Project Zomboid

Project Zomboid

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The Next Day - Russian RP Server
A collection of mods necessary to play on The Next Day - biggest russian speaking RP server.
Коллекция модов необходимых для игры на самом большом русском ролвеом сервере The Next Day.
Items (7)
Spray Paint
Created by Thuztor
You can find Spray Cans and Chalk in some of the containers.
- 9 colours (black, white, red, blue, green, yellow, orange, violet, cyan) (chalk not in black)
Every spray can and piece of chalk has 40 uses.

- If you have one spray can or piece of chalk in y...
blindcoders Modding Utility
Created by blindcoder
This mod does not provide any in-game functionality itself, but is a collection of function that are useful for modders.
For a list of function and how to use them, check this site on github:
Akimbos Misc.
Created by Akimbo Swords
Hey there again!

This mod adds a few items, BEGIN LIST!

Weed- new icon
Rolling papers- new icon
Pokemon Card- Can be Admired with no effect, Added for collectable reasons (weighs nothing)
smokable Joints- recipe (Weed+rolling papers= Joint...
California, Ky
Created by TheCautiousOne
Directions to California, Ky

Points of the Compass.

If you are standing in MULDRAUGH, KY and Running toward West Point, KY = You are Heading North
If you are standing in MULDRAUGH, KY and Running toward BefordFalls, KY= You are Running East
If you are st...
Created by Nemesis
Adds a Katana to the game.

- durability
- very fast
- max hit 3 targets
- 1 hit 1 kill

To fix
- SheetMetal x 2
- ScrapMetal x 4
- BlowTorch
- Hammer

good: gun store and gun storage
poor: police storage
good luck: locker, metal shelves, cr...
Chainsaw Mod
Created by nolanritchie
Adds a ChainSaw to the game.

Have a gas can in your inventory and right click on chain saw to add gas. A chainsaw with gas equipped will automatically start, no need to turn it on. will keep running while equipped.
Can be found in crates, metal shelves, s...
Slocan Lake, BC
Created by XeonyX
The updated and betterfied map mod of New Denver; Slocan Lake BC now has vehicle spawns, Rosebery, New Denver, and Silverton start points, full map forage zones, and lootable maps to help find your way around. Welcome to British Columbia, Canada Bud!