor will it be referred to as such, really we wanted NecroForge to be a testing utility for devs and modders alike in Project Zomboid so please enjoy and give feedback on the forums, in the comments or on PZ-Mods.

Official Indie Stone Forum Thread:
PZ-Mods Page

Workshop ID: 717015179
Mod ID: NecroForge
Mod ID: NecroForgePlugs
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Ned Flanders (Apple Form) Aug 14 @ 2:57pm 
Doesn't work in MP, tried it with a friend whilst having Hydrocraft and nothing happened, then tried it with no other mods and still didn't work in MP. I assume it needs updating.
DADA LOSE ONLY Jul 23 @ 10:35am 
How to open in MP?
John Titor Jul 3 @ 2:16pm 
In SP or MP? In mp you have to add the plugins mod id as well. In Sp makes sure the plugin is enabled as well.
Huey Jul 3 @ 9:50am 
Been dicking around with it for a good long while and I can't get ORGM's items to show up, I assume it got updated and the IDs are all different. I can't code lua worth a shit so if someone else knows what to do I'd like to find out for myself.
John Titor Jun 30 @ 10:19am 
I'm running ORGM and BookCollection from that list. So you can mark them off as not the problem.
Swifty Jun 30 @ 12:51am 
Pretty small list just ORGM,ORGM Extreme,Many Backpacks, Katana, ZLE,BookCollection and Dubs professions. It works when I fresh start the server since I'm just hosting it through the main menu for my friends but sometimes it bugs out and doesn't spawn anything in the inventory but it works if I turn on ground spawn.
John Titor Jun 27 @ 3:50pm 
It most certainly is spawning items in MP. What other mods are you running?
Swifty Jun 27 @ 3:32pm 
Doesn't seem to want to spawn items in inventory on MP on the latest update, But ground spawning and most other features work perfectly fine. Anyone know how to fix this or is that intentional?
John Titor Jun 22 @ 6:31am 
Press the ` button to bring it up then CybaPunk
[OsF]-CybaPunk-OnTilt Jun 22 @ 3:50am 
Can't get mine to work dunno if its because the button is behind the pvp toggle lol